Session 77 Expanded

Session 77:
A Win, Kind Of

24th Day of Wealsun CY 623

Location: DyversWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Light Blue

We find the party standing before the giant, tentacle faced monster standing above the water, S 77.0 which unleashes an attack on Bartok. Slime drops off the three clawed hand as it swipes at Bartok, landing one mighty blow to his right arm, ripping his arm off at the shoulder and finishing the dwarf off with a flurry of swipes from the monster’s tentacles and two stings from its barbed tail, which pumps thick black poison into the dwarf. As Bartok body hits the ground, it disappears, along with the severed arm. An intense aura of fear washes over the party, causing Gobbo and Grazon
to be filled with panic, while the rest of the party is either immune to the effect or able to overcome their sense of panic.

S 77.1

S 77.2

S 77.6

S 77.7

Grazon Malachite emits an ear piercing scream, seconded only to scared little girls, and dimensionally disappears out of the room. Damiano moves forward into the room to get a look at the creature attempting to frighten him, then prepares to place a wall of force between it and Gortakka should it attack, while Mistress Valuna flies up and closer to the creature, then attempts to hex the creature, but is unable to affect it. She then casts protection from acid on herself and Gortakka.

Gortakka says, “Tell my mom I did good.”

S 77.8

then charges the creature with a vital strike to the creature, landing a critical blow to the creature’s neck, causing the creature to let out a gurgled roar. Gobbo, watching the creature’s attacks makes a hasty retreat back down the hallway they entered. As the creature attempts to attack Gortakka, Damiano wall of force comes into effect between the two, causing its attacks to harmlessly hit the wall with all of its attacks.

Ferreal, a wizard who was hired by a mysterious figure to find an aberration wizard, who divination magic detected he was there. Upon his group’s teleporting into the area, a spell effect of some sort killed his companions and shunted him into the room with the two creatures and the party. After getting his bearings, Ferreal flies up into the air to get a better look at things.

Mistress Valuna attempt’s to affect the creature again with a hex, but is unable to affect the creature again. Castiel moves forward to the top of the wall, declaring that he will smite the creature down, drawing an attack from the creature, which barely misses the angel and strikes at the creature with his sword, landing a moderate blow to the creature. Gobbo continues to run down the hallway and into the inn with the glimmered Illithid, drawing its attention.

The other alien creature is dragging a humanoid creature, yelling out, “Fuckin’ let me go.” The alien creature looks at Ferreal and telepathically says to him, “You’re dead!” then casts a finger of death spell on him,

S 77.3

which Ferreal is able to resist. The large creature, having had its attention drawn away from the wall due to the angel’s attack, lets out a blast of acid targeting both the wall, Castiel, and Mistress Valuna as well, dealing a large amount of damage to Mistress Valuna and the wall, but Castiel is left unaffected due to his immunity to acid.

Mistress Valuna calls out to Damiano, “I will be lowering its defenses, it may not benefit me, but it might benefit you!” and Damiano holds his actions until Mistress Valuna acts. Ferreal looks back at the alien creature and unleashes two disintegrations at the creature, but misses the creature,

S 77.4

buying just enough time for the humanoid to escape its grasp, “I’m goin’ to choke you out!” Mistress Valuna casts a hex on the creature, making it more difficult for the creature to make its saves, which Damiano takes full advantage of by casting a slow spell on the creature.

Gortakka flies up slightly and unleashes a vital strike upon the creature once again, dealing a moderate amount of damage to the creature. Castiel winds up for several mighty strikes with his sword, landing three blows on the creature,

S 77.9

landing the final killing blow on the creature, causing the other alien creature to teleport out of the room.

As Gobbo rushes back into the barroom, the creature lets out a mind blast on the goblin, which is unaffected by the attack and continues out of the building, jumping through the window and heading back to the Temple of Pelor.

The party makes their way to the humanoid, which is using a rock to attempt to remove his shackles. Mistress Valuna moves to the figure and introduces himself as Mcgregor, then attempts to teleport away, but is unable to leave due to the dimensional anchored shackles. Mistress Valuna then instructs Gortakka to assist the party by knocking him unconscious, which the Gnoll does. Castiel casts a dispel magic on the shackles, causing them to power down and Mistress Valuna immediately teleports herself and Mcgregor away, leaving Damiano to teleport the rest of the back.

The remaining party makes their way to the large summoned creature, which strangely leaves a body with many magic swords sticking out of its back, which they examine carefully. While doing so, the present party members make introductions with Ferreal and exchange the information that they know.

Meanwhile, Mistress Valuna appears in Drexella hut, while the old witch was in the middle of her nightly exercise. Drexella Drexella promptly stops who she’s doing and moves to the unconscious Mcgregor and casts a restoration spell on the shackles he’s wearing, causing him to be anchored once again and the two have a conversations about various things.

Back in the sewers below Dyvers, Damiano, Ferreal, and Castiel have a discussion about the planar aspects of the summoned creature, among other topics that come up during their conversations. They also discuss their next move, having finally captured Mcgregor successfully.

After examining the creature, there appears to be 6 swords with lines of power leading to a rod, which appears to be a rod of communal spells, appearing to combine the effects of the swords into one. As time goes by, the casts notice that the rod appears to be losing its magic, however the magic of the swords has been constant.

Mistress Valuna, having used her last teleportation to return to her mother’s house, and is instructed to speak with Entil-zha about teleporting back to Dyvers. The two speak about the Orcs that currently have his kingdom in their grasps, among other topics including that of Master Gilnaeus, whom Entil-zha informs her that he will have to kill his former comrade. Finally Mistress Valuna gets to the reason for her speaking with him, informing him of her recent success and the need for returning back to Dyvers, which Entil-zha does, leaving her mere inches from Gortakka.

