Session 74 Expanded

Session 74:
Timeout for a Bar Fight

22nd Day of Wealsun CY 623

Location: DyversWorld Map
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The evil creatures of Tharizdun have touched all corners of the Flaness and far away from the city of Dyvers, a small tribe of nomads, the Waneao, were snuffed out of existence during the horrific Night of Blood. On that night, horrible aberrations of creation were summoned from the darkness and slew every man, woman, child, and living creature in the small village. Except by one, lone native son who was hidden away, recuperating from a previous brush with death – Grazon Malachite . Arriving back at the tribal plot he found nothing but blood and bones and swore an oath of vengeance against the aberrations and the powers that created them. Following this path of vengeance, his quest for information guided him to Dyvers where fate brought him together with another group working to oppose the evil of Tharizdun…

As the party left the prison where the Cuthbertian priest,


Onoma Ousia , was held they nearly brushed shoulders with the avenging tribesman, Grazon Malachite. Through Grazon Malachite inquiries, he had been told of the judgement of Onoma Ousia and admired his strict dedication to law. More importantly, he had also heard that there were tunnels that ran beneath the town where many of his hated foe, the aberrations, dwelled. Once, at least, these underground routes connected with the fortified keep that was converted to Rura Pinte, the jail. Without guise, he inquired with the door guards if they knew of such aberrations and the tunnels to access them.

Still within earshot of the departing party, the word, “aberrations” caught the palid ear of Damiano and he brought it to the motley group’s attention. As they overheard the monk’s vehement oath against such creatures, the party thought it best to recruit any aid that he might provide based on the wise words “the enemy of my enemy…”. The party had heard that Sheriff Barriston would be their first contact to have Onoma Ousia released into their custody and he was known to be drinking at the Grain inn, a local watering hole. Mentalling reaching out to Grazon Malachite, Damiano extended a telepathic invite to meet him at said inn if he was interested in meeting like-minded people who were looking to stop the creatures he was seeking. Although jumping a bit at this interaction, the monk considered it and after finding the jail without access to the tunnels, he headed to a meeting with strangers and possibly allies.

By that time, still early in the day, the party had arrived at the inn and found it mostly empty with only a whale of a barmaid wiping down tables and the bartender listening to the grumbling complaints of Sheriff Barriston. With three tankards of ale before him, Mistress Valuna suggested allowing the good sheriff to make himself more pliable to discourse. To buy time, the party moved to a small table in the common area and sipped from their own drinks as the sheriff grumbled, and drank, on. While waiting on the sheriff’s inebriation, Grazon Malachite found the bar and was waved over to the party table. It was soon discovered that they had a common goal to defeating the evil aberrations and Grazon Malachite agreed to accompany the team, sharing his knowledge of the aberration dungeon below Dyvers. However, there was still the matter of freeing Onoma Ousia to gain his assistance in capturing Mcgregor, the team’s main objective in the city. Judging the sheriff suitably intoxicated, Mistress Valuna approached and began working her witchy wiles on him. She first broached the subject of the Mcgregor clan and all but asked if the sheriff would be opposed to having every last one of them eradicated. She learned that the clan typically frequents the Crow’s Nest pub, and old lighthouse that was once used for smuggling operations and converted to a tavern. Then, she brought up the subject of Onoma Ousia and his potential release into the team’s custody as well as the terms that would assuage both Onoma Ousia sense of justice and the legal requirements of his punishment. This was easily agreed upon, as Sheriff Barriston felt great sympathy towards Onoma Ousia plight (and a small bribe was paid) but it would take the magistrate’s approval and so the good sheriff would pull some strings but it would take until the following day. As the party would have to wait for Onoma Ousia release, they decided to follow up on the information that Grazon Malachite brought to them of the dungeons beneath Dyvers.

