Session 82 Expanded

Session 82:

11th – 18th Day of Reaping CY 623

Location: Prison Fortress – PalamidisWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Purple

Ner’zul casts a spell and Damiano resists. Ner’zul claims that he is trying to help Damiano see the right path.

The clockwork reliquary moves to attack Will Kaden and misses due to Will Kaden defensive training. Meanwhile Gobbo is attempting to escape the clutches of the Clockwork Goliath that has him grasped around the middle. Gobbo fails to escape. The mechanical monster angered by Gobbo squirming proceeds to beat the goblin mercilessly. Will Kaden triggers his paladin sacrifice and takes the biggest hit for Gobbo.

Then Gobbo triggers his delayed consumption for two cure moderate wounds just prior to the last hit. Then the Clockwork Goliath attempts to take over Gobbo mind. Not so hard a task that the Goliath easily succeeds at.

Ferreal shoots the Clockwork Reliquary with a polar ray doing some damage but not enough. Damiano starts a conversation with the Lich Ner’zul where they discuss who is helping who and why. Damiano stands on the Lich’s coffin where he hopes to use magic.

Will Kaden attacks the Clockwork Reliquary many times and hits once doing less damage than Ferreal but considerable damage none-the-less.


Allister Tain uses his quicken rod to summon Castiel like a minor imp. He then heals Gobbo through the magical bracer he gave everyone before the adventure began.

The metal pieces continue to fall off of Rokan and he is partially ethereal and stunned.

Damiano is mentally attacked by the Lich and loses his resitance and becomes the Lich’s butt boy. The Lich orders Damiano to throw a switch on the other side of the wall.

The Clockwork Reliquary attacks Will Kaden 5 times and misses every time.

Round 3

Gobbo continues to squirm in the Machines hands uselessly trying to escape and failing miserably.

Castiel begins to attack the Reliquary and hits several times and does little damage. The Clockwork Goliath places Gobbo into a Maze spell. The Goliath then proceeds to try to cast Maze on Allister Tain and fails.

Ferreal attempts to banish the Reliquary and fails as the spell simply fades from the Reliquary. Damiano switches the lever to remove the anti-magic from the Lich. Will Kaden lays on hands on himself and attacks the Reliquary and does full damage with adimantiam holy avenger blade.

Allister Tain puts away his quickened rod provoking an attack or opportunity from the Goliath doing minor damage to Allister Tain. Who then steps back 5 feet but remains in the Goliath’s range. Allister Tain calls down a flame strike on the Goliath that shoots down from above and curves around the machine and does no damage.

The Lich walks out of his prison and now appears a young half elf in glowing black robes. He summons a staff with a large red gem on top.

The Clockwork Reliquary points at the other Clockwork Goliath and commands it to kill the Angel. The Reliquary then steps toward Castiel .


Gobbo remains hidden in his Maze. Attempting to escape and not succeeding.

Castiel casts a quicked divine favor on himself and then attacks the Reliquary missing every single time. The two trade some not very clever banter.

S82.3.jpg The Goliath shoots Castiel with a beam. While the 2nd Clockwork Goliath comes to life and moves toward the angel and Will Kaden. He attempts to grapple Will Kaden but fails. The Goliath then shoots Will Kaden with a beam that seems to effect Will Kaden.

Ferreal shoots the Reliquary with a Disintegrate but fails to overcome the Reliquary’s spell resistance. Damiano moves up to the Lich and attempts to cast vampiric touch on on the first Goliath and is out of range.

Allister Tain attempts to determine the spell cast on Will Kaden. He then takes a step back and uses a dispel magic on the feeble mind affecting Will Kaden. He then channels the power of his deity to heal the members of his party. Will Kaden attacks the Reliquary and hits it twice doing moderate damage that overcomes the Reliquary’s damage resistance.