Ferreal is introduced to Mistress Valuna upon her return and explains how he came to be under the city of Dyvers. Ferreal tells them that he was hunting Roda, which Mistress Valuna recalls and instructs him that he is lucky that he did not encounter him. Mistress Valuna tells of the news that she has received from Drexella, informing the party that Master Gilnaeus has betrayed the angels and is working for the forces of evil. She goes on to instruct the party that their next item needed is the heart of a Balor and that the party needs to find the rest of the party and continue deeper into the sewers, which is very likely to have the heart they are looking for.

The party in the sewer teleport into the square in front of the Temple of Pelor, causing a guard to stop the party and question them about using magic in the city. Mistress Valuna shows him her badge then bids him good day and walks into the Temple of Pelor. Upon entering the Temple, Gobbo yells out, “Mistress you’re alive!” and rushes to hug her, but is rebuffed and asked in a stern voice, “Where did you go?” to which the goblin replies, “I ran. I thought everyone was running.” Mistress Valuna then inquires with the priestess about the bishop’s current location and is told that he was currently away, along with the magistrate.

Mistress Valuna speaks with the acting magistrate about the inn they came from, informing him about the glamoured room and the illithid manning the bar. The acting magistrate instructs Mistress Valuna and the party to handle it themselves if they’re so capable. The party decides to return to their safe inn rooms and rest, before heading back to the sewers. Upon returning to the sewers, they find a dead githyanki in a jail cell, appearing to be executed from behind with an arrow to the back of the head.

The rest of the sewers has nothing of value left in it, even the nailed to hang pictures were taken, leaving behind only the shell of a red dragon, which is destroyed to the point of being useless, Ferreal divined that this used to merge the an Eidolon with a red dragon. The party then decides to return to the basement of the Owlbear’s Maw and take the treasure that was hidden in the secret room, due to their connection to the sewer’s basement and the previous creature’s that were taking residence there.

While Damiano and Castiel were discussing if they really should take the treasure, Mistress Valuna receives a sending message, demanding her to come to the Magistrate’s office. S5.1 Upon reaching the office, she is confronted with the body of Onoma Ousia, who was beaten and disgraced and killed by a death effect. After much confrontation, Mistress Valuna finally breaks down and uses her staff to bring him back to life. After returning to life, he instructs Mistress Valuna about what happened to him, culminating with a monster using a spell involving purples blades to sap the very essence of him. Onoma Ousia inquires about Mcgregor and Mistress Valuna tells him that he has been captured and is going to suffer more than Onoma Ousia could cause to him.

After gathering their ill-gotten gains, the party decides to return to Castle Black and regroup before setting out again to seek the Balor’s heart. Within Castle Black the party sees Grimmjur , Allister Tain , Will Kaden and Lyzander Blaine pulling a cart of holding, filled with jevanite and appear to be in high spirits. Mistress Valuna returns to her mother, who is sewing Mcgregor lips shut, having grown sick of his tongue, and inquires about the unknown individual that has returned with them. Drexella finishes her sewing on Mcgregor and instructs Ossobucco to watch Mcgregor, who is now nearly incased in stone, and to use a force bomb, followed by a scroll of Force Cage she provided him, and finally use the blunt end of his spear a few times, should Mcgregor escape somehow.

Mistress Valuna and Drexella return to the party and Drexella start to examine Ferreal and inquire as to how he came to where he was. Drexella asks Castiel if Ferreal passes his check and instructs Mistress Valuna to either further question those she is to bring to Castle Rock or bring them unconscious. Drexella then greets Damiano and instructs him that she hasn’t been with one of his type in many centuries, boasting that they have quite the stamina.

Entil-zha eventually comes to greet the new wizard, inquire as to whether he is a wizard or some lower form of spell casting individual. He further inquiries as to his willingness and ability to follow orders and doing as instructed, which Ferreal states that he does only when necessary and otherwise follows his own thoughts and feelings on matters. After a time, Entil-zha starts to preach on the merits of following orders and other Cuthberthian values, which the remaining party members, listen to for a time, chiming in their opinions when Entil-zha gives them the opportunity.

Entil-zha then turns his attention to Grazon Malachite and inquires as to what he does; receiving a glib answer in return after a moment, finally coming to tell Entil-zha that he is a monk. This caused Entil-zha to reminisce about another monk that he recalls, remembering that he did have a sorted past, he did fight quite well. Entil-zha instructs the new members that they will be taking the oath the next day, then asks Castiel to walk with him as he updates him about Master Gilnaeus and the latest events that he had performed.

Entil-zha Elf wizard
tells Castiel that Gabriel has been killed in some infernal way, which also blocked travel to and from Elysium. He further surmises that the dimensional piercing spell that Master Gilnaeus and Entil-zha had learned was used to create a fold, which would block out teleportation to and from the plane. He went on to explain that Drexella sense tremendous evil with whatever effect was in place, which makes him belief that Bifrons was involved in some way. This caused Entil-zha to recall a life stone that was used to attempt to bring a portion of hell into this plane, further supposing that should a Solar be corrupted on Elysium, it could be used as another life stone to bring a portion of hell to Elysium.

Entil-zha further tells Castiel that Pelor, who was not on Elysium, has instructed the Solar and Plantar not on Elysium, to scour the planes for Vantti people, who had crafted a rod that was used to defeat Bifrons, though it did destroy their peoples in the process. This search has been further backed by Drexella, who has taken great interest in this as well. The party digests this new information and the new members of the party are sworn into the order the next morning.

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Session 77 Expanded

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