This page’s intent is to acknowledge and give credit to the wide variety of influences on my campaign.

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge my players whom make this whole thing a worthwhile endeavor.

Full Time Members:

Gilnaeus – Co-DM – Gilnaeus was this campaign’s “Will Riker”, he consistently contributed to the success of this campaign and deserves special recognition for his work on all aspects of the campaign. Gilnaeus is currently on indefinite hiatus. Group Member for 11 years

Jrrtolkien – Co-Dm – Jrrtolkien was our rules purist and his merciless dedication to logic and reason has helped to keep us in the right of things and has helped me immeasurabley as DM prime for this group. Jrrtolkien is currently on indefinite hiatus. Group Member for 10 years

Maelstrom808 – Miniture Painter Extraordinaire – Maelstrom808 is responsible for the magnificent paint jobs that you see on many of the non pre-painted miniatures in our adventure logs, (Session 44 in particular, it is too bad that the PC’s successfully defeated the enemies before they were able to summon in a beautiful demonstration of Maelstroms work, but we will work that in soon). Current Senior Group Member for 10 years

Siddhartha – Co-DM – Siddhartha has been instrumental in developing a wide variety of Excel based spreadsheets for use in our game. He has also been Prometheus to my caveman ass insofar as imparting a wide variety of his computer skills. Group Member for 5 years

Patisdat – Master Chronicler – Patisdat excels in what I consider to be one of the area’s most responsible for the quality of our game, the group minutes. Our adventure logs are directly derived from the minutes and Patisdat works hard to maintain an incredible level of quality. Group Member for 2.5 years

Koshea – Koshea has been a solid pick up for the group. He has establishing himself as an excellent player and is establishing himself as an “In-game Leader”. Group Member for 1.5 years

Steveh – Steveh has recently come aboard and has been working diligently to take over the role of party wizard. Group Member for 3 months

Part Time Members: (great guys whose schedules just don’t let them show up often)

DemongerX – DemongerX is a long time member whose responsibilities outside the game are many. DemongerX is currently on part time status.

Horatius – Horatius has just joined the group and looks to have real promise as a contributing member of the team. Horatius is currently on part time status.

Setting Information:

Much of the setting information located on the Main Wiki is derived from nearly every sourcebook ever published for the World of Greyhawk Campaign Setting. Some of the information deviates from the original source material due to changes wrought by 30 years of playing sandbox campaigns on Oerth.

The World of Greyhawk Campaign Setting is copy written material and is used only for the purpose of running a game in that setting.

Rules Set:

The Campaign currently uses the Pathfinder RPG Rules Set, this is also copy written material and is used only for the purpose of running a game.

The World of Greyhawk Campaign Material located on the Main Wiki, has been updated to the Pathfinder RPG Ruleset where deemed necessary by myself. This has been done for the express purpose of adapting the flavor of Greyhawk for use in the Pathfinder RPG ruleset.


All Characters, PC’s and NPC’s were created by me or my players. Almost every character created by Leonidas300, use names taken from / based off of every conceivable sci-fi / fantasy source and is done so for primarily homage purposes and because, for instance, Shakiko (bonus points for anyone who knows the source without google) sounds better than Sally in a fantasy RPG. All Dwarven Characters created by Leonidas300 use Klingon names, once again because they sound great and work really well.

Obsidian Portal Favorite Campaigns:

The Campaigns below as well as their creators have provided much inspiration, guidance and encouragement for this page. The Banners have been used with permission and link to it’s respective campaign page. Check them out they are awesome campaigns. (these are not in any particular order as they are all great pages).

A god rebuilt

GM: killer vp
Notes: Killer vp has gone out of his way to help me and many others, he is truly an ambassador for the portal. There is much on his page to note but his item section is wonderful and his players set the gold standard for participation by each of them doing an individual log for each session.


GM: Twiggyleaf
Notes: Twiggyleaf is a great guy and his campaign concept is truly magnificent. He has a number of excellent concepts such as the concise summary and character prestige points. He and his players make excellent use of the forum page.

Latenight banner1

GM: Stephenwollett
Notes: Stephenwollett also is a great guy and I think his his campaign concept is one of the most imaginative works I have ever seen. The way he has integrated so many sci-fi sources – shows, books, and movies into one universe is nothing short of brilliant. The wiki-page is phenomenal. His timeline both sets the bar and breaks the mold; it is a work of art.

Old skool gamersd banner

GM: Oldheadgm77
Notes: Massive and Beautiful adventure logs, awesome titles and artwork, many excel in this area but these guys are like kung fu adventure log masters, like frickin Lo Lei with a pen.

Age of legends

GM: Arsheesh
Notes: Visually one of the best sites on the portal, very smooth layout. Arsheesh is another fine example of the portal community; his instructional posts on his page as well as the OP’s main forums are excellent sources for anyone learning to put a great page together.


GM: Kallak
Notes: Brilliantly laid out page, especially the Main Wiki, Adventure Log and his Characters’ page is truly awesome.

Legacy of the realms banner 7

GM: Rrouillard
Notes: All in all just a very well done page, Image quality excellent, Layout excellent, player participation out standing, a great storyline and some pretty cool items; what more could one ask for?

Rise of asmodeus

GM: Davidnic
Notes: This looks to be a very fun campaign, intriguing storyline, awesome player participation, great use of the forums, very nicely done wiki, really like the book look and the deities section is very well done.


GM: Jayph
Notes: Jayph and his guys rock it old school! A 1st/2nd Edition D&D game with an engaging storyline and fantastic overall campaign concept. His wiki is very imaginative, images are clean and pay homage to the art style of 1st/2nd Edition; you definitely get the old school vibe.

