Session 38 Expanded

Session 38:
Heironians to the Rescue

24th Day of Ready’reat thru 25th Day of Sunsebb CY622

Location: DesolaceWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Green

The party found themselves in a room with several large statues of warriors lining the walls of a pitch black room. Tossing out light sources across the floor, they began to spread out into the room. Sir Aegon led the way into the room and as the rest of the party followed, it was noted that the eyes of the statues followed their movements uncannily. As they crossed past the center of the room, a sudden burst of fire arose from the bases of the statues followed by a bilious plume of black smoke.
The party hurriedly scurried to the door at the far end of the long room and attempted to frantically open the stone door there. Sir Sicarius found a pressure plate which blasted him with fire, quickly healed by Tervine. Dracioletto Machiovella hurled a mystic Knock spell at the door but was rebuffed by its profound shut-ness. As they clustered around the door, a sudden intake of breath was all the warning they had before from out of the smoke came a blast of dragon fire. Luthianis, Sven, Sir Sicarius, Tervine, and Kagan all crumpled under the intense flames while the others writhed in burning agony.
Red dragon
Feris Silverbow pulled forth a healing potion, chugging it desperately. Ramona grabbed the limp form of Kagan and rushed towards the teleportation circle, hoping to get her master out of danger. Dracioletto Machiovella reached out to teleport back to the entry chamber with his fallen comrades, Tervine and Sir Sicarius, but found that Tervine dead body was unable to join in the spell. Sir Aegon followed suit, grabbing Tervine body teleporting back with Feris Silverbow, leaving Sven’s charred corpse behind. Ramona continued bearing Kagan dying form towards the teleportation circle when she came to a halt, blocked by the massive form of the red dragon they had been seeking (who had instead found them). In a daring, flight-assisted leap, she dove past the dragon taking a vicious blow and bore her master to safety passing through the teleportation circle. After mere seconds of stabilizing the wounded and gathering the dead, Sir Aegon and Dracioletto Machiovella teleported the remaining warriors back to Desolace. Ramona bravely stood her ground, and was banished for the day, to buy them time to flee.

Back in Desolace, the party appeared in the middle of the courtyard confident that the dragon’s wrath was mere hours behind them as surely it would not allow its prey to get away. As they attempted to rally the city and prepare them for a dragon attack, they were first calmly then directly asked to leave town before they incited a panic. After attempts to shame the city guard into action, which only resulted in greater animosity on all sides, the party left the town indignantly, and made camp outside the city walls.
The following morning, a battle scarred rider bearing the insignia of Heironeous brought a message to the city. Eventually, the captain of the town guard came out to speak with the party and informed them that the Knights of Heironeus had been successful where the party had not. The dragon was slain after killing many brave men; the draconic corpse was even then being carted back to the city in triumph. Although the party was extremely skeptical, they gathered with the crowds to bear witness to the dragon’s death and found it to be true.

Sir Aegon, now free from his term of service with the party was hired as a Constable for the city. He was allowed to return to the now dead dragon’s lair where he found conspicuously absent the bodies of the fallen comrades Ransine, Luthianis, and Sven. He was also shown a large, five-foot diameter, strange mirror of ancient wood covered with writing that he recognized as similar to that of the dark, evil book that started all of this mess. Built directly into the volcano, the Knights of Heironeus were hesitant to move it, and Sir Aegon accepted the charge to guard it. Thus the party parted ways and the remainder of the group, disappointed from their defeat and having no treasure to show for their pains, immediately sought to recoup from their losses by seeking a new adventure.
After a couple weeks of seeking adventure deep in the tavern’s cups, two adventuring types (a priest and a knavish Halfling) wander through town looking for brave souls to help them recover a treasure of which they know. They are following the trail of the fabled lost crown of King Laurel-Escoo, which resides within an ancient, Elven tomb for which they have a magic map. During their discussions with the adventurers, a Dwarven warrior named Martok Ironmonger ingratiated himself with the party in a brusque but amiable fashion and after introductions were made, the group was off for adventure. After travelling a fair ways, they spotted a large, but unidentifiable flying creature far in the distance. Later that day, while travelling through the forest, they were ambushed by a band of frost giants and wyverns.
Frost giants
The combined mystical might of the party’s spell casters and the deadly skill of its warriors made quick work of the creatures and renewed the adventurer’s confidence.

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Session 38 Expanded

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