Verbal Spell Component for Pathfinder Spells

This Project has been undertaken in order to add some Role-playing flavor to spell casting. Our group has translated almost every spell for the Pathfinder Game into Latin; we also translated the Spell Compendiun for 3.5 D&D (because, why not).

For you purists out there, it is not a perfect Latin translation but it is a decent Latin translation. I will not be doing wiki-links for every spell as I did wiki-links for our deity list. The work to benefit ratio is not there for that, plus it would be almost 5,500 links…. so no.

Verbal Spell Component – Alchemist – Bard
Verbal Spell Component – Cleric and Oracle
Verbal Spell Component – Druid – Inquisitor
Verbal Spell Component – Magus – Paladin – Ranger
Verbal Spell Component – Sorcerer and Wizard
Verbal Spell Component – Summoner and Witch

I would like to give special recognition to the following members of my group who were instrumental in the completion of this project:


Thanks Guys

Verbal Spell Component for Pathfinder Spells

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