Session 37 Expanded

Session 37:
Did You Meet My Dad?

24th Day of Ready’reat CY622

Location: DesolaceWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Green

Lo, our heroes finally stumbled away from the room with the black and white tiled floor, and past the room that was once filled with green gas, now dispelled by Dracioletto Machiovella. They stood, once more, before a mystic, metal door infused with volcanic stone with no hinges, nor lock, nor keyhole. Once touched, it vanished revealing a small room with walls like solid slabs of rock. There, a mystic circle sat invitingly, the center of the room, and in the far corners twin sections of the walls bore claw mark indentions.

After analyzing the circle, the wizard determined it to be a modified Teleportation Circle to somewhere labeled the “Statue Room”. The party’s summoner commanded his trusty eidolon through the circle to scout and after she returned, described a large room lined with large stone warrior statues. In pursuance of all options, the brave adventurers pressed both claw marked sections at the same time, which caused the massive wall to vanish, exposing danger beyond the open portal. There, an undead, Colossal Red Dragon Undead dragon awaited intruders to the lair. It occupied the center of an enormous room whose corners were tubes of force, magma flowing endlessly through them. Four orbs of crackling power lanced rays of coruscating energies into the draconic un-corpse, refueling its evil energies and granting it great powers of recuperation and perception.

Oh raise a glass to Ransine, the brave woodsman who was bitten in twain by the creatures massive maw!

Raise also a prayer for faithful Luthianis, beloved of Pelor, who fell that day!

And once the mighty beast was felled, and sighs of relief were passed around, so flashed the orbs reviving the creature and the battle began anew. Twice more the creature arose, only to be felled by the heroes again and again. Dracioletto Machiovella called out to the party to destroy the orbs and banding together in purpose, they destroyed them, preventing the creature from rising anew once again. Then, they hacked and maimed the corpse shoving it aside in case there was treasure beneath. They found only a black slab of stone which defied all attempts at identification but was clearly magical in nature. As they turned their attention away from the unfathomable stone, they pressed on, and found the room beyond to be the statue room, the eidolon, Ramona had previously stood within. With trepidation in their hearts and expecting attacks from the statues, the party entered the room cautiously.

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Session 37 Expanded

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