Session 97 Expanded

Session 97:
The Challenges

20th – 28th Day of Goodmonth CY 623

Location: HeiliopolisWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Light Green

Aegon thrusts Thorgrim on the group as well. The group introduces themselves to Thorgrim and then Entil Zha opens the portal to Illiopolis. They step through and Zarkon as well as Gortakka are attempted to be shunted back out, they make it through but they take damage from the effort. The wizards attempt to cast cantrips to determine the effects of magic in this world. Necromancy and Abjuration are more powerful while Evocation and Conjuration are not working as well.

Thorgim notices a tower that looks like it’s made of pure platinum with diamond windows about a mile and a half away. Zarkon determines that the plant life around does not seem real. Hank and Fureal determine that the plant life around them.

Castiel takes off and determines that flight is increased in power. He notices a mausoleum and some husks of buildings on the horizon. He also notices something interact with the clouds above that he can’t see but the cloud kind of trails behind. When he returns Hank has noticed something on the ground as well and points out a location. Gortakka charges to the location and swings and whiffs. No sooner does he state that there’s nothing there than he get’s knocked back several feet on his ass. Zarkon starts screaming about his eyes and seeing a hot elf chick and Entil Zha states he has been blinded. A naked nymph vampire then appears and says “Stop” and they have a discussion about what they are doing here. She demonstrates her ability to read the party by describing them one by one, She then demonstrates that she can read thoughts by responding to the name Ner’Zhul that Fureal and Damiano are thinking to each other through his Helm of Telepathy.

Having extended her hand to Damiano he gladly kisses it. The same to Castiel only earns a slight nod. Castiel and the nymph establish a 20’ neutral zone they will abide by while they talk. The Nymph tries to work a deal to get invited into the tower saying she has sent quite a few mortals into the deathtrap of the tower. The group asks for some privacy as they discuss this choice.

Zarkon walks over to the nymph and starts talking with her. She mentions there are other demons and angels on this plane. She is looking for something specifically evil from the tower. Zarkon reports to the group. They decide they don’t want to bring them with her into the tower, so they offer her the option to give them the information on how others have not been able to get in, in return she would be able to see how the group get’s in.

Castiel and Entil Zha are totally against assisting the Nymph Vampire Demon combo. Fureal let’s her know they won’t work together and after several attempts to bait the angel into single combat she teleports away. The group prepares for her to attack but she does not.

Castiel flies up around the tower and determines it is phallic shaped. The diamond created windows are too thick to see through.

Zarkon goes to inspect the door and is told a sacrifice must be made of knowledge or power. Furreal and Entil Zha approach and hear the same thing. The group must give up something of knowledge or power.

Castiel gives up 2 once per day spell like abilities, Earthquake and Mass Charm Monster
Thorgrim gives up a very powerful throwing axe
Zarkon gives up his ability to steal unnoticed
Hank gives up an artifact he has attached to his bow
Furreal gives up the jewel of excellence
Damiano gives up the staff of Zha
Gortakka gives up a powerful bow
Entil Zha gives up a staff with powerful spells

Once the group enters a voice speaks to them and introduces them as “The Tower of Triliop” There are the heads of very powerful creatures hang on the wall. Angels, Demons, Devils, even a titan head, there are lights in the titan’s eyes and the audible voice mentions that the titan is trapped in his own realm, even his name isn’t remembered. On the first floor we are offered the ability to freely leave by one of the 4 doors. Zarkon tries to find these other doors and is unable too, it is revealed that the powers given up by ninja’s in the past power the doors hiding ability.

The group heads up to the 1st room the voice calls the “Room of Knowledge”, only one person can enter. Damiano enters the room and asks “What do you want to know” The group moves on to the next while Damiano thinks about what he wants to know. The next room is the room of power. Thorgrim enters the “Room of Power” and is told that if he defeats a guardian he can be offered power. The third room is the “Room of Wealth” Hank enters the room of wealth. The group continues on and the fourth room is the “Room of Resources” Zarkon decides to enter the room of resources. The fifth room is the “Room of Strength” Castiel decides to enter allowing Fureal to continue on wishing him luck in the final room. The last room turns out to be the “Room of Omnipotence” and says that the entire party can enter but only one at a time.

In the Room of Knowledge Damiano asks to be successfully omniscient and the room replies the room of knowledge only imparts 1 fact of knowledge. Damiano says he will read the books and scrolls and begin learning on his own and think of his question as he does. The room forbids him from reading the books as he will be directed to the books based on the knowledge he seeks. Damiano begins thinking and we fade out to the next room.

In the room of power Thorgrim is faced off with a 4 armed skeleton. The room mentally lets him know that if he loses the challenge the room will give him the choice, die or have power taken away at the room’s choosing in order to stay alive. The barbarian charges and rages and takes a huge chunk out of the skeleton. The skeleton then retaliates by negating the magical properties of his armor and swinging at the barbarian in retaliation. Seriously damaging the barbarian. The barbarian takes another killer swing at the skeleton and lands another serious blow. The Skeleton looks wounded but again stabs the barbarian again 3 times, one time catching Thorgrim in the jugular, fortunately Thorgrim’s regeneration closes up such a horrible wound. Thorgrim then swings wildly and connects with several attacks with a critical strike on one. This finally drops the skeleton and the room states that the champion has chosen to live and Thorgrim and chooses to take from it a fireball 3/day spell like ability.

In the room of wealth Hank is presented with the option of solving a riddle within 2 minutes to gain wealth, if he fails he will lose wealth. Hank fails to answer correctly and loses money. The room then gives him the option to continue or quit. Hank decides to press his luck. Hank keeps pressing his luck once more being down a total of 50k gold. Hank gets the next riddle and goes into the black by 50k.

The room of resources finds Zarkon being told he will fight something that regenerates completely every round. If he succeeds he will be granted a resource, if he fails he will have a resource taken from him. Zarkon agrees and suddenly a clockwork reliquary appears in the room with him. Zarkon disappears and flies up next to the creature. The creature performs a Mages Disjunction. Zarkon goes for the throat right away knowing he is in trouble without his magic. Zarkon stabs the creature 4 times and manages to dodge out of the way of any counter attacks. Then stabbing him several more times the creature casts repulsion and moves away. The creature offers Zarkon to only take half of his abilities and Zarkon accepts removing 7 ki points permanently.

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Session 97 Expanded

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