Session 54 Expanded

Session 54:
An Eye in the Balls

18th Day of Planting CY 623

Location: Vevenig, KeolandWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Brown

Caldin teleports to the group standing in front of the temple and tells Entil-zha his King demands his attendance at once. Entil-zha not wanting to be the only one on the chopping block if things go badly takes Ufnash with him and teleports away. The group identifies the temple markings as one devoted to Demogorgan. Buffing magics are cast and the group prepares to enter. Dacebar notes the door is not trapped, but something seems different.Master Gilnaeus casts detect magic and identifies Necromantic magic covering the door. Dacebar and several other members of the group are frightened as they attempt to enter what they determine is a very intensely evil place.

The ceiling is 20’ high but the top 10’ is covered in a red purple webbing that Master Gilnaeus identifies as fire spider webbing that burns anyone who enters it. Walks with Winds casts a resist fire spell on the party. Dacebar walks forward taking his time and identifies a trap, but after studying it carefully it is determined that this trap is only armed when you try to disarm it, doing nothing the party passes uneventfully forward. The ground slopes gently downward but the ceiling stays at a constant height and eventually the ceiling is 40’ high and the same 10’ remains covered in webs.

Dacebar moves up to a door and identifies 8 creatures boasting loudly behind it. The group prepares themselves and get the jump on the creatures who turn out to be cyclops.

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Master Gilnaeus and Ghyffrey Aybara buff the party with Haste and Blessing of Fervor while Dacebar charges in and sneak attacks one of the Cyclops. Reacting, one of the Cyclops calls upon divine magic to send up a blade barrier through the doorway harming Walks and Grimmjur while Dacebar dives out of the way. Grimmjur swings several times hammering home blows and drops one of the Cyclops. Cyclops eyes flash and the world goes dark for Dacebar as one swing from a greataxe chops off his manhood and the other leaves his torso split wide open.

Dn d session 54   r 4.7

Grimmjur may have wished for the same fate as a spear removed the great minotaurs left testicle and two more lodge themselves into his body. Caldin cuts one down with multiple swings and Ghyffrey Aybara bravely walks through the blade barrier and pours healing energy into the party. Walks with Winds brings a flamestrike down upon several of the Cyclops and determines they are protected from fire by some strange magic. The casting Cyclops then casts a spell through his rod and Grimmjur feels gravely weak.Master Gilnaeus responds by protecting him with displacement magic. Grimmjur keeps swinging hoping for the healers to keep him up, he drops one and hits another Cyclops a couple times not taking him out of the battle. Cyclops in the back keep chucking Javelins and Walks with Winds and Caldin are hit. Caldin responds by dropping 2 more Cyclops in short order.

Ghyffrey Aybara touches Grimmjur in one of the few not so tender places left on the bull’s body and restores his health. Koloth gets into the battle and channels energy on the group as well, the tides have turned and the group looks refreshed. Koloth resists the Finger of Death the Caster brings to bear on him. Two more swings from Grimmjur and another Cyclops crumbles to the ground as the remaining Cyclops swing ineffectually on Caldin and Grimmjur. Ghyffrey Aybara casts a beam of searing light at the Caster and channels energy on the party. Koloth moves up and hits the caster with his mace. The caster Cyclops pulls a lever on the far wall of the room and casts a spell at Grimmjur. Grimmjur in return swings and drops the last of the Cyclops not lobbing spells at the party.Master Gilnaeus moves up and inspects the corpse of Dacebar and Caldin rushes up and hits the caster with his sword. The caster responds to this by cursing Caldin. Grimmjur having had enough moves up and removes the one eyed casters head from his neck clearing the room.

In a very tense moment the party watches as Master Gilnaeus disintegrates Dacebar body, looking up he realizes the party is confused as to his action and states “Be careful they might come back as undead!” which begins the process of tossing bodies onto the still active blade barrier, others begin looting the bodies. Ghyffrey Aybara removes the curse placed upon him with his hospitaler training. Moments later a mist starts to rise from the floor. Raising the lever the Cyclops had thrown the mist ends, the group soon discovers that the entrance is now sealed off. As a last ditch effort Walks could stoneshape through the debris but it does not appear needed, and those with teleportation abilities have determined such magic is not being hindered so at the moment the group feels they have options. However without a rogue to disable traps, they must find other ways to deal with problems.

