Session 86 Expanded

Session 86:
A Different Approach

1st Day of Goodmonth CY 623

Location: The UnderdarkWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Purple

Gobbo tries again and clicks trough the first two locks easily then has a bit of trouble with the last lock, 2 green rays streak towards the goblin and disintegrate part of Gobbo life away causing him to shriek in pain. Allister Tain heals the goblin then he successfully finishes picking the lock. The group finds jewels used to make a melee weapon and a staff more powerful.

Moving on to the final higher room the goblin being told to be careful and remembering the lesson of the previous disintegrate traps, he does not have any trouble popping the 3 locks and opening the door to the next room.

The next room reveals another large room with an obelisk and a hyena headed creature. The creature states he will assist the group if they would provide a humanoid soul to the creature in order for him to power the obelisk. Sir Aegon tries to have the bargain with the creature to join sides with our group and he flatly refuses, things almost come to blows before the creatures agrees he will let the group pass without incident but he will not activate the obelisk for the group.

Ner’zul researches the obelisk and states the creature’s death would release the soul needed to power it. Sir Aegon draws his sword and states planely, you will help us without requiring a soul sacrifice or will you die, those are your options.

The creature states of course I won’t assist you for nothing in return and the group attacks.

86.1.jpg Ner’zul acts first and dimensionally anchors the creature, Sir Aegon casts mirror image and swings for the fences and is unable to hit the creature even after smiting. Will Kaden and Allister Tain attempt to dispel the creature but are unable.

The creature looks in Allister Tain direction and rips a spell from his memory casting a cold ice strike through the group doing damage to Allister Tain and Sir Aegon. It then causes its claws to glow brilliantly and swing at Sir Aegon ripping into him, finally he quickens a greater dispel magic on Sir Aegon destroys several of the magics protecting him.

Castiel tries to dispel the creature but is also unable. Gobbo moves in and casts haste on the party. The creature looks in Ferreal direction and rips the spell Ride the Lightning from his memory then turns into lighting and moves through Sir Aegon and Allister Tain leaving damage in his wake. It then rips into Allister Tain with several attacks from his glowing claws. And he is then struck by a disintegrate spell that doesn’t seem to do much damage. He finally greater dispel magics him but it is countered by a contingency of Allister Tain.

The lich tells Ferreal to cast shield and the rest to hit it with acid damage. Gobbo throws an acid bomb that seems to singe the creature.

Allister Tain casts dimensional lock on the creature to reduce the miss chance. Sir Aegon defensively casts acidic spray and swings at the creature. Will Kaden does a word of healing freeing Allister Tain from the stagger.

The creature steals implosion from the mind of Allister Tain and tries to implode Castiel, when it fails he tries to dominate Castiel and it does not work either. The creature moves and Sir Aegon steps up with him, then the creature disintegrates Sir Aegon for minimal damage.

Ferreal taking the advice of the lich quickens a shield and then universally adds selective spell to cast a caustic eruption on the creature for a good amount of damage. Castiel is ineffective at swinging on the creature and the creature says he will now require 3 souls to trade.

Gobbo tosses acid bombs at the creature hitting once. Ner’zul . Allister Tain succeeds in hitting the creature with a Greater Dispel Magic removing spells and contingencies. Will Kaden misses but Sir Aegon is able to damage the creature now with a couple hits, including a well placed shot that seems to hurt quite a bit.

The creature rips a heal out of the mind of Allister Tain and feels a bit fresher. Then defensively moves away but Sir Aegon and Will Kaden both move with him. He then defensively cast a powered up lightning bolt that does incredible damage to Sir Aegon, Ferreal and Castiel. Ferreal tries to target the creature with a Polar Ray but can’t connect with the creature.

Castiel tries to dispel the creature but fails miserably. Ner’zul tries to polymorph the creature but the thing resists and he is hit with the backlash. He then tries again and once again the creature resists while Ner’zul suffers the backlash of the spell’s energy again. Gobbo casts displacement on Sir Aegon.

Sir Aegon expends some of his magic energy to make his attacks pierce all armors and does quite a bit of damage. Will Kaden is unable to connect with the creature. Allister Tain attempts to greater dispel the creature from his staff but is unable to do so. The creature casts a haste spell and Sir Aegon follows it up with a powerful counterattack. He then takes a few swings at Gobbo and rends him. He also steals overwhelming presence from Allister Tain and casts it on the group.

