Session 80 Expanded

Session 80:
A Bitter Defeat

3rd – 4th Day of Reaping CY 623

Location: Outside ChatholdWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Light Blue

Gortakka leads the party’s next attack, yelling out, “Tell my mom I did good!” and charges the dragon, hitting the dragon for a moderate amount of damage. The dragon looks at Castiel stating, “You’re brave, but I’ve never tasted angel before.” and unloads a flurry flows on the angel, landing several blows to the angel, and two critical hits with its wings for a huge amount of damage. The first wing strikes the angel, square in the chest, while the other wing lands on the angel’s leg. As Castiel gets an up close look at the dragon, he notices that instead of treasure simply being imbedded on the dragon’s scales, the dragon appears to be actually wearing the random treasure. As the angel nearly dies, the angel’s contingency triggers, keeping the angel from dying while the dragon yells out, “Mmm, Mmm you taste good!”

Damiano uses his image to cast a force cage beneath Gortakka, then moves his image to be just under 100 feet under the dragon and Gobbo continues to fly up into the air. Mistress Valuna dimension doors into the force cage beneath Gortakka, then Castiel quickly casts a heal upon himself and swings at the dragon, but is unable to land any blow on the dragon. Ferreal quickly teleports to be 40 feet above the dragon, then casts a mage’s disjunction just behind the dragon’s right wing, causing all of the dragon’s spells to wink out, but none of his items wink out. Gortakka moves 5 feet down to be on the force cage, then starts to attack the dragon, striking with two attacks for a moderate amount of damage, then loses his grip on his weapon, dropping it onto the top of the force cage.

The dragon, being angered by Ferreal dispelling all of his spells, turns his attention on him and unleashes all of his attacks on the wizard, hitting with nearly all of his attacks, ripping the wizard to shreds, triggering several of the wizards contingencies which does save the wizard, and finally the casts a quickened disintegrate on the wizard, causing the body of Ferreal to turn to dust in the wind, while his items fall to the ground. The dragon Roars you will never get my treasure!!


Damiano moves his illusion closer to the dragon, then quickly casts cold ice strike on the dragon, then prepares to cast another spell, should the dragon attack the party. The blue ray flies at the dragon, he looks concerned for a moment; however the spell fizzles before it hits the dragon, unable to overcome its spell resistance. Gobbo continues to fly up as Mistress Valuna gives the dragon an evil eye, hexing the dragon, and then cackling at the dragon.

Castiel starts to attack the dragon again, with very powerful blows, striking with several of his blows for a moderate amount of damage, saying “I’m not finished yet!” Gortakka, hearing Mistress Valuna cackling, readies himself to attack the dragon then remembers that he dropped his weapon. As Gortakka reaches down to grab his weapon, the dragon takes the chance to attack the gnoll, hitting for a moderate amount of damage and causing Damiano to casts a fog cloud to attempt to save the Gnoll, but the dragon is unaffected by the cloud. Gortakka finally having got his weapon back takes a swing at the dragon, but the fog blocks his vision slightly, causing him to miss.

The dragon flies backward slightly then disappears from the party’s sight, having cast time stop, to those that are close and can figure out what he was doing and when the dragon pops back into existence just in front of Damiano, it appears a little healthier, quicker and an elder air elemental appears in the case with Mistress Valuna. The dragon looks at Damiano saying, “You don’t smell right to me.” then looks up at Gobbo saying, “You smell like a normal goblin. You want to join my side?” The shear impressiveness of the dragon nearly in his face strikes Gobbo dumbstruck for a short while. Mistress Valuna, noticing the dragon a long ways away and an air elemental in the case with her, defensively casts unwilling shield on the elemental, but it is able to resist the effects. Mistress Valuna then swiftly casts dimensional door, ending up to be 500 feet above the dragon. From this height, Mistress Valuna notices several different, pulsating nodules, on the dragon’s head, reminiscent of an ilithid’s tenticles.

Castiel dives at the dragon like a hawk at its prey, so that he’s a short ways above the dragon and quickly casts heal upon himself along the way. Damiano taunts the dragon saying, “Pitiful dragon, too scared to face our warriors. I dismiss you.” He then he quickly casts a cold ice strike, which is unable to overcome his damage resistance, which opens himself to an attack from the dragon, which chomps down on him. Damiano then turns from the dragon and casts a greater teleport, ending up standing upon the force cage. Gortakka turns to Damiano and calls out, “Hey you! Teleport me onto that dragon, I can’t fly that fast.” He punctuates this by showing Damiano the silver end of his weapon, to which Damiano sighs and says, “Very well.” and then Gortakka downs a potion of cure critical wounds.

The air elemental reaches out of the cage and strikes at Damiano for a moderate amount of damage. The dragon quickly teleports up to be 70 feet above Castiel, then breaths fire down on the angel, burning him for a large amount of damage, finally he ascends up to be another 30 feet above Castiel. Gobbo continues to fly up towards the dragon, while Mistress Valuna attempts to cast a spell on the dragon, but is unable to affect the dragon, so she flies away from the dragon as far as she can and quickly restores her protection from fire.

