Session 75 Expanded

Session 75:
One Less Leg to Stand On

22nd Day of Wealsun CY 623

Location: DyversWorld Map
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The party, sans Mistress Valuna and Castiel, are standing on the roof of the inn, with the dominated Ranger of the other party. Damiano speaks with the ranger and instructs the ranger to tell the authorities that his party was the aggressors and that the ranger does not know the person.

Gortakka inquires with Damiano as to what actually happened, to which he replies that the wizard of the other group was going for his pouch, so he struck first. The party reunites later with Mistress Valuna, to which she instructs them that she must speak with the guards in order to avoid this situation growing bigger.

The remaining party members discuss their next move and finally decide to wait for Mistress Valuna to return. Mistress Valuna and Castiel return several hours later and tell the party that Onoma Ousia release is being held up until the party conflict is sorted out. Mistress Valuna tells the party that the magistrate is amicable to releasing him, but may require more diplomacy to get to a decision the party wants. Castiel instructs the party that he was going to stand beside the dominated ranger and give life back to the wizard on the next day, when Mistress Valuna spell ends. Castiel instructs the party to avoid any other conflicts, Mistress Valuna adding telepathically to Damiano to leave no witnesses should it occur.

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The remaining party discusses what they would be doing with their time and the ideas ranging from renewing spells and effects to Gobbo having a “talk” with the guard that had previously gotten rather handsy with Mistress Valuna. While the party discusses these things, they sit in the Owlbear’s Maw’s common room drinking, with Owlbear heads, Owlbear skin rugs, and a stuffed Owlbear in the corner. Grazon Malachite recalls the history of town, which was initially destroyed by Owlbears, before the second attempt to settle the area was successful, due to surviving off Owlbear meats.

Grazon Malachite walks up to the barkeep and inquires to the oddity of the older wood and in the older style, however built with more modern building techniques. The muscle bound barkeeper tells the history of the inn and why it is the way it is. S65.2 The barkeeper explains that they don’t get many fights in the bar, due to their bouncer’s efforts.

The party considers the information they are giving and wonder to themselves, if this building has access to the underground tunnels. Grazon Malachite returns to the barkeeper and inquires about the cultist problems that occurred some 15 years prior. The barkeeper recalls back to that time, telling Grazon Malachite that it occurred around the time of the Orc invasion. Grazon Malachite inquires as to if the bar has a basement, which the barkeeper confirms is the case and Grazon Malachite asks if the party could have a tour of the basement, offering 2 gold per person, but the barkeeper is wary of this due to the possibility of the people being thieves.

The barkeeper makes a counter offer to the party, instructing them that if they move anything or try and steal anything, he would have to deal with them in the only way he knows how, physically. Gortakka appears less than thrilled about the prospect, but everyone agrees to the terms and is ushered downstairs. The basement appears to be 20 feet deeper than most normal basements are and Grazon Malachite inquires about the fact.

The party examines the walls casually as they walk around the basement, the party notices a very poorly hidden secret door behind a rack of wine and everyone, but Gobbo notices a trapdoor in the floor. After the tour is done and everyone starts making their way back upstairs, however Gobbo hides behind a cask and stays down in the basement. Upon reaching the common room, the barkeeper looks at the party and asks, “Wasn’t there five of you?” to which the party explains that the other member had stepped away briefly.

The party acquires all of the private rooms and discusses the rooms they have acquired and the things that come along with them. Gobbo starts examining the wine rack door that he saw earlier and finds a very exquisite lock on the door, which poses little trouble to the goblin. Beyond the door, Gobbo finds many lower quality paintings, chests, and Owlbear rugs, to which Gobbo examines briefly, then closes the door and quietly returns upstairs. The party leaves the inn and Gobbo tells them what he find within the secret room, but reveals that he didn’t notice the trapdoor.

The party decides to teleport into the basement, after a two hour wait for Damiano to renew his spells. After teleporting into the basement and the other party members point out the trapdoor to Gobbo, who feels a slight amount of shame for not finding it earlier. Upon inspecting, Gobbo finds a Glyph of Warding fire, which he starts to disarm, causing it to ignite slightly, but after a moment Gobbo is able to keep it from igniting and disables it.

After the trap is disarmed, Gobbo finds the door is wizard locked and after several attempts he is able to unlock the trapdoor, to which the goblin spits on, for causing him such trouble. Beyond the trapdoor is a ladder leading down into darkness, which Damiano notices is a deeper darkness effect and the room below opens up into a large room.

