Session 78 Expanded

Session 78:
The Heist

26th Day of Wealsun to 1st Day of Reaping CY 623

Location: Outside ChatholdWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Light Blue

We rejoin the party again, just after the newer members of the party finish swearing their oaths to Citadel Black.
Sir Aegon, having regained his eyes and leg, administers the oath and introduces himself to the new recruits. He excuses himself to speak with Grimmjur and Allister Tain about their recent quests and successes.

Gortakka complains to the party that the recent take was lighter than what he would have preferred, citing that he has “kids to feed” among other costs of living. The party discusses various aspects of Gortakka love life and how much he would in no way have relations with Drexella, having recently having the displeasure of seeing her naked. S78.1

The topic of Master Gilnaeus and his recent betrayal of killing an angel, prompting Mistress Valuna to inform Gortakka that there is a run or kill order out on the former companion. The party discusses their move, should they encounter Master Gilnaeus in the field, with Mistress Valuna further instructing him, “Either kill him or Run.” which Gortakka insists that he needs the party to assist him should he attempt to kill him.

The party starts to go their separate ways, preparing themselves in whatever way they require, gathering supplies, resting, and cleaning their equipment. Ferreal inquires as to where he might acquire some components and other things, but is directed to Entil-zha and causing him consider a shopping trip to Greyhawk.

After reconsidering a trip to Greyhawk, the party decides to instead make some spells become permanent, after which several pages summon Damiano and Mistress Valuna to quickly come to Entil-zha chambers. Upon reaching the chambers, Damiano and Mistress Valuna see Will Kaden, wielding the most magical sword S78.2 either of them has ever seen, and another paladin in gray armor. Will Kaden instructs the party to enter as Gortakka is already within his chambers.

As the party members enter the chamber, a dimensional effect suddenly shifts the members within close range to Entil-zha. Entil-zha instructs the party that Gortakka has entered his chambers complaining about his lack of pay. This created an opportunity for Entil-zha, and ultimately the party, to benefit greatly in this respect. This seems to pique the interest of Damiano and Mistress Valuna, but warns them that it is quite dangerous; however he feels that the party is quite capable, due to their stronger magical capabilities.

Entil-zha instructs the two that he wishes to show the superiors that they are wrong with sitting on their hands, in regards to Entil-zha. The job would be breaking into a heavily armored castle, which should contain the money paying the mercenary troops of the enemy. This disruption of the pay flow should cause the mercenary troops to be able to allow Citadel Black’s forces to be able to purchase the mercenary troop’s assistance in fighting the enemy.

Entil-zha instructs the party that for the location of the castle, he will require half of all the things that should be recovered. This causes Damiano and Mistress Valuna to pause at requesting this amount of the treasure found and wondering what the superiors might say. This causes Entil-zha to tell the two that he is capable of sending the party on missions, however he does admit that Sir Aegon has already decided that this mission was too fool hardy and would result in great loss of life.

The two party members agree to with this and leave to gather the rest of the party members, with Mistress Valuna immediately going to Drexella and informing her of Entil-zha plan. Drexella tells Mistress Valuna that she agrees with Entil-zha that Sir Aegon has greatly underestimated the abilities of some of the groups. Drexella tells Mistress Valuna that she would not tell Sir Aegon and would not stop Mistress Valuna should she decide to tell Sir Aegon. Drexella tells Mistress Valuna that Sir Aegon would make a fitting husband and instructs her that Aegon has agreed to become a guardian of Mistress Valuna when all was done and over.

Drexella admits to Mistress Valuna that she is not quite sure about Mcgregor, but she cannot put her finger on what it is and inquires with Mistress Valuna if this truly is the right Mcgregor. The connection with Mcgregor has to be the strongest connection for things to work and she does not feel that this Mcgregor is the one with the strongest connection. Drexella cautions Mistress Valuna to think and prepare for the mission Entil-zha has for them, instructing her to think what she would do to prepare safeguard this type of treasure.