Campaign banner 2 cse

GM: Franksirmarco
Notes: First word – Cthulhu!!!! Fransirmarco has the best Cthulhu game I have ever seen. His entire page is a work of art. The newspaper theme and choice of pictures give the page a real authentic feel and really immerses the viewer into the campaign. Fantastic wiki, the “In Memoriam” section is great and the “Game Aids” section is incredible. His video’s rock the house.

More pages to come pending permission.

Inspirational Reading:

As a prolific reader, and avid Gamer, I have found inspiration from a number of different sources; fantasy literature being chief amongst those sources. Here are a number of authors who have inspired me along the way (by no means is this an all inclusive list).

Piers Anthony, Terry Brooks, Elaine Cunningham, Lord Dunsany, David Eddings, Raymond Feist, Gary Gygax, Simon Hawke, Tracy Hickman, Robert E. Howard, Robert Jordan, Katherine Kurtz, Tanith Lee, Fritz Leiber, H.P. Lovecraft, George R.R. Martin , Michael Moorcock, Terry Pratchett, J.K. Rowling, R.A. Salvatore, J.R.R. Tolkien, Margaret Weis, and Roger Zelazny


I have taken most of the artwork in this campaign from the internet. I am grateful for all the work done and the enhancement it lends to my campaign, but as I am not using this site for any profit, I hope the chosen artists will accept this. Where any artist has specifically requested, I will cite their name or make a link to their website. If any artist featured on my site wishes me to remove their artwork, I will do so gladly, but otherwise hope that no one gets twisted up over the use the image.

Many of the images used by this campaign are the works of a variety of artists such as:

Attila Adorjany, Abrar Ajmal, Glen Angus, George Barr, Thomas Baxa, Denis Beauvais, Steven Belledin, Carlo Bocchio, Tim Bradstreet, Gerald Brom, Jeff Butler, Clyde Caldwell, Dennis Calero, Matt Cavotta, Douglas Chaffee, Tomm Coker, Concept Art House, Jim Crabtree, Dennis Cramer, Carl Critchlow, Ned Dameron, Liz Danforth, Stephen Daniele, Jeff Dee, Brian Despain, Tony DeZuniga, Tony DiTerlizzi, Larry Dixon, Dave Dorman, Vincent Dutrait, Terry Dykstra, Jeff Easley, Steve Ellis, Larry Elmore, Emmanuel , Wayne England, Jason Engle, Newton Ewell, Stephen Fabian, Emily Fiegenschuh, Fred Fields, Scott Fischer, Karen Wynn Fonstad, Jon Foster, Carl Frank, Ken Frank, Dan Frazier, Frank Kelly Freas, Rafael Garres, Donato Giancola, Lars Grant-West, Greg Hildebrandt, Rebecca Guay, Brian Hagan, Henry Higginbotham, Brothers Hildebrandt, Jim Holloway, Quinton Hoover, Daniel Horne, Ralph Horsley, Eric Hotz, Andrew Hou, David Hudnut, Heather Hudson, Frazer Irving, Jennell Jaquays, Jeremy Jarvis, Michael Kaluta, Dana Knutson, Doug Kovacs, David S. LaForce, John and Laura Lakey, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Rob Lazzaretti, Vince Locke, Todd Lockwood, Roger Loveless, Howard Lyon, Diana Magnuson, Warren Mahy, David L. Martin, David O. Miller, Raven Mimura, Jeff Miracola, Matthew Mitchell , Lee Moyer, Jim Nelson, Mark Nelson, Russ Nicholson, Terese Nielsen, Graham Nolan, William O’Connor, Erik Olson, Glen Orbik, Erol Otus, Keith Parkinson, Lucio Parrillo, Darlene Pekul, Michael Phillippi, Eric Polak, Alan Pollack, Mark Poole, Randy Post, Steve Prescott, Vinod Rams, Roger Raupp, Adam Rex, Wayne Reynolds, David Roach, Jim Roslof, Robh Ruppel, Richard Sardinha, Dave Simons, Mark Smylie, Brian Snoddy, John T. Snyder, Ron Spencer, Greg Staples, Matt Stawicki, Anne Stokes, Sarah Stone, Stephen D. Sullivan, David C. Sutherland III, Arnie Swekel, Tony Szczudlo, Jean Pierre Targete, Mark Tedin, Ben Templesmith, Tim Hildebrandt, David A. Trampier, Timothy Truman, Francis Tsai, Valerie Valusek, Susan Van Camp, Franz Vohwinkel, Kev Walker, Karl Waller, Tyler Walpole, Anthony S. Waters, Tom Wham, Chuck Whelon, Eva Widermann, Bill Willingham, Robin Wood, Sam Wood, Ben Wootten, Svetlin Velinov, Kevin Yan, Kieran Yanner, Serdar Yildiz, James Zhang, and Mark Zug.


Manifestation of Chaos – uses a vast amount of miniatures from a variety of miniature lines. Most of the miniatures we use are:

  • Dungeons and Dragons Pre-painted Miniatures from Hasbro
  • Pathfinder Battles Pre-painted Miniatures from Whiz Kids
  • Numerous product lines from Reaper Miniatures
  • Numerous product lines from Games Workshop

We acknowledge various sculptors for their fine work.

Miniatures used from non pre-painted lines are painted by our group member Maelstrom808 , thanks go to the various sculptors; even more thanks goes to Maelstrom808 for his awesome paint jobs.


A Manifestation of Chaos Leonidas300