Session 79 Expanded

Session 79:
An Abundant Mis-step

2nd – 3rd Day of Reaping CY 623

Location: Outside ChatholdWorld Map
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The party awakes the next morning, groggy and slightly disoriented, but after a few moments and some stretching, the regains their bearings and starts discussing their plans of attack. After some discussion, the topic of conversation quickly degenerates to Gortakka and Ferreal talking about partying upon their return, as well as the horror of seeing Drexella naked.

Finally, the party turns their attention back to the matter at hand and Ferreal prepares a spell that would return the party to this very spot should the need arise. Gortakka asks the party if any of the other party members had fought dragons before, which reveals that he is the only one to have fought a dragon before recently. The party, have already considered the possibility of the fear the dragons might inspire the party and had taken the necessary precautions to prevent various party members from fleeing in fear. The party discusses their next day’s plans, should they encounter a dragon and Gobbo gives Grazon Malachite and Gortakka several potions that will assist them, should the need arise.

Damiano changes the party to look like mosquitos and the party makes sure they are prepared with what each member would be during the attack, due to the fact that the dragons are what the party is most likely to encounter first, before any of the other guards, demons, and other enemies the party knows to be there. The party casts the spells and does the other things that will last for the day and then make their way out of the mansion and make their way through the forest, towards the keep.

Upon getting close enough to view the keep, standing guard before each of the gates are what appear to be hill giants to those that do not have true seeing. Those that do have those means of seeing know these to be Glaberzu and Nalfeshnee, S79.0 glabrezu with the most perceptive notice that each of these have purple pentagrams on their foreheads, that appear to be made out of molten jevanite poured into scars. Damiano and Mistress Valuna know these to be Ungrakkus ’s unholy symbol and share this with the party members, which Velnua explains to Grazon Malachite, that this is the Balor Lord that several of the party members have encountered several times each preventing him from being returned, though never being able to recover his heart and at this time, the party believes that he has finally been successfully brought back.

Castiel explains that Ungrakkus has reached a level of evilness that no other Balor Lord has ever reached before, explaining that this Balor Lord is known to be an angel killer. Castiel explains that for a mortal to summon Ungrakkus, the caster is must murder a conscious planetar in his presence, which Castiel has lost several angel friends to in the past. Ungrakkus is said to be an entity so old and powerful that he has nearly reached the power of a deity. It was Ungrakkus own people who betrayed and defeated him. He is so utterly evil, even achieving the feat of utterly defiling the Arch Angel of Purity, fully marring the location in Elysium where the defilement occurred. It was thought that he was banished away forever, though due to the fact that demons are wearing his symbol on their foreheads it would seem that he managed to return. Ungrakkus 2.0

The party makes their way, from a good safe distance, around the fortress, observing it for any signs that might provide an easier way into the building. Nearly an hour into the trip around the building, the more perceptive members of the party notice a dragon hovering 500 feet above the keep, appearing to give the party’s area a once over. At this range, the party feels the ting of fear upon seeing the dragon at this close of range, though not enough to draw the fear out any of the party members. After this revelation, the party softly discusses their next move, which mainly revolves around the idea of drawing the dragon away from the keep, to avoid fighting it and demons, which can bring more of their kind into the battle.

As the party watches the dragon and discusses their next move, the dragon appears to watch their area then starts to fly away in a circular path around the keep, before disappearing from view. Mistress Valuna explains to the party that the illusion the party has on them will be useless once the dragon gets within a close range, however at the range the dragon is at now, the party’s illusion would be safe, however with how perceptive this dragon would be, they would have to be very careful or else be spotted.

The party discusses the various ways that they could get into the keep, without having to fight all of the demons and dragons at the same time. The party figures that if one dragon is out patrolling, the other is probably laying amongst the treasure, making the party have to fight two dragons, though fairly sure that those within would not be able to hear from those outside being attacked, without the use of high level magic, due to it being an extra-dimensional space. After watching the patrolling dragon for the rest of the day, the party finds that his patrolling has not obvious pattern, returning at various intervals, but always leaving the keep in the same direction.

S79.0 dndmonsters 05

After this discovery, the party decides that the patrolling dragon must be killed first, while it is away from the keep, to keep it from returning and finding them breaking into the keep. The party decides to follow the dragon the next day and upon finding a good place to ambush the dragon, they would do so. Also, should they encounter any more lizardmen, they would speak with them peacefully this time, in order to see if they would assist the party in removing the blight from their lands. While following the dragon, which remains at an altitude of 500 feet, never landing, and never encountering what the party would think would be a good ambush place, finding that they would either have to have an aerial assault or somehow manage to draw the dragon onto the ground.

The party examines their resources and tries to figure out how they could draw the dragon’s attention, finally coming down to using a reach rod in order to remain hidden and place a wall of force in front of the dragon as it’s flying, hoping that the collision with the wall would slow it down and draw its attention to the party and in the most ideal situation, causing the dragon to fall to the ground and either killing it or knocking it out.