The Lich casts a spell on the fist Goliath and causes the Goliath to attack it’s self. It finally takes damage. The Reliquary tries to move out of melee prompting the Angel and Paladin to take attacks of opportunity that both hit. The Reliquary then attacks and hits the Angel twice doing serious damage. Castiel attacks the Reliquary hitting twice doing moderate damage.

The first Goliath steps toward Allister Tain and attempts to do bad things to Allister Tain who needs therapy afterward for the bad touches. Allister Tain takes moderate damage from the Goliath’s attacks and then two barrel things come out on the Goliath’s shoulders and sit there ominously.


The second Goliath attacks and hits the Castiel twice doing moderate damage and also brings out two barrel like things onto his shoulders. Ferreal summons 6 Large Wood Golem’s and has them attack the Reliquary. Damiano casts fire strike on the First Goliath and it is ineffective. The lich releases Damiano and causes Goliath to hit its self. The Reliquary takes control over one of the wood golems and flees the encirclement.

Castiel attacks the Second Goliath and fails to hit. The Goliath’s attack Allister Tain with their shoulder magic missile cannons doing significant damage. Ferreal commands his Golems to attack the Second Goliath and then attacks the dominated Golem and the Second Goliath with Acidic Spray doing moderate damage to the Goliath but none to the Golem.

The Reliquary activates the mechanical Dragon brining another opponent to the battle. The First Goliath shoots a beam at the Angle and has no effect. The Second Goliath causes a rain of metal that destroys all but one of Ferreal golems.

Ner’zul casts and disappears and reappears past the wall of force. Gobbo remains stuck in his S82.6.jpg Maze. Castiel continues to attack the 2nd Goliath. Ferreal casts Caustic Eruption and hits the First Goliath the Mechanial Drake and the Reliquary with acid damage. Unfortunately hiting Damiano at the same time.

The dragon shoots a beam at Allister Tain and Will Kaden. It causes Allister Tain head band turn into a clockwork and the headband pops clockwork legs and runs away.

Will Kaden moves up to attach the First Goliath and does moderate damage. Allister Tain reach heals Castiel.

The Lich summons Caldin with some sort of Bloodline contingency. Caldin pulls his weapon and moves up to attack the Second Goliath. Caldin is hit as he moves into the range of the Goliath. Caldin attacks scores a crit and does serious damage to the machine.

The Reliquary teleports past the wall of force and attacks Ferreal managing to miss twice but with three hits forces Ferreal last heal contingency to activate. Castiel attacks the Second Goliath and does some damage the Goliath attacks Castiel and does moderate damage to Castiel then steps back away from the angle.

The First Golitha moves up the wall of force and shoots beams at Damiano who succeeds his will saves.

Ferreal hits the Reliquary with a cone of Cold doing some damage. The Clockwork dragon flys over the wall of force and bits Ferreal doing considerable damage to the mage. Then Damiano casts teleport and moves himself Ferreal and Allister Tain across the room and out of range of the machines. Will Kaden moves behind and attackes the dragon but misses. Allister casts destruction on the second Goliath it fails to resist and takes a lot of damage. Then Caldin steps up and hits the second Goliath finially killing it. Unfortunately the Goliath explodes causing large amounts of fire damage to the party.

Ferreal casts a disingrate at the Reliquary and misses. The Dragon casts a cone of that turns items on the team into clock work that run off. Will Kaden attacks the dragon and misses every time. Allister Tain channels and heals the party.

Caldin moves up and attacks the Reliquary doing moderate damage. The Reliquary teleports to Ferreal side attacks Ferreal several times killing the Wizard. (Again)

Gobbo is finally free of the feeblemind but still is confined by the maze spell. Allister Tain is targeted by the First Goliath and hit by two force blasts. The Dragon moves toward Allister Tain and opens himself up to attacks form Will Kaden and Castiel. The dragon bites Allister Tain.

Damiano moves over to Allister Tain and teleports Allister Tain and himself behind Castiel . Allister Tain then moves up and casts his last mass heal. Will Kaden moves up to the dragon saying “We have to focus on one of these things. Kill the Dragon.” Will Kaden attacks with a power attack.