Dn d session 54   r 4.8

Walks flies ahead in the lead and spots for traps as Dacebar did but has no ability to deal with them…or locked doors as is their next obstacle to overcome.
Grimmjur takes two swings at the door in their way and the door crumbles to his adamantine weapon, then immediately dodges the boulder of a fire giant being thrown through the doorway. He takes a step up into the doorway blocking it then dodges 2 more troll attacks before multiple swings of his own drops a troll of his own.Master Gilnaeus casts greater invisibility as another Boulder goes wizzing by Grimmjur, still managing to block off the entire doorway while playing dodgeball with giant boulders. Rushing up to Grimmjur a troll eats an attack to the face then bounces off Grimmjur unable to push him out of the doorway. Grimmjur continues to swing and lands 2 more hits, but no troll falls this time.

Dn d session 54   r 4.9

10 more trolls then rush in behind the group. Caldeen moves up and kills a troll in one swing. Winds in Air Elemental form flies away from the group of them and while many swing, only the big bad troll with the flaming sword manages to hit him, Winds then dispels the haste that allowed them to make the flanking maneuver on them. Grimmjur sweeps his weapon around and hits 2 trolls. Koloth throws a blade barrier of his own up slicing into the trolls. Master Gilnaeus pushes a fireball through his staff maximizing the damage and to his surprise they take no damage, quickening another they still take no damage. While all this plays out something invisible attempts to feeblemind Master Gilnaeus which he resists. And Grimmjur luck no longer holds as a giant boulder smacks him squarely in the face. One troll runs through the blade barrier but misses his attack on Koloth as the big flaming sword troll hits Caldeen but misses twice when he presses the attack. Another troll wielding an axe lands two blows to Ghyffrey Aybara. Unarmed trolls then try to attack Grimmjur and miss but one of them connects once again on Ghyffrey Aybara.

Dn d session 54   r 5

In response to this beating Ghyffrey Aybara channels the energy of his god twice and all but Caldin seem completely rejuvenated from the offensive of the trolls and fire giant. Caldin moves to protect Ghyffrey Aybara and attacks the large troll, thinking his swing was perfect he realizes magic protects this troll he cannot overcome on his own. Walks with Winds begins a summoning spell. Grimmjur once again spins his weapon around and hits 2 trolls once again.Master Gilnaeus returns the favor on the invisible creature he can apparently see and casts feeblemind on it, then quickens a fireball on the trolls once again and they now appear to be taking some damage from fire. From the corner of the room, the invisible caster Master Gilnaeus would later name a lich casts an intensified, empowered lightning bolt at the air elemental form Walks with Winds was currently in the shape of. With the help of his innate electricity resistance Walks with Winds barely maintains the concentration on his spell. This hope is short lived however as a troll with an axe moves through the blade barrier and up to the air elemental making strange noises it doesn’t understand and doing nothing offensive that has just shrugged off a lightning bolt and for some strange reason swings, not doing full damage, but enough that somehow he knows he has done something good. Walks with Winds loses the concentration on the summoning spell he was casting.

The chief then swings with a flurry of swings and connects once on Caldin. A bunch of ineffectual attacks by the monsters follow. Ghyffrey Aybara thankful for Caldeen stepping in front of the Large flaming sword wielding troll lays his hands on Caldeen and then channels healing him of the large chunks of meat that were sliced from him. Caldeen having missed the big troll goes to work on the others and drops one of the axe wielders and one of the unarmed trolls. Once again the flying air elemental begins making some strange noises to the trolls as Walks with Winds begins another summoning spell. Grimmjur continues his offense and drops two more trolls.Master Gilnaeus quickens a glitterdust and the caster that’s been attacking the party is revealed to be some sort of skeletal creature, he then casts true seeing on Caldeen and quickens yet another fireball on the trolls, this one really gets them frying. The now revealed lich quickens magic missiles at Walks with Winds then dimension doors away, Walks continues his concentration on his spell.

Dn d session 54   r 6

Perhaps thinking he would be ineffectual at attacking a real threat the lone axe wielding troll continues to swing at the Air Elemental who does not seem to mind at all. His first attack misses when he thought it should have but with his second attack he hits though once again doesn’t do full damage, but it is enough to cause the strange sounds it is making to stop, which seems to be enough to make the stupid troll happy. Walks with Winds once again loses his summoning spell.

Two unarmed trolls hit Caldin in the meantime while 2 miss Grimmjur badly. Ghyffrey Aybara once again touches Caldin then channels. Caldin now able to see where the chief troll really is swings expertly and in three great sweeps of his blade the chief and his sword fall in a clump to the ground. The remaining cleanup of trolls goes fairly easily until the fire giant, out of boulder to fling challenges Grimmjur to one on one combat. As a counter offer Grimmjur offers not to kill him if he serves the party. The fire giant thinks about it and agrees if they provide him 8000 gold, the group agrees and as a show of good faith the fire giant spark the rest of the trolls with fire keeping them dead for good. He then sets out to show the group where the treasure is at.

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Session 54 Expanded

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