Session 30 Expanded

Session 30:
A Link Forged, a Link Broken

3rd thru 5th Day of Ready’reat CY 621

Location: Chathold / MithatWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Green

After partying it up, Sir Aegon asks to the group to be temporarily released from vow to seek his order to return ashes and ask for aid. The party agrees to his leaving and bids him ado.
While the party is discussing itself and their next step, a human approaches the group and discusses what they have been doing and celebrating, introducing himself as Tervine a priest of Pelor and agrees to assist us in our quest.
Sir Sicarius revealed that he knew of someone who could teleport the group to the mainland. The group works out a deal to get just outside the gates of the city of Chathold. After speaking with the guards, it’s found out that the city is under heavy martial law, because of an attack on the city 2 days prior. The party decides to use their contacts in the city and places they have used prior to find the Halfling, Nertilla, starting at “The Angry Wench” in the second quarter. Upon arriving at the inn, they find that it is closed, with a for sale sign on the door. Next the group decides to head to the third quarter, to survey the damage and find where the safe house was, finding it completely destroyed. After a few hours, the group clears out enough rubble to find a trapdoor, which appears to of been trapped with fire, acid, and negative energy, all of which appear to have already been triggered.
After several minutes of working at the door, the party manages to open it, finding a partially collapsed hallway and a door that appears to of been blown off the hinges. The group finds Nertilla in a mostly collapsed room, all her fingers cut off and both eyes gouged out. She tells Master Gilnaeus about the cult that captured her, describing their symbol. She goes on to tell Master Gilnaeus where the Book was hidden and that she didn’t tell them about it. Though she did tell him that she did tell them about the location of Mcgregor. She describes those that tortured her as a drow and a human. Master Gilnaeus, after she finishes speaking, puts her out of her misery.

The group travels to the next safe house, to find a lone man in guard’s armor. The man ran off after some words with Master Gilnaeus, then offers to sell the group the key, which they turn down. Ossobucco examines the door and finds two traps on it. He successfully disables the magic trap, but gets hit by the second mechanical trap, which deposits a green slim on him. Through quick thinking he bombs himself in order to get rid of the slim before it kills him. Inside the safe house, they found three chests and a safe, which Master Gilnaeus opens and retrieves its contents.
Master Gilnaeus explains that the safe’s contents, a book which he refuses to say the name of, the item in which the cult was looking for. After gathering the items from the chests, the group discusses their next move, which is decided to be finding Mcgregor and using the amulet on him to tell them what is going on, but first the group decides to communicate with Thorina Caladrel, mostly about what she might know concerning Serina and possibly about buying the inn.
The party track down Thorina Caladrel, who informs them that Serina is dead and the place is for sale, after informing the group that she’s a stable clerk and doesn’t want that kind of establishment, which Kagan replies, “Stable clerk, that’s a noble possession”. Kagan agrees to purchase the establishment and Thorina Caladrel takes an interest in him after he gives her the gold. The party decides to make their way to the inn that Kagan purchased. The group finds the inn lacking the usual amount of alcohol for an inn and Serina’s room in the inn was ransacked. Books and papers were found in a cabinet, with the book of various information on people of the town lacking several pages.
The party decides to settle down for the night in the inn. Kagan spends the night with Thorina Caladrel, unbeknownst to him knocking her up, and the two decide to get married, in order for her to watch over the inn in his absence. The party decides to move on to Methat, by way of Master Gilnaeus teleporting the group outside the grates. A citizen of Mithat shows the party to the healing house of Pelor and informs them that the doors are closed and locked. He also informs the group that there has been a blight on the local crops. The young boy runs to inform the sheriff of the town, only to find him nailed to the desk with his head cut off. The group decides to make their way to the healing house, finding footprints of dwarves in the garden of the healing house.

The group manage to open the doors to the healing house, the strength of death wafting out of the house. Those inside the house having been killed in various, horrible ways, most all of which having been tortured. Durass Brawnanvil and Tervine take the bodies and perform rights and bury them. Osso finds a symbol, one that Nertilla described to Master Gilnaeus before she died, and points it out to the group. Dracioletto Machiovella explains what the symbol is to the group and Master Gilnaeus explains the history of what turned out to be Tharizdun

The group decides to follow the tracks outside the healing house. Rathan leads the party following the tracks heading west, after a few hours he finds signs of an individual being dragged. After following the tracks for almost 8 hours, the group finds a farmhouse off in the distance, which the tracks appear to lead directly towards.
In front of the farmhouse we see a troll in full plate armor. The party prepares for an encounter with those within the farmhouse. While the party prepared, the enemy started their attack and the battle commenced.

Ambush 29 2
During the battle, Link was struck down by a hail of arrows and died from his injuries. The enemies ask for parley after many of their men were killed, agreeing to discard all of their weapons and armor in exchange for their lives.

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Session 30 Expanded

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