Caldin attacks the dragon and hits doing medium damage. The Lich and Gobbo pop back out of the Maze spell. The Reliquary attacks Damiano and beats the vampire down and forces him into gaseous form.

Gobbo throw force bombs at the dragon. He hits with 2 misses with one but still hits the Dragon with the splash. Allister Tain orders the party to take out the Reliquary. Castiel attacks the Reliquary and hits it four times. The remaining Golith moves up and hits Gobbo with two force attacks. The Dragon moves letting Will Kaden and Caldin attack as it moves past them both hit damaging the Dragon.


Allister Tain calls a Flame Strike down on the Reliquary. It fails to effect the Reliquary. He then does a Cold Ice strike and hits the Reliquary doing moderate damage. Will Kaden moves up to the Dragon and attacks scoring a hit.

Caldin moves up to the Reliquary inviting a hit from the Reliquary and then proceeds to power attack the Reliquary doing serious damage but not killing the Reliquary. The Lich retreats away from the Dragon behind the wall of force. The Reliquary concentrates on Caldin attacks him several times knocking him unconscious.

Gobbo attempts to move away from the Dragon and fails to so without giving the Dragon a chance to attack him. The Dragon attacks and hits Gobbo who moves next to Allister Tain.

Castiel attacks the Reliquary hitting twice in a flurry of blows. The Dragon moves up an Will Kaden attacks the Dragon as it moves up. The Dragon attacks Castiel. Allister Tain drops his reach rod and does a mass heal to everyone besides Will Kaden then does a Cold Ice Strike on the Reliquary successfully by passing the Reliquary’s magic resistance. Will Kaden attacks the Dragon with a greater vital strike.

Caldin retrieves his weapon and attacks the Reliquary from the floor doing significant damage. The Reliquary attacks Castiel missing once, hitting four times doing significant damage.

Gobbo attacks the Reliquary through the Air wall scoring a hit with fire. Then throws a frost bomb for max damage then throws another frost bomb that misses but still hits with splash damage.

Castiel casts a quickened heal on himself and attacks the Reliquary. Hitting it twice killing it. Unfortunately causing the Reliquary to explode and causing serious damage to everyone besides Gobbo who managed to avoid the damage and Will Kaden who was on the other side of the Wall of Force.

The Goliath steps forward and grabs Gobbo. The Dragon moves back to get the party into range of its breath weapon giving Will Kaden and Castiel an attack of opportunity. Castiel armor crawls off and runs away. The rest of the party is unaffected. S82.8.jpg

Allister Tain casts a group Heal on everyone beside Gobbo who is out of range. Will Kaden uses his sword to attempt to dispel the dragon. Caldin uses blessing of fervor to stand up! The Lich casts a spell which transforms the Dragon into a large pile of solid coins. Gobbo attempts to get out of the grasp of the Goliath and fails.

Castiel begins to suspect that the Goliath is about to flee the battle with Gobbo. Castiel dimensionally anchors the Goliath. The Goliath attacks the goblin slaying the poor goblin. Allister reaches out and casts breath of life on Gobbo bringing him back to life. Then casts a channel on Gobbo healing him.

Meanwhile Ferreal is having his frequent dead card punched in his afterlife. One more death and Ferreal gets to the gold level which lets him cut to the front of the judgment line.

Will Kaden moves up provoking an attack from the Goliath. Will Kaden attacks the Goliath and hits. Caldin attacks the Goliath doing serious damage. Gobbo finally manages to escape the Goliath’s grasp. Castiel moves behind the Goliath and attacks. The Goliath blows up but doesn’t kill anyone else.

Allister Tain. raises Ferreal from the dead and Castile casts greater restoration. The party starts searching for loot. The Lich offers some items as a reward.

Allister Tain. requests replacement of the diamond dust he used. The party agrees and takes a share for the party.

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Session 82 Expanded

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