Race: I don’t run, certainly not quickly.
Class: Depends on the Social Situation – with this group, not much
Level: Ground floor
Gender: Dude
Size: It matters
Age: Roughly 37 lunar years
Special Abilities: Humility, Patience. Lots of Patience.
Alignment: 13% to the right and slightly off-center.
Location: Varies depending on where I am, like duh?
Languages: Speaking in a loud, clear, concise voice while gesturing should work anywhere
Occupation: Ghost in the Machine

Helping a friend move a sofa: 16
Avoiding denting the walls: 12
Keeping lunch down after three flights of stairs: 13
Judging angles for maneuvering sofa up said stairs: 15
Justifying moving the damn sofa: 13
Feeling cranky after pinching fingers, bruising hands, cursing loudly: 12

Paid in beer and pizza – priceless

Group Member since June 2010
Membership Status: Active
Co-DM – A Manifestation of Chaos – Obsidian Portal Campaign of the Month – Sept. 2012




A Manifestation of Chaos Leonidas300