Session 13 Expanded

Session 13:
Comings and Goings

7th – 12th Day of Goodmonth CY 621

Location: PitchfieldWorld Map
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My story begins in the city of Pitchfield located west of the mountains separated it from the ocean, north of the swamp which sprawls from the outskirts of Pitchfield to the very reaches of The Scarlet Brotherhood.

Pitchfield is home to over 3000 souls and on this day, all but a handful were recently made aware of a terrible army coming from the south – an army of bronze draconians with a malicious leader clothed in black, his skeleton dragon mount, and his skeletal champion Skeletalminotaur minotaur, Ghoushnok.

The town was frenetic with the activities of a town preparing for an imminent attack from and largely unknown enemy that could attack from direction unknown and with devices and strength unknown. Foundries billowed with smoke as smithies worked overtime crafting spears, swords, shields, and other implements of war. Fletchers were set crafting arrows and bows – and other workers of wood were preparing for the eventual sobering reality, and finishing off coffins by the dozens.

It was at a local shop of general goods, where a short oriental man dressed in attire from foreign lands stood with a dark-haired, robed figure bartering over some gems and baubles. Seeming in agreement, the shopkeeper handed over several pouches of coins to the two and then, with large eyes, grasped the treasures on his counter.

The two figures met up with an armor clad man wearing the holy symbol of Cuthbert and another surly looking swarthy fellow. “I will be taking my leave to help Jillian. The injuries of the refugees from Dullstrand and the upcoming assault will need all my efforts. And – as you know – I wouldn’t mind some revenge on these draconians.” said Onoma Ousia. “I too will be leaving”, said Chrichton as he explained that he was not ready to fight the enemies that this group had.

Uncle Lo and Omen bade their previous companions farewell as around the corner appeared an aged elf, clothed in dark robes and rubbing his left hand. “There you are,” he said. “I am glad to have caught up with you," said Gilnaeus. “And we are glad to see you," they replied.

While exchanging the events of the last few weeks, a messenger found the three and asked them to meet Lord Haren at the Drunken Dwarf that evening to discuss a business venture. The three made three made their way to the establishment and enjoyed some nourishment as they awaited the Lord. On stage, a minstrel regaled the tale of Hrothgar and his triumphs over foul creatures – trolls and the like.

Eventually, the three were called into a meeting with the Lord Haren, his right hand man, Rhys, and two other individuals who – like them – were being offered an opportunity to guard a caravan out of Pitchfield. It seemed the Lord did not want to put his inventory of fine cloth and clothing in the potential path of the draconian army. Teryn Silverleaf, an elf bowman and Allister Tain, a holy man of Heironneous along with Uncle Lo, Omen, and Gilnaeus all agreed to the terms of the contract and agreed to meet soon at the appointed time the caravan would depart.

In the interim time, Gilnaeus set his time and efforts into the mystical art of wondrous item crafting and emerged with and amulet and a repaired gauntlet for Omen and Uncle Lo. Allister Tain spent the time recruiting a warrior of Heironneous named Jaffer to assist in the caravan protection.

The caravan departed without much fanfare and the first few days passed without incident. On the 5th day, the caravan was crossing a bridge when they were beset upon by a pack of gnolls with skull tattoos.

The Taming of the Gnolls

Eight gnolls from the forest did seek to attack,
Yet one fireball left them singed and black.
Now sixteen more appeared through the foliage toiling,
Yet arrows and a fireball left them hole-filled and boiling.
So next time gnolls, you should consider
Lest all your fights end so bitter,
Be fireproof and arrow-snatching,
Or shut your holes and stop your yapping.

The caravan then road on without incident for two days until they came upon the town of Grammond – a small town of 700 souls. At this town, the party was made aware of the need that the leader of the town Solce had. Hrothgar, who had been sung about nights previously in Pitchfield was in need of warriors to vanquish a might troll foe.

The party took their leave of the caravan and made their way to the town of Solce. The path to Solce became more overgrown and the sky grew darker as they moved down it. A storm was coming. About three hours from Solce, the party recognized footprints of a large creature – most likely a troll – intersecting their path. Carefully marking a tree at the location, the party continued to Solce.

It was in Solce that the party met the once mighty Hrothgar who told of a terrible creature – a winged troll

Troll king

who appeared around midnight on nights the town held celebrations in their great hall and carried off victims. Seeking any assistance the group could give, he offered his armor and sword and part of the town’s treasure – should the group be able to end the reign of terror this beast held over the town.

The party set to work staging a celebration and laying a trap for the insidious troll.

The Troll Terror of Solce

It was the night of the trap and all through the hall,
Every voice was stirring, as if from a drunken ball.
The party was prepared setting the trap with care,
In hopes that the after midnight thetroll would be there.

It was shortly passed midnight and there arose quite a clatter,
As town people in Solce once again lost their bladder.
The roof boards above were bashed with a crash,
And through the holes, two skulls fell with a crash.

Suddenly the footsteps on the roof made way,
Just as quickly the hall’s front door gave way.
The troll was winged and scaly, in darkness covered,
The party lay in wait, as above the rafters Lo hovered.

Arrows, and spells, to the troll – they did batter,
With a mighty roar the troll hoped the party would scatter.
Yet unconscious he fell into a pit full of spikes as he list,
A follow-up fireball ending him, leaving him crisp.

And so ends the terror of Solce, the fiendish troll.

The party was then rewarded by Hrothgar and asked to pursue the evil in Coradum – an ancient Dwarven outpost that was overrun hundreds of years ago by an evil force. The party journeyed to the dwarven hold and cleared out two rooms filled with orcs and discovered an apparent teleportation device. Exploring the other wing, they found four doors of which two were stuck. In the third door, the party found an altar to an evil god which Allister Tain attempted to destroy and as he sundered it, evil blast waves damaged the party and shook the foundation of the stone hold. A Vrock demon appeared


by the idol and a rear door swung open eventually revealing two wraiths. The party was thus assaulted on two fronts. The terrible Vrock stunned numerous party members, spread foul spores, and tore into Uncle Lo as his armored hide and magical protection at times seemed impenetrable. The wraiths began to gang up on Omen seeking to rip his soul for their evil purposes. In the end, Uncle Lo was slain by a wraith and rose again. Allister Tain and Jaffer were able to destroy the Vrock as Teryn Silverleaf, Master Gilnaeus and Omen defeated the wraiths.

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Session 13 Expanded

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