Both Ferreal and Castiel try to cast spells on the creature and fail to bypass it’s defenses. Gobbo bows before the creature and Ner’zul gates 86.2.jpg in 7 humans then quickens a fireball and kills them all. Successfully negotiating the deal the creature agrees to leave but Sir Aegon continues to attack but drops his blade, Allister Tain channels damage to the creature using the artifact the lich provided to him.

The creature moves up and sucks the soul from Gobbo. Ferreal put off by such an action casts acidic spray at the creature. Disgusted by the creature’s attack on the Goblin Castiel tries to holy smite the creature.

Ner’zul summons 29 more humans through the gate. Sir Aegon tells the lich if he kills those humans he is next on the chopping block. Sir Aegon attacks and hurts the creature while Allister Tain dispels haste shield and some unknown contingencies.

The creature steals a chain lighting from Sir Aegon and targets aegon and it spreads to Will Kaden and Castiel. It then disintegrates Will Kaden but it doesn’t seem to hurt Will Kaden that much. When it defensively casts shield, Sir Aegon attacks hitting it once again.

Ferreal shoots black dragons breath at the creature. Castiel threatens the lich then is unable to damage the creature. Ner’zul wail’s at the creature but it is unaffected then walks into the middle of his collection of humans. Sir Aegon is unable to land a hit on the creature with several well placed attacks. After which Sir Aegon states “Sound the retreat”

The creature steals a lightning arc from Sir Aegon and spreads it between Sir Aegon and Will Kaden. Then attacks Will Kaden and does damage as well as hitting him with a Disintegrate.

Ferreal tries to Banish the creature but is unsuccessful. Castiel tries to smite the creature but is unsuccessful. Ner’zul quickens a dimensional anchor then tries to do a greater dispel magic unsuccessfully. Allister Tain does manage to dispel him and Sir Aegon goes to town and hits a couple times. Will Kaden moves away and takes an attack from the creature that hits and does a disintegrate that does seem to activate a contingency.

The creature steals contagious flame from the mind of Sir Aegon and tries to cast it at Sir Aegon but it does not penetrate his energy resistance and does not carry on. It then full attacks Sir Aegon. Castiel quickens a heal on Sir Aegon and then finally connects on a holy smite. Ner’zul dimensionally anchors the creature then lightning bolts through the humans.

Sir Aegon finishes off the Demon and it is revealed that the lich has only been using an illusion in the background that the people with truesight were not paying that much attention too so did not notice right away.

The group has a bit of a spat once the combat is over about good and it’s shaky alliance with evil and evil and it’s shaky alliance with stupid.

They finish looting the room and decide what to do with the elf, Galimdor Feyn.

Castiel speaks with the dead and finds out about his past. With a group vote, they decide to use a scroll of resurrection to bring the elf back to life.

Ner’zul activates the Obilesk, 86.3.jpg and opens a portal leads to hallway ending in a locked door. With Castiel leading the group he tells the group. Three separate Knocks are unsuccessful in opening the door and a disintegrate fails as well before a final disintegrate destroys the door setting off the traps.

They move forward and find a dead end room with a plaque with transmutation magic.

Backtracking they run into a mind flayers, drow and chuul in the first large room where gravity didn’t work properly previously.

Moving up the only passage they had not used yet they found another series of locks on a wall. The group decides to have Castiel try to dispel the magic, he fails and a rift to another plane opens, while he doesn’t get affected, Will Kaden and the resurrected Elf are drawn into a dimensional pocket of negative energy.

Trying quickly to dispel again so he can be drawn into the pocket Castiel manages to summon 5 more Chuul’s and 5 more Illithids, they smite evil and lay into Castiel.

Allister Tain unleashes Storm Bolts and damages quite a few of the monsters. Then Ner’zul screams like a little girl and the monsters all fall over dead. He then teleports away and finds Will Kaden and the Elf, teleporting them back to the group.

The group then decides to go for broke and attacks the doors with Allister Tain adamantine weapon. The first strike deals significant damage to the door and summons 8 Nalfashee’s. 86.4.jpg The second strike causes the portal to another plane to open again and none of the party but 7 of the monsters are sucked away. Castiel keeps attacking the other door and three members of the party are targeted by Baleful Polymorph, the wizard Ferreal succumbs to the effects and is turned into a toad. On the final hit opening the second door causes a Mage’s Disjunction to hit the group. All of the buff spells are dispelled and quite a few contingencies are removed.

Ner’zul casts a finger of death to damage the final Nalfashee and the elf tears into it finally ending it.

The group discovers rooms capable of suspending time for 2 weeks at a time but spells are not replenished and crafting components available.

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Session 86 Expanded

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