Session 87 Expanded

Session 87:
Rally Point

2nd – 4th Day of Goodmonth CY 623

Location: The UnderdarkWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Purple

Damiano has been working with Entil-zha on spell theory and has gotten some benefits from the ordeal. Despite the cost, and there was quite a bit of a cost. Entil-zha created a staff for Damiano called the “Staff of Zha” and it’s command word is “Zha”

Entil-zha tells Damiano that because Ner’zul has been difficult to control, Lord Aegon has requested he be reassigned to strike team prime and he is to report to Drexella for a briefing. He also tells Damiano that Gobbo managed to get himself killed again and he needs to pick up Gobbo biological specimen from cold storage so that Drexella can resurrect him. Dutifully Damiano gets the remains of Gobbo and Drexella resurrects him. She then asks Damiano to return again with Ferreal for a discussion that needs to take place in case if she is taken out of the picture. He then teleports to Lord Aegon and brings Gobbo with him.

Meanwhile, Lord Aegon has a conversation with Castiel about Critwall being sacked for its evil artifacts and the reports that the mighty Crook of Rao was used against Ungrakkus Ungrakkus_2.0.jpg to no avail and furthermore the smites of Hazan and his Honor guard were also ineffective against Ungrakkus. Lord Aegon asked if Castiel if he could tap his outer-palanar allies and find out more about the sword of Ungrakkus, Lord Aegon states other than knowing the blade was crafted from the spine of the Arch-solar of Purity, he knows nothing else about it’s properties.. He also mentions that Ner’zul has been unreliable and Drexella has been looking for his Phylactery to have something to hold over him and keep him in line. Castiel agrees to look for information on Ungrakkus sword among the Angels of Elysium.

Damiano speaks with Ferreal and grabs him and Gobbo and heads beck to speak with Drexella. She shows them she has Mcgregor chained up and his lips sewn shut. Drexella mentions she is coming up on birthday 2800. When Damiano mentions getting her a stripper she says she prefers Minotaur lovers as they don’t know the meaning of quit and they always look for the exit.

Drexella tells them a story about how in her youth, she use to be a follower of druidic magic before she was a witch. She spent a century in the Baklunish empire at war with the Sulousian empire, She brings up the rain of colorless fire and states she knows the true cause. Her Mistress, Baba Yaga herself learned a spell from a Balrogg Lord’s mind. She pulls a gem out and says this epic spell was cast wrong, “Familicide” They didn’t have all the correct components and the druids and witches were destroyed in the process. If you have the Eyes of a Solar, The Heart of a Balor and the brain of a greater Modron it will kill every one of a specific bloodline, as well as all those who directly or indirectly share that bloodline. The catch is when Mcgregor read the Necronomicon he was connected with the evil of the book and it marked his bloodline. Drexella fears that given the prolific amount of Mcgregor there are the enemy may well be able to find a process to bring Tharizdun to Oerth.

Damiano asks if we can add a bloodline and taps his staff. 87.2.jpg The line of Zha is of minor consequence as Drexella puts it. He then asks why The ritual must be performed in the heart of Tharizdun’s power. Mcgregor is not the target, he is just a happy coincidence.

Currently they have none of the ingredients needed. The Heart of Ungrakkus was in the possession of the Temple of Pelor when it was dragged down to Hell and recovered by Biffrons. Drexella mentions there is an ancient sulosian artifact that was crafted from the eyes of a solar. Heliopolis is the location of this object. While you can’t normally get there, Drexella mentions that Entil-zha has made a passion out of studying Heliopolis and he believes he has found a way to get there.

Damiano and Ferreal make plans to look for the heart first, the brain second and hopefully die before having to adventure with Entil-zha for the eyes.

Cut to Gobbo and Ossobucco talking. He is trying to teach him about a “Positive Energy Bomb”. Willing sacrificial paladins can ingest an extract exploding all of his radiant energy. Ossobucco confesses responsibility for some of the paladins missing lately. Ossobucco would like Gobbo help in refining the essence, currently they can’t time it right and it’s only currently doing part of the damage it could.

Castiel plane shifts to Elysium and searches out an Angel who might be able to provide information on going up against Ungrakkus. He finds a Solar named Gadrel who converses with him about the creature. He mentions that when Tharizdun was imprisoned the first time, mortals were stripped of the ability to cast immortal magic as it would allow them an easier time of reawakening Tharizdun should they try. Few even know of it, but none can now cast it. With immortal magic it was possible although exceedingly difficult to perform an Ascension Ritual. A ritual that Gadrel believes Ungrakkus is seeking to use to become a Balrog, the Balorian equivalent of an Arch-Solar. One good bit of news is that there should only ever be 6 Balor Lords in existence. Since Ungrakkus was resurrected he is the 7th. And because of that he is a creature of the Prime Material plane, so that is why the Heironeouns using the Crook of Rao and other banishment effects to remove him from the plane did not work.

He also mentions that the sword forged of the spine of Ermiel may block the abilities of good creatures to gain an advantage over evil. Perhaps doing the same thing with a Demon Lord would nullify the advantage Ungrakkus enjoys that has allowed him to destroy Arch-Solars and Arch Paladins.

Castiel leaves knowing Ungrakkus needs to die, and he must do so on the Prime Material Plane in order to make it permanent. As he is extremely arrogant he probably is not even aware dying on the Prime Material would be his demise.

Ferreal and Damiano teleport back to Castle Black and speak with Entil-zha about going to Heliopolis. Entil-zha makes it clear no one is going without him to which they agree. He says in 9 days a window will open and in 13 days you must leave or you will be trapped there for 30 years. Ferreal agrees to speak to Lord Aegon to try to convince him to allow the group to go. Lord Aegon is not likely to agree easily after the disaster with the dragon treasure trove.

Lord Aegon and Allister Tain were arguing about Ner’zul. Allister Tain thinks something needs to be done about him today. Ferreal argues that without knowing where the Phylactery is nothing permanent can be done.

Lord Aegon agrees to allow the group to go with Entil-zha to Heliopolis,

Gortakka , Gobbo and Allister Tain but not Will Kaden as he believes that if the mission were to go badly there was no sense in losing all of his alpha team on one of Entil-zha’s “death marches” Lord Aegon asked Ner’zul to go back to Castle Black


to assist Entil-zha with preparations for the journey to Heliopolis.

With that settled Lord Aegon leads the heroes into the temple…

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Session 87 Expanded

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