The party discusses ways to get around the darkness and ponder if the effect spans the whole room or just a portion of the ladder down. The party discusses who would go down first, deciding to have Grazon Malachite climbing down first with Gobbo clinging to his back. As the two climb down, the two hear sounds, similar to stepping on a grasshopper. Upon reaching nearly 5 feet from the ground, the two feel a wave of something wash over the two as an anti-magic sphere comes around them, S 75.05 followed by another wave of something washing over the two and Grazon Malachite feels a burning sensation, which Gobbo is able to avoid somehow. The mysterious creature lashes out at Grazon Malachite, hitting him with one mighty blow and several other smaller hits. The mighty blow strikes Grazon Malachite in the left testicle, ripping it off and nearly killing the monk, had it not been for his mighty fortitude.

Gobbo, feeling the splash of warm liquid on him, quickly climbs up Grazon Malachite, S75.04 drawing attacks from two creatures below him, which try to grab him, but are unable to get ahold of the small creature, who continues to climb up the ladder. One of the creatures spits more acid on Grazon Malachite, causing the ladder he’s on to burn off at nearly 10 feet above the floor. Grazon Malachite, being close to death’s door with little other options, starts to swing at the creatures, but is unable to connect with anything. Damiano tells Bartok not to jump, then jumps down himself, reaching down towards with aberrantly long arms, while yelling to Grazon Malachite, “Just go with this!” and attempts to grab onto Grazon Malachite, provoking attacks from one of the creatures, causing a contingency to occur.

S 75.06

One of the creature jumps up and bites at Gobbo, landing a mighty blow on the goblin, ripping his leg off at the knee and Gobbo, being out of the anti-magic area, flies up and nearly out of the shaft. Another of the creatures, seeing Gobbo fly up and out of the shaft, it spits acid up at Gobbo, with some landing on Damiano and Grazon Malachite, however Grazon Malachite and Gobbo manage to avoid any damage, however Damiano is unable to avoid any damage and is harmed slightly by it.

Grazon Malachite summons his inner fortitude and heals for a bit, then runs up the wall and out of the hole. Damiano, who shifted to the top of the hole, reaches down and grabs Gobbo, pulling him up, at which point Gortakka slams the trapdoor shut as a sizzling sound comes from the bottom of the door. Damiano teleports the part out of the basement and just outside the temple of Pelor, but not the same temple of Pelor Castel is at.

The priestess of the temple rushes Cathedral of pelor to the aid of Grazon Malachite and Gobbo, offering them a place to lay for the injured and calling for acolytes to help. Looks at Gobbo, looking through his disguise, but tries her best to show any reaction. She then starts to examine the wound and asks what caused the damage, which Gobbo and Grazon Malachite state they do not know what the creature was. She then starts to wash Gobbo wound, causing him cry out in pain, which Grazon Malachite rolls his eyes at.

Grazon Malachite wound is awkwardly cleaned by the priestess, but is informed that regenerative healing is needed for the two. Gobbo pipes up that he could use the curative magics that Grazon Malachite had refused. The priestess uses all of her magics to heal the Gobin back to full health, minus the missing leg.

After being healed and bandaged, the priestess encourages the party to pray and starts immediately. Grazon Malachite and Gobbo notice that the acylides had stepped into the background, but are obviously carrying light maces.
Outside Gortakka and Damiano wait for the party and an hour late 10 guards and an impressively robed figure in the middle of them. Damiano looks to Gortakka and both of them say to each other, “This doesn’t look good.” and Damiano attempts to draw their attention to an empty alleyway, but making the sound of an elderly woman calling for help yelling, “I’m being robbed!” however none of them appear to hear the sound and continue on into the temple.

Damiano then turns to sending a message to Grazon Malachite, telling them that several guards are on their way. The guards walk into the room and request the party to put their weapons away and then inquire as to what occurred and how the wounds occurred, however the party gives the simple truth that it was dark and they did not know what did it, causing the guards to become perturbed. The guard finally decides to arrest those party members present, but they would still be allowed to speak with the bishop and the party sit back and wait, while the guards stand guard on the party members.

An hour later, Damiano and Gortakka watch as a radiant dressed person comes into the temple and Damiano sends a message to Castel about what was occurring. The Bishop speaks with the guard in charge, asking what had occurred and then dismisses the guards. The head guard finally withdraws, looking at Grazon Malachite, stating, “This isn’t over! ” and then at Gobbo, saying, “and that goes for double for you; you fucking goblin.” much to Gobbo surprise, due to his much more cooperation.

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Session 75 Expanded

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