Session 12 Expanded

Session 12:
The Fall of Drogan

21st Day of Reaping – 6th Day of Goodmonth CY 621

Location: DullStrandWorld Map
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The party happily arrived in civilization at the town of Dullstrand. There they met Warden Thelwater and learned that the mining community had no small amount of specialists who could provide some unusual urbane mercantile opportunities. They progressed into the Wayward Lobster an established inn where they began dividing the spoils of flight. They also met a mercenary warrior by the name of Crichton, who lacked suitable employ, so they discussed the potential for future business with him. They also met a noteworthy salesman of gems and jewelry, but the meeting was not mutually pleasant. While this began to cause some contention, as passers-by found the scene awkward and uncomfortable, the innkeeper, Jorgen, expressed some concern and refunded the party their gold, having asking them to leave over some comments made to the waitress. However, this counter-gaffe left him wanting to do something special so he decided to throw a party in honor of the visiting adventurers, who attained the reputation of being some kind of heroic personages.

After spending some time visiting with the local Pelorian cleric, Jillian, the party celebrated the night away with the townsfolk.

But something dreadful was lurking and it led to the demise and murder of the same merchant. After he was slain, the party received a dire summons to request their action in the investigation. It was learned, in the meantime, that Warden Thelwater would like to scout out away from town and would like the party to preserve the peace and aid the village. At this point, however, the party offered to do the scouting mission and left Thelwater to his natural business.

The arrangement led to a cliff over a long winding ramp leading up from below. Far away in the distance, a veritable squad of troops could be see progressing. The party mulled over their options. Uncle Lo left to warn the townsfolk. The remaining party members tried to innovate ways to use the nearby stone of some ruins to pinch of block off the party. Nothing credible came to mind. But suddenly a whiff of cloud was seen in the distance, moving against the wind.

A terrible undead dragon appeared bearing two riders.

738 scythe specter art

We could pretend that they were poor communicators, but really they seemed interested in a particular diamond. They claimed that someone in the party had taken the diamond, which had been the source of some concern. After pointing out that we probably did not have the diamond and expressing our inner desire to kill the villains, the spell caster dressed in black teleported out and set the undead Minotaur Ghoushnok Skeletalminotaur
on the party. Then the party began a treacherous fight with a former companion, a skeletal version of their lost friend, Ghoushnok. After the advantage of the fight tipped towards the skeletal bull, Onoma Ousia stood alone against the cliff edge – the mighty greatsword of the minotaur moments from ending him, yet he fought on and with the help of Omen, who had vanished. Moments later, Drogan Steele returned to do battle with the bull-headed freak. This fight went awry and the party lost another companion, Drogan Steele.

Forced to flee, the survivors scampered back to the town, which itself had been destroyed by the powerful magic-user with his undead steed. However, then they were able to find Uncle Lo. Uncle Lo had barely escaped the town as the magic user and the dragon lay waste to the inhabitants. He had taken refuge in the mines. He informed them that the miners considered an escape route through the mines as a last ditch way to avoid the incoming army. This army had a very strange appearance, like that of dragons but in humanoid form. In any case, the party escaped and took the path through the mines. This eventually led to the region near Pitchfield, where they safely escaped the ruin of Dullstrand.

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Session 12 Expanded

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