After committing to the wall of force diversion, the party now tries to figure out what the party should do once the dragon’s attention has been drawn. The ideas of having Gortakka attempt to shoot out the wing and teleporting onto the back of the dragon are thrown around, however the party cannot agree on an idea, because none of them seem like a good idea and have their own glaring flaws.

The final plan of attack is to use the wall of force to stop the dragon, then Ferreal will attempt to get the dragon’s attention with a spell of some sort, upon getting its attention by the melee members of the party will be teleported above the dragon and the fight would commence with the fighters attacking from behind and the spell casters below the dragon slinging spells at it, unless the dragon comes to the ground to attack the party.

The party prepares themselves and goes over their game plan just before the dragon appears. As the dragon appears, Damiano sets a wall of force just in front of the dragon, which doesn’t appear to notice the wall at all and smashes square into the wall, crashing through the wall, letting out a roar of anger and appears incredibly pissed off by this and the party prepares for their assault.

Mistress Valuna starts the party off by casting a communal protection from fire on the party, while Gobbo drinks an extract of reduce person and shrinks down in size and Damiano passes over the rod of reach over to Ferreal. Grazon Malachite takes a defensive stance while Castiel quickly casts a resistance to fire on the party then casts a blessings of fervor on the party and Ferreal uses the reach rod to shoot a green ray of disintegration at the dragon, hitting it in the side, but it resists the majority of the damage and roars again in anger and Gortakka uses his headband to cast fly on himself.
Grazon Malachite and Gortakka wait for the dragon to make its move, which it does as it casts a spell, appearing to be a spell of stone skin and turns towards the party and appears to prepare for a strafing run on the party. Damiano prepares to put up another wall of force should the dragon get within range of his spell, causing Grazon Malachite to spring into action drinking the extract of fly Gobbo gave him and Gobbo waits to see what Mistress Valuna will be doing. Mistress Valuna casts haste upon the party and Castiel, in a great show of valiance, flys up into the path of the dragon, placing himself between the dragon and the party and Ferreal waits for dragon to get closer before engaging.

Gortakka quickly flies up beside Castiel as the dragon descends and quickly casts several spells and disappears from sight, though much of the party with see invisibility are able to see him, then casts haste upon himself and those party members that can still see him, notice that the dragon was going to come swooping in, but upon seeing Castiel changes what he was going to do. Gortakka squints for a moment, then activates his necklace and grins as he’s able to once again see the dragon. Damiano continues to wait and see what is going to happen and Gobbo offers Mistress Valuna an extract of echolocation, which she turns down and casts true sight upon himself.

Grazon Malachite looks at the party members around him, then steps out of existence and step back into existence onto the back of the dragon and prepares his attack. Castiel makes his way up and towards the dragon as fast as he can, while Ferreal flies straight up into the air and Gortakka follows behind Castiel, but isn’t able to keep up with the winged angel. The dragon turns his attention to Grazon Malachite and unleashes a flurry of attacks on the monk, landing several blows on the monk and eventually biting the monk’s head off, then takes out the rest of his rage on the monk’s lifeless body and lets his body fall to the ground.

Damiano flies over the ground towards the dragon, and then projects an image of himself another 70 feet in front of himself. Mistress Valuna watches the monk’s corpse as it falls, estimating that he could probably get herself within 50 feet of the body, however due to the long casting time of a temporary resurrection spell; she decides to fly forward as fast as she can up and toward the dragon. Castiel flies up as fast as he can to nearly be level with the dragon, but has a fair amount of distance left to go, while Ferreal flies up once again and Gortakka continues to fly towards the dragon.

The dragon casts a spell on Castiel, attempting to turn the angel into a Rottweiler, but he is able to resist the effect, so the dragon shoots several magic missiles at the angel, who is protected from the damage. Damiano casts glitterdust on the dragon, through his image, causing the dragon to be outlined with the dust. Gobbo and Mistress Valuna make their way up and toward the dragon as Castiel flies closer to the dragon, then casts a dispel magic on the dragon, but is unable to affect any of his spells. Ferreal continues to fly up into the air and Gortakka flies up into the air just below Castiel.

The dragon flies towards the party, then drops down just above Castiel and Gortakka, and then unleashes a fiery blast at the two,

S79.1 red dragon fire jet

instantly burning through their protection from fire, with the rest of the damaged being reduced with their fire resistance. Damiano casts a dispel magic on the dragon through his illusion, but is unable to affect the dragon’s haste spell, he then moves his illusion spell up into the air. Gobbo and Mistress Valuna continue to move up into the air, while Castiel calls down the creature and promises to smite the creature down, then charges up towards the dragon, drawing an attack from the dragon, which strikes the angel for a moderate amount of damage, which in turn strikes the dragon for a moderate amount of damage as well. Ferreal flies towards the dragon, placing himself within range of the dragon.

We leave the party in this pitched battle, will the party prevail and defeat the dragon or will the dragon make a meal of the party?

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Session 79 Expanded

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