Session 92 Expanded

Session 92:

12th Day of Goodmonth CY 623

Location: The UnderdarkWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Light Green

“I am growing impatient.” Says Radai’s projected image, Raidah.jpg and wants to parley. He asks for Thorgrim Lifequencher and Castiel and Allister Tain and Will Kaden to step out while he asks the others for a tempting offer. He wants the others to kill Castiel and a bring a man named
Mcgregor to him. Zarkon and Ferreal say they will consider the offer. Radai’s image disappears, and a gem appears in his place, which can summon ‘aid’ to help.

Behind Radai’s image was a door which was trapped with the most complicated trap that Zarkon had ever seen. Damiano-Zha summoned a demon which went into the room alone and triggered the trap. Which turned Zarkon and Thorgrim Lifequencher into juju zombies. Dalt, the God of Gates, was destroyed so Castiel was unable to summon a Solar to help them. He began to utter random Solar names and happened to summon a Solar who was on the Material Plane, who granted a Wish which turned back time to before the door was messed with. From then on, they decided not to mess with the door.

Continuing their trek through the murderous dungeon, the group of heroes come upon a lava-filled room with an island of treasure in the middle, guarded by a Ancient Volcanic Dragon Vol_Dragon_2.jpg and two Elder Lava Elementals. The fire from the dragon melts away Damiano-Zha, putting him into his metal container.

The party, ill prepared for the dragon’s firey assualt, flee from the area. Alas though they leave Damiano-Zha ’s cage behind. As the party is regrouping they overhear the dragon casting telekinsis and then anti-magic sphere. The dragon then announces that he has the vampire and unless the party pays a ransom he will drop the cage into the lava in his lair and watch it melt. Allister Tain reminds the group that there are few of them very wounded and they should consider their actions carefully before acting. Ferreal announces that they should just kill the dragon at which point the dragon dunks the cage into the lava utterly destroying Damiano-Zha.

Castiel realizes the death of Damiano-Zha also means the end to the alliance with Orcus and implores the group to use the magical Fate stone to reverse the decision, which they do…

They parley with the dragon to find the terms of the ransom and are told by the dragon that Imix, an the Archomental lord of fire, cursed the Dragon’s family line to stay in the dungeon and remain as guard. If the gem in the elemental palace of fire is destroyed then the curse is ended. The heroes agreed to the quest of breaking his family’s curse, however by the terms they must leave much of their treasure in coins, as well as the Spear of Disintegration, a copy of the Wizard’s Spellbook. The Dragon also requires a personal apology from Ferreal (for his rash and unkind words during the parley) after which they come to a personal agreement of crafting an item for the dragon for two spell component pouches.

The party continues on, during which Thorgrim Lifequencher marvels at how the group had gotten as far as they have and seems to offer some insight on the use of magic to Ferreal. In the middle of his tirade; the party is opened up on from a number of archers manning what can only be described as murder hole command and control. The party backs off to formulate a strategy to this new situation and as they are they hear a tremendous roar!l and see Virgotha,


The Vagina Monster, appear and begins approaching forth! birthing creatures by the dozens. Gongs sound and combat will soon be joined!

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Session 92 Expanded

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