Session 76 Expanded

Session 76:

23rd Day of Wealsun CY 623

Location: DyversWorld Map
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We pick up at the temple where Grazon Malachite are talking with His Radiance Jasper Morninglord. Grazon Malachite states he has a vow of truth and cannot lie but the guard did not accept his answers. After not believing the ignorance shown by the answers given, His Radiant servant decides wants to talk to Gortakka and Damiano as well.

Meanwhile, Bartok, going against form, suggests telling the truth. After Grazon Malachite returns and delivers the priests request, Damiano shows resistance to going inside the temple; hatching all manner of plots to technically be in the temple without setting foot inside. The priest agrees to meet him on the steps of the temple. And on looking at him knows something is not right with the man. Damiano is in his own way utterly frustrating to His Radiance and Jasper begins to believe the whole company of them must be mad. He cannot fathom how an Angel came to be in the company of this crowd of people.

At another temple, dutifully Castiel waits until the mage expires then brings him back to life and makes his peace with the man. Then heads to the new inn the group has set up to stay at due to not being able to return to the Grain Inn after having made such a commotion at the old inn.

The third split of the party shows Mistress Valuna speaking with the magistrate S5.1
just as he gets briefed by Jasper Morninglord. Mistress Valuna is quite appalled to find out there was yet another incident with her fellows that she must answer for and knew nothing about. At that point, Mistress Valuna lays down the entire situation for the two high ranking officials believing them capable of helping to achieve their objective, and that further lies would do them little good at this point. The priest agrees to heal the two party members who need regeneration and the magistrate agrees to let Onoma Ousia go.

Most of the group meets up at the Inn and they discuss how the party should operate. That night Grazon Malachite and Gobbo are attacked by an Illithid and some kind of undead creature pieced together by apowerful Necromancer while staying at the temple awaiting regeneration (The monk missing a testicle and the goblin a whole leg). The two succeed in defeating the creatures and then being who they are, leave the bodies right where they are as they lay back down and sleep.

As the party shows up to discusses what happened. Gobbo shows his Mistress Valuna that he looted a Jevonite longsword from the Illithid. Jasper shows shows up and regenerates the leg and testicle of the injured party members. He tries to dispel the curse on Bartok but is unable too. Asking who could have placed the curse on him. The priest says it is powerful but it is mortal magic, a witches curse and he only knows of 3 witches powerful enough. Babba Yaga, Iggvywl or her apprentice Drexella. At the mention of that name Mistress Valuna says her and mother will have to have a talk about it at a later date and the priest, high priest that he is, wonders why he is dealing with in this party.

After filling the rest of the party in, they feast like Hero’s and go on a shopping trip. Grazon Malachite even threatens a shopkeeper when they won’t discount a magic item for him. Once finished they approach an old lighthouse turned inn that is said to be a Macgregor’s hideout.

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They see three people passed out on the stairs leading up to the main door. Checking the door Gobbo determines it’s barred from the inside. Mistress Valuna offers coin to a beggar named Wilfred and he gets the door opened for the group. Both Castiel and Mistress Valuna who has recently cast true sight and it fits the description given that someone had firebombed the place and it was all once again as it was hours later. They see that the walls are indeed scorched and merely covered in an illusion. They also notice that the bartender and proprietor of the place is an Illithid, and he carries a Jevonite longsword similar to the one Gobbo looted.

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The mindflayer however doesn’t seem to notice the group has their own illusions protecting their identity. They purchase a room and retire to it to discuss their plan. While they are discussing it, Gobbo finds a secret door leading to a room with a lot of dust on it. S 76.1 Gobbo hovers over the dust to search the room and finds a bookshelf that opens with the pull of a book. Both Mistress Valuna and Damiano look down the passage that opens and decide they don’t want to be caught not in the room they are supposed to be in, so they leave the inn then teleport to the bottom of the passage they found.
The passageway leads to a large chamber where they hear cries and burst in to find two creatures arguing and as the group prepares to interfere, a large beast with long tentacles around it’s mouth emerges from the water in the room.

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Session 76 Expanded

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