Returning to Rura Pinte, they found that the tunnels that once connected it to the underground passages were long since sealed off and Old Jim, the guard who originally discussed such with Grazon Malachite, was a crazy coot anyway. Seeking to get information from the source, the party tracked down Old Jim and found him sitting on his stoop in his underwear, spitting occasionally and just passing the time. He told a tale of the lost dungeons beneath Dyvers that used to be used by a cult of Asmodeus Asmodues symbol   s74.2
and when it was found they were sacrificing children, the dungeons were blocked off. He then began a rant of the sewer networks below Dyvers and the party gracefully exited before having to withstand more of his drivel. Unfortunately, after searching the sewers for several hours, the party was unable to find any access points to the hidden dungeons below Dyvers and so they returned to the Grain inn to rest for the night. At dinner, in the common room, they overheard a group of adventurers discussing how to find Mcgregor. They had been to the Crow’s nest inn and found nothing however the preponderance of Mcgregor and rumors of a firebomb or spell being reported to the police, led them to believe that Mcgregor must be there somewhere, hiding. Mistress Valuna , sauntered over to the nearby table and brazenly asked what their purpose was in looking for Mcgregor and when she was informed that there was a twenty thousand gold piece bounty on his head. Mistress Valuna “kindly” asked them to leave town and forget about the bounty but the group took umbrage and started posturing for a fight. As various support from both sides stood to back their comrade, the wizard who was mouthing off to Mistress Valuna dropped his hand to his component pouch and a flurry of action took place.

Damiano swept to the side and blasted the offending wizard with razor sharp shards of ice, Ice   s74.3.01 shredding the mouthy fool. His overly muscled warrior companion was also caught in the fringes of the blast and wounded, moved to strike the pale wizard, missingly badly. The opponents healer rushed to the side of his downed spellcaster only to find the corpse beyond his ability to aid. Gortakka" roared “I’m on the cleric” and in one mighty swing of his dire flail, ripped the cleric’s leg clean off! The adventurer’s rogue sidled behind Damiano, flanking him with the fighter’s aid, and would have stabbed him in the back had a shield of force not popped into existence, deflecting the blow. Castiel, trying to calm the situation, imposed the might of his presence on the adventurers, charming the rogue into apologizing and dropping his weapon in surrender. The opponents warrior and bowman managed to keep their wits about them, however, and Grazon Malachite sprung into action. In a blurring rush, he ran up the wall and leapt from it bringing his spinning heel down onto the fighter’s head deftly. The warrior’s eyes crossed briefly, then rolled back into his head as his body crumpled to the floor. Then, although the adventurer’s ranger took two potshots at Gortakka , the mighty warrior easily dodged the inconveniencing missiles. As the rogue stood helpless before Damiano, an unnatural, hungry look crossed his eyes but he forced himself away and glided up to the ranger, catching his gaze. “Sleep”, Damiano whispered and the hapless prey fell to the floor snoring soundly.

In less time than it takes a dwarf to chug a tankard of ale, the combat was over before it was even readily noticed by the other patrons of the inn. Gortakka" grabbed the corpses of the downed wizard and cleric and yelled “beat it before the town guard gets here”, then slipped out the front door. As if awakening from a dream, the other patrons (including some off duty guards) began to rise from their seats to respond and were swiftly cordoned off by a wall of force, allowing the party to gather themselves and exit the inn. Damiano hoisted the ranger on his shoulder muttering something about taking a snack with him but the party left the charmed rogue and unconscious fighter behind.

Rejoining Gortakka on a nearby rooftop, the party stripped the ranger, wizard, and cleric of their equipment and found that the cleric was a follower of Pelor. This brought consternation to Castiel, angel of Pelor, who felt he must return the cleric to life and return him to a temple of Pelor for further healing. Restoration of his lost leg was beyond the angel, however perhaps someone at the temple might manage it. As for the mouthy wizard who prompted the fracass, Veluna cackled and brought him to life with her sorcery. “Tomorrow”, she promised him, “will be the best day of the rest of your life”. This would certainly bode true as she had returned a semblance of life to him that would automatically end after twenty four hours. Witches – don’t mess with them.

Castiel felt he should return the defeated opponents to the temple of Pelor and flew off with them. After which, the party decided that if they were to still work with the law to free Onoma Ousia, they would have to come up with a good defense for why they just slew two people in a bar fight. They agreed to re-disguise themselves and rejoin Castiel, to whom a magical missive was sent explaining where to meet, at the Owlbear’s Maw, a high-end inn in town.

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Session 74 Expanded

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