Session 95 Expanded

Session 95:
Brought Forth and Sent Back

12th Day of Goodmonth CY 623

Location: The UnderdarkWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Light Green

he second earthquake hits and most of our heroes again fall. The temple begins to collapse, breaking down the falls. Out in the distance, we see and feel a God. Cthulhu appears, and telepathically everyone hears in their minds: “You are going to DIE.”

Inspecting it, Castiel and Ferreal definitely realize this is a divine being, and without question the toughest creature they have ever faced. However, he also looks sickly a bit. His scales are green and are deformed, as if rotting. His face is slightly melted, and he is albino, just newly born.

Raidah Raidah.jpg appears and he looks severely hurt, there are dead Illithids scattered in the room with Cthulhu.

Zarkon disappears in a puff of smoke and advances forward, only to step on a rickety stone which falls through into a pit of lava! He hooks two fingers on a ledge to barely stay alive. But, from his vantage point, he can see a hidden secret door underneath the lava. He eventually shimmeys along the ledge and gets up again, only to approach Cthulhu and upon seeing his Unholiness becomes staggered for 4 rounds.



Meanwhile, Castiel flies across the room towards Cthulhu carrying Gorruk. Gorruk crits the God for several hundred points of damage, hacking off his left arm. Ferreal teleports behind Cthulhu to the altar in the room behind him. Ferreal sees a McGregor human on the altar with a Blackblade called the Chaos Blight sticking through him. Gorruk continues to crit Chtulu as Will Kaden comes in to it’s left side for the flank to smite.

The staggered and burned Ninja sneaks up to Cthulhu. Castiel grabs the Blackblade, a sentient weapon, as Ferreal throws it to him and it morphs into a large greatsword. It’s a +5 Keen Holy of course epic weapon. When Castiel cuts into Chtulu with this blade Cthulhu roars more loudly than before and falls dead.


Two solid gold Cthulhu statues stand behind the altar. Castiel takes one and tosses it into the lava, becoming Cursed by Cthulhu. Zarkon loots the bodies of the dead Illithids. Cthulhu’s body has disappeared.

The party goes to the lava trap pool, and Ferreal casts a prismatic sphere coming up to the opening of the door inside the lava. Castiel casts Miracle reviving Damiano, who casts a Wall of Force and teleports the party behind the wall of force.

Behind the door made of dragon skin, we find 4 Huge gems, each gem 450,000 gold pieces and each gem has a soul in it or combination of soul magically powering effects: anti-fly, room illusion, etc. Gems are plugged into the Jevanite walls, in which there is a Life Helm that is powered by souls.

Some background. 45 years ago an airship crashed in Ket, that was when the Scro (ultra militant orcs) appeared on Oerth. A Life Helm is used to power a ship by the life force of the person wearing it.

Ferreal teleports everyone back to Castle Black. They meet a minotaur named Grimmjur who directs them rudely to Sir Aegon. “Ah, the alpha team has returned.” Sir Aegon takes Chaos Blight and says: “It is hurt. God damned aberrations.” Ferreal says, “I have some military intelligence.” He says, “And I for you as well.” Zarkon says, “Greetings I am Zarkon, a Dark Elf. Nice operation you have going over here. Sir Aegon looks him over, “Was he useful?” and everyone answers in the affirmative. Then he sees, “A fucking Hobgoblin really? Do you guys just pick up any stray you run into?” He sighs. Ferreal shows Aegon the map of Cthulhu forces. Aegon says the Orc League is preparing to storm Castle Black. Ferreal also informs Sir Aegon of the presence of a traitor. Sir Aegon says that 20 black blades have been lost since the party last saw him, saying there must be an intelligence leak.

Solars have been cut off due to the death of Dalt. Ferreal says that the Illithids
Brains.jpg offered a lot for the REAL McGregor. Sir Aegon says, “McGregor is the key. Even I do not know exactly where he is, Drexella has him locked up tight. I know you have plans to go to Heliopolis. Entil-zha wants to take you, he has resigned his commission here.”

Sir Aegon “Tain and Will have to stay. 3 days. Entil-zha is a cleric too.”
Ferreal: “We have the possibility of an alliance. We met Bellikor there, who was there to form an alliance with our enemies. We have to deliver the head of Ungraxus and proof of the betrayal of Mestopheles by Biffrons.”
Sir Aegon “Castle Black can hold the Orcs. It’s what’ll come with the Orcs. 3 days. You can only spend 3 days there. The window will be open 5 days from now. Drexella and Entil-zha have estimated about 5 Solars that are reachable.”
Drexella. “We must exact the plan.” The plan involves collecting the Eyes of a Solar, the Heart of a Balor, and the Brain of a Greater Modron in order to cast a Familicide spell on McGregor’s bloodline to prevent Cthulhu from coming into the world.

Drexella and Ferreal discuss Heliopolis. She says she has been there in the past. Heliopolis may be a sentient city. She says to take care of throwing around Dispell Magics. Heliopolis has been floating in the Multiverse and no one is sure of what being dwell there. The stones and structures are made of magic.

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Session 95 Expanded

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