Castiel charges up towards the dragon, opening himself up to an attack from the dragon, which lands a critically powerful blow to the angel’s chest, nearly killing the angel, who still manages to continue on to attack the dragon, but is unable to land a blow on the dragon and finally quickly heals himself of much of the damage he sustained. Damiano defensively casts teleport as he grabs Gortakka and the two ends up 500 feet above the ground and much above the dragon, much to Gortakka dismay. Gortakka charges down at the dragon, flanking the dragon with Castiel, but is unable to land a hit on the dragon.

The dragon laughs as the gnoll arrives, then says to Castiel, “You’ve put up a good fight, so I’m not going to desecrate your corpse. I will burn your corpse, so I don’t have to worry about you coming back.” The dragon then unloads all of his attacks on the angel, missing with several, but landing a critical hit to the angel’s arm, tearing the angel apart and causing the angel’s body to fall to the ground after a glorious blast of light. Tsk, Tsk angel no treasure for you! S79.1.jpg Gobbo flies back, away from the dragon, then ascends higher up, while the dragon looks at him and says, “Goblin, are you going to serve me or I am going to kill you. I can fly faster than you.”

Mistress Valuna flies forward toward the dragon and attempts to cast another spell, but is unable to overcome the dragon’s spell resistance. Damiano moves down towards the dragon and quickly casts a cold ice strike on the dragon, but still is unable to overcome its spell resistance, then teleports to be just below his force cage and where Ferreal items possibly fell to. Gortakka unleashes another batch of attacks at the dragon, hitting with most of his attacks, but landing with several blows and one being a critical hit to the dragon, dealing a large amount of damage to the dragon.

The dragon quickly dispels Gortakka fly effect, S79.3.jpg causing the gnoll to float past him and attacks him as it falls past him, then the dragon flies over to Mistress Valuna and bites at a vital part of Mistress Valuna, landing a huge hit on her, but doesn’t manage to kill her. Gobbo, seeing his mistress get injured, launches a volley of frost bombs at the dragon, dealing a huge amount of damage to the dragon. Mistress Valuna, seeing no other options other than death, teleport away from the fight and back to Castle Black and Damiano looks around briefly to see if he can see any of Ferreal items, brings his image back to be just below the dragon, then quickly casts another cold ice strike, but is unable to overcome the dragon’s spell resistance.

The dragon, looking incredibly hurt and incredibly angry, looks around and then disappears. (to sleep with his treasure)


The remaining party gathers what few items they can from their fallen party members then gather around Damiano and teleport back to Castle Black. Upon returning, the party is unable to find Mistress Valuna and Drexella, looking as angry as the dragon, orders the party to come with her.

Upon entering the room, they find Entil-zha put in stocks and Sir Aegon looking rather angry as well, holding a club which he is beating on his palm. Sir Aegon angrily tells the party that he was going to strike the location soon, after many months of planning and now the party has made it impossible for them to strike it. He informs the party that Mistress Valuna quit and has surrendered the rod of resurrection, which he promptly uses to bring Castiel and Ferreal back to life. Sir Aegon admonishes the party relentlessly, impressing the party with the importance of the work that the party does.

He further tells the party that the number of demons has doubled, according to the few scouts that have returned from the area. Damiano asks Sir Aegon what their next move will be and he states that the party needs leadership and inquires how the party could mess this mission up this much. Castiel gives Sir Aegon a breakdown of what happened during the mission, giving a detailed breakdown of what occurred. Drexella expresses her outrage at losing her daughter and having to trust another, which she is not thrilled about. Damiano attempts to spin the failure as more of a fact finding mission, however Drexella is displeased by this and quickly cuts Damiano off.

Gobbo finds out that Mistress Valuna has left to another plane and will not be coming back for him. Finally, Drexella orders the party to leave her and return to the following morning. Gortakka commends Castiel on his attack and apologies for not fighting as well as he normally does. The party discusses the idea of returning to the keep and getting the treasure to help the war effort, but due to the party’s alerting the enemies it would be difficult to impossible to complete the task and decide to remain at the castle and return as ordered the next day.

Sir Aegon instructs the party that they might be split up or assigned to other groups, because their membership in the group is under review. Sir Aegon commends Castiel, Damiano, and Ferreal that their potential usefulness is a positive and will be useful in the future. He then inquires with Ferreal and Castiel if they would continue with the organization, which they both agree to continue on in the organization. He then informs the party that they have one week to consider their future with the party and should they not return, they would not hold it against anyone. He did warn the party that should they join with the enemy, they would not hesitate to dispatch of them.

The party goes about their business and considers their options for the next week. What will they choose? Will they stay or will they go?

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Session 80 Expanded

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