Session 39 Expanded

Session 39:
Betrayed! A Darkness Born

26th – 28th Day of Sunsebb CY622

Location: The Dim ForestWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Green

The heroes continue the trek for the wooden crown of the druid/sorcerer king Loral-Escoo. Upon discussing the quest with Regis the Halfling, they find out that the tomb can only be entered on the night of a lunar eclipse. Regess draws suspicion from the group when he mentions Kagan wife, Thorina Caladrel; whom even some members of his band did not know. Regess explains that he was a member of the thief’s guild in Mithat and as part of his responsibilities, he had occasion to discuss arranging private protection for the bar that Kagan had bought when he was in Mithat.

He went on to explain that Thorina Caladrel promised that her powerful husband would summon down a hoard of creatures to punish anyone who threatened to hurt her or the bar. Regis goes on to tell the group that he was caught breaking into a wizards tower and the wizard Geased him to retrieve the crown as punishment; when he got to the area he heard about Kagan and his mighty friends and decided that enlisting the group would be most beneficial to completing the geas.

The party puts aside their suspicions and continues toward the tomb. Their dark marks continue to quicken; increasing in size the closer that they get to the tomb. Tervine himself gets a dark mark and everyone wonders just how somebody gets the mark and how to stop it from growing or at least slow its progress. Sir Sicarius seems particularly vulnerable to the quickening of the mark as most of his body is covered by it by the time the party reaches the tomb.


The party enters the tomb but someone or something has gotten there before them. It seems that the hinges to the door were destroyed and the way is open. They walk underground and at a fork they decide to take the left path and walk for almost 2 hours, searching along the way; when they come to a clearing with a fountain and vines on the wall that tell Elven history about the defeat of the Drow. Sir Sicarius goes approaches the fountain in the middle of the room to take a drink and a water elemental comes out of the pool to attack him while at the same time an earth elemental appears from the wall to attack Martok. Together the party defeated the elementals and search the room for a way forward but unable to find any doors or passageways they head back the way that they came to try the other path.

Along the right most path they eventually come to a clearing in the cave. The magic talk stone given to Feris Silverbow activates and a conversation is overheard between Drexella and Sir Aegon. It would seem the portal that Sir Aegon was guarding in the lair of the fallen dragon had opened up and Sir Aegon and Drexella were fighting whatever had come through. They heard Sir Aegon cry out in pain several times while repeatedly telling Drexella to close the portal. The Party then hears Drexella exclaim “NO, PALADIN; NOT MY STAFF” then they hear Sir Aegon call out “Heironeous”; then they hear a loud snap followed immediately by a tremendous explosion that destroys the Sending Gem. The party fears the worst and they discuss what to do about it but decide to hurry up and finish their quest before they return to the lair of Moltantaticous.

As the party arrives in another room they see a large ominous looking idol Cuthulu statue and three chests filled with gold, silver and copper. Regis stealthily dons his ring of invisibility and Ramona and Kagan follow not far behind waiting while the rogue goes over to inspect the chests for traps.

This is where things start to go very, very wrong.

The dark marks once again quicken on Kagan, Sicarius, Draco and Gilnaeus, they double- over in agony as fell creatures emerge from an aperture within the mark. Callofcthulhuithaquadn3 They are completely stunned and unable to act by the evil magic.

Regis then transforms into the now very angry and very evil Durass Brawnanvil who once was a comrade and good cleric, whom the party left behind in Hell. Now is a twisted agent of evil and along with the demons begin to attack the helpless heroes and their comrades. Durass Brawnanvil very quickly banishes Kagan eidolon Ramona then casts quickened channels of negative energy blasting the heroes faster than poor Tervine could heal them.

Feris Silverbow and Martok try in vain to fight back but they are quickly overwhelmed.

Durass Brawnanvil calls upon an evil spell and blasphemous spell touches and touches Sicarius who is then completely consumed by his dark mark and his body explodes, as an evil creature rips its way out of him,

Only Master Gilnaeus was spared as the moment he was stunned an orb of force magically appeared around his body a very handy spell the crafty wizard had cast triggered by contingency, however he still stood stunned and helpless unable to do anything but watch as everyone around him fell.

In the end it was only the sell sword dwarf Martok that was left standing. He tried to parley for a way to make it out of the battle alive but as he put his guard down. Durass Brawnanvil then ordered the demons that burst free from heroes, to burn him down. The creatures complied blasted him with rays that came straight from their eyes and he too fell.

As the party slipped into unconsciousness or death; Durass Brawnanvil bragged that the heroes fell right into a trap set by his new master Bifrons, who has allied himself with whatever dark forces that threatens to consume the world.

Master Gilnaeus comes out from being stunned and teleports away before the demons can blast him.

Cthulhus realm by acrylicdreams

Dracioletto and Kagan awake stripped naked and chained to a wall somewhere in the Palace of Bifrons on the 8th level of Hell. They can only assume everyone else is dead.

Durass Brawnanvil is there when they come to, holding a child that Durass Brawnanvil claims to be Kagan son. Durass Brawnanvil tells Kagan the story of his bar being burned down to the ground and his wife, Thorina Caladrel captured to be a brood mare of Bifrons to spawn half-devils to serve for the greater glory of Bifrons. Durass Brawnanvil goes on to explain that while Romona was captured, Bifrons discovered that the special-link that Kagan has with Romoma, is shared by those of his bloodline; that the power that Kagan has to summon and eidolon will one day fall to his son.

Dracioletto tries to speak at which Durass Brawnanvil says that Dracioletto tongue has spoken more words than it ever deserved to; at which then Durass Brawnanvil produces a dagger and cuts Dracioletto tongue out and throws it on the floor.

Durass Brawnanvil then mentions something about Kagan “coming around” which Kagan assumes must be the only reason that he was allowed to live. Durass Brawnanvil turns and walks away leaving Kagan and Dracioletto wondering what depraved things Bifrons has in store for them in the depths of Hell.

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Session 39 Expanded

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