Session 93 Expanded

Session 93:
An Aberrant Abortion

12th Day of Goodmonth CY 623

Location: The UnderdarkWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Light Green

The pussy monster attacks! Creatures Vagotha_1.jpg funnel out of the vaginal cavities and swarm for the party. Castiel the line against the one front while the group attacks the second monster that appears behind them.Zarkon kills the vaginal monster while Thorgrim Lifequencher holds fast against the wave of creatures. An archer harasses the group by firing through walls while some of his minions ring a loud gong since they can’t see anyone to shoot at.


Zarkon flies past Castiel the way toward the other birthing monster and Thorgrim Lifequencher charges in next to Castiel more monsters as he goes. For several rounds the creatures change colors and various energy attacks assault the party but the angel seems to resist most of the energy.Zarkon begins raping the vagina while the Heironean’s move into position. A hobgoblin moves into the picture and get’s the ire of many archers. Dropping it to almost death, he heads back around the corner and falls prone but it’s not enough to keep a few more arrows from connecting again. Once Castiel Thorgrim Lifequencher mop up the birthed creatures Vagotha_2.jpg
and Zarkon finishes the mother creature Castiel to the door that houses the archers and the door screams out he’s coming in as well as hitting him with green slime and a black pudding. Castiel immune to disease and acid remains unaffected and when they get into the archer stronghold they have all disappeared.Zarkon finds the secret exit they all left through that leads out of the temple.

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Session 93 Expanded

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