Gortakka and Damiano discuss the job, admitting that it is a risky venture, however does appear to be a quite lucrative one. The two discuss things, deciding that should several of their companions not make it back, their shares would be that much bigger. As the two continue down the hallway, they discuss who they would bring along with them, deciding to speak with Mistress Valuna before the rest of the party, to ensure that the three’s story is the same when they present it before the party. After only a minor amount of speaking up the task, the remaining party members agree to go on the mission, then make their way to Entil-zha.

Entil-zha Elf wizard inquires if this is the group that they will be taking, and then instructs the party that they are to speak of this with no one, not even other people within the order. He then goes on a VERY lengthy instruction of the history of the area and keep that they will being going to, telling them that they do not know who, but a Lieutenant of Bifrons is overseeing this. Further he tells the party that he is unable to use divination magic to examine the area, and thus it is not capable of being scryed upon.

He gives the party information that has been collected by an unnamed field operative, which is to remain nameless. Two red dragons patrol the area, though much illusion magic is used to hide where the dragons actually area at a given point of time. Further of interest is that there are no humanoids of any kind in the area, with only demons and other high creatures guarding this area.

The area that this treasure is being hidden at is an area south of Chathold near an area that is said to house the Suloisian city of Heliopolis, which is said to be the only remaining Suloisian city, but has been disconnected from space and time. Should the party succeed at the current task, they will possibly be sent to investigate Heliopolis, which Entil-zha supposes is where Master Gilnaeus is possibly heading to.

The party discusses their plans for the future mission, as well as, some of the missions to come, which included a hearty discussion on the status of various party members as mercenaries. The party discuss whether they are required to kill the dragons, which appear to have been allies with the githyanki, which have been killed, which causes Entil-zha to give a lengthy lesson on the history and lore of githyanki and other similar races.

The party considers various ways to return to Castle Black with the treasure, finding a spell that would allow them to get much of the treasure back with little effort, travelling to Greyhawk for a scroll of the spell and the components for the spell. After gathering everything they require, the party meets with Entil-zha to discuss their ultimate plan for infiltrating. Damiano tells him that the party will teleport 60 miles south east of Chathold into the edge of the forest. The idea of Damiano changing the appearance of the party into something less distinctive than a group of adventurers, with highlights being dragonflies, deer, undergrowth, snakes, and several other things of such, finally deciding upon the party looking like a group of squirrels and birds.

As the party makes their way toward the ruined fortress, the party notices a faint red line shooting up into the heavens from the area that the party thinks would be Chathold. The party takes in the sight for a moment, before proceeding into the forest. As the party makes their way into the forest, they notice that there is absolutely no ambient noise, lacking any insects, animals, or the like, due to the fact that there are several large dragons in the area.

After travelling in the forest for over 10 miles, the party continues to hear no ambient noise and becomes slightly unnerved and eventually the party comes to a marshy pool, with a humanoid figure with a spear in it. The more perceptive party members notice that this creature is a lizardman. S78.4 The lizardman looks up in the direction of the party, then backs up to a tree and sinks back into the shadows, disappearing to all, but the most perceptive party members. Gobbo watches as the lizardman slinks to the ground and starts slowly crawling forward in a parallel direction of the party. While it gets closer to Gobbo and the party, the lizardman draws a spear and sword, still crawling forward. As it gets closer to the party, Gobbo draws a bomb and as the lizardman stands, preparing to attack, he throws a bomb at the lizardman, creating a loud explosion that startles the lizardman, but leaves him uninjured. Startled by the explosion, the lizardman starts to run away and Damiano slaps a force cage around the lizardman.

After some talk with the lizardman, which proves to be slightly helpful to the party, the lizardman is released from the forcecage, causing it to beat a hasty retreat. The party waits briefly as Gortakka, appearing to be a nightcrawler, starts to consume the fish that the lizardman left behind then continues deeper into the forest. After several hours of walking for Gortakka and flying for the rest of the party, they come to the realization that they will not reach the ruins by morning, so they decide to hustle to within range of the ruins, then rest before continuing on. Damiano creates a large invisible mansion for the party to rest in and prepare for the 6 mile trek from the invisible mansion to the ruins.

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Session 78 Expanded

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