Session 94 Expanded

Session 94:
Chains of Pain

12th Day of Goodmonth CY 623

Location: The UnderdarkWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Light Green

When we last left our doomed heroes, they were inside the Temple of Cthulu. The group ran into the Hobgoblin archer Jek Hadar who goes by Hank. He escaped by using the group’s intrusion and distraction of his guards to kick open the door to his prison cell. Zarkon moves ahead to check for traps as the group goes to check out the area where Hank was imprisoned: finding 1 year of supplies (rations and water) for 15 living creatures. There were no useful treasure chests though. Hank was tortured and healed many times over, as were his fellow prisoners: his skin shows numerous scars.

In the next room there are three constructs who stand as guards: 2 Chain Golems and 1 Minotaur Construct. The party realizes that the torches in the room are hellfire and project a local anti-magic suppression field.


The group comes up with a convoluted ploy to destroy the torches creating the suppression field. Allister Tain casts an anti-magic field on himself, with Ferreal, Zarkon, Will Kaden in guard. Gortakka and Castiel hold open the portcullises to the room allowing the others to enter. Allister Tain anti-magic field nullifies the suppression torches allowing Zarkon to dump non-Arcane holy water onto the first torch. One of the Chain Golems Chain_Golem.jpg swings its chain and grapples Will Kaden swinging him around the room. Will Kaden tucks and does an abdominal crunch as he is being swung around the torch-lit room on the end of the chain like a morning star. Hank shoots a round of arrows into the Minotaur Construct wounding it. Ferreal puts out the second torch. The second Chain Golem grabs Castiel. Gortakka gets lasered by the minotaur’s hellfire eyes with a crit. While Will and Castiel are grappled and Gortakka is facing off against the minotaur, the team of Allister TainZarkon and Ferreal put out torches three at a time.

The Chain Golem swings Castiel around the room and crits him in the groin: Castiel right testicles explodes. The Minotaur Construct sucks some energy from the nearby Chain Golem and bashes Gortakka with his shield. Allister TainZarkon and Ferreal put out the next three torches. “You’re back for more, huh fucking gnoll.” Says the minotaur in a mechanical voice as he knocks him back again while Will Kaden and Castiel hold their own against the Golems. Will Kaden is free to use lay-on-hands in the nick of time leaving as he looked near death. Ferreal and Zarkon deliver large blows to the Chain Golem gripping Will Kaden, who continues to channel and lay on hands to stay alive. Hank retaliates and severely damages the Minotaur. Gortakka swings his wicked weapon and the minotaur collapses! With Zarkon providing flanking, Gortakka swings a dire flail finishing the Chain Golem clutching Will Kaden. Lastly, he critical hit stuns the last Chain Golem and takes his time smashing him apart.

Twice during the combat a reverberation went through the room knocking almost everyone on their feet to the ground. Examining the remains of the constructs reveals them to have organic components: they are living constructs.

A final shockwave occurs and everyone in the group FEELS THE BIRTH OF A GOD.

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Session 94 Expanded

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