Session 52 Expanded

Session 52:
“I Got That”

11th Day of Planting CY 623

Location: Vevenig, KeolandWorld Map
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Entil-zha , Ghyffrey Aybara, and Caldin are recovering from their last adventure in the Vulgar Unicorn when Master Gilnaeus and Koloth join them. They discuss what must be done to further prevent what must be done to keep members of the group alive, or in the least be able to bring members back once they die.
Master Gilnaeus tells the group what he has found in his researching about those that have been scrying and attempting to kill the party. Further, he explains that he has found out about a wizard who has apparently found out much about how to defend against these aberrations. The king has offered to gift a member of the party with lands and titles over half his realm. The party discusses their next step and who they might attempt to bring into the group, but the group has a hard time thinking of people that are living and willing to be in line with the group.
The offer of lordships and gold makes the group, specifically Entil-zha, suspicious and wonder what those that came before might have happened to. Master Gilnaeus tells them that the reports from scouts are simply that of evil things.
The party, being in the city of Greyhawk, decides to attempt to find individuals to assist them in their tasks. They decide to put in a request at the local adventure guild for brave fighters who are willing to go into rough territory. Entil-zha inquires at the local merchant’s guild, temple of St Cuthbert, and the adventure’s guild about these people, informing them that he would be in the Vulgar Unicorn.
The following day several people show up and Entil-zha conducts interviews on those that show up. Following his interview, he tells the other party members about each of those that showed up. The party discuss who and how many they wish to bring on, deciding upon bringing in only one individual on, instead of two, finally deciding upon bringing Ufnash along.
The following day the party joins together and teleports to the city of Niole Dre and make their way to the palace. Along the way they see the people, which appear to be very happy and prosperous under the king’s rule. They are shown to their rooms and told when the feast for them would be prepared for them. They are shown on a map as to where they will be teleporting later on, in order to find the wizard’s tower.
While dining at the feast, a large whitish Minotaur is shown in, in manacles, and the party is informed that this monstrous being has been implicated in some nefarious things, though it would not appear he had done it. Just then a bird flies in and lands on the middle of the table, then turns into an old man. He holds out his hand to the king, showing a ring, saying that the king’s area is under attack. He goes onto explain that the village of Darewood has been attack by dark plant creatures.
The druid explains that the creatures that attack appear to be treants, however they would appear that they are not like those that he would be able to create. Entil-zha offers to lead a mission to exact vengeance upon those that has killed this village, but the king says that the quest that the party was brought here for is more important. The king asks the druid to accompany the party in their quest to the wizard’s tower, he agrees after Entil-zha offers to destroy the dark treants after accomplishing the task bringing them here. The druid accepts and after which the king leaves to discuss these new matters.
The party inquires about the Minotaur, Grimmjur past, who tells the party that he is the last of his tribe, which was destroyed months back during the eclipse. The party continues to dine and discusses the next day’s events. The party finally decides to name Entil-zha as the one who would be awarded the title upon completion and his first act is to name Ghyffrey Aybara as his Lord Chamberlain.
The next morning, the party prepares the spells and other things that are required for the coming adventure. After all their preparations and partaking in a feast of heroes, the party is teleported to just outside the wizard’s tower location. Before the party, the complex opens up in the distance and four indistinguishable figures are seen along the way. The druid turns into an air elemental and flies up into the air to attempt to get a closer look at what the figures might be, but at this distance he is not able to figure out what they are. He’s able to tell that these are some sort of large creature, but he cannot tell what kind they are.

52 1.0
Walks with Winds, the druid, decides to try and get closer to these figures and upon getting closer he’s able to tell that they are Iron Golems and it doesn’t appear that there are any other creatures there, however he does feel a burning sensation as a fiery force arrow hits him. As Walks tries to get away from this barrage, he is struck with several other force arrows but is unaffected by them. He returns to the party, and he tells the party about what he saw and the party discusses what to do next.

52 2
Master Gilnaeus casts fly upon Ghyffrey Aybara then casts haste upon the party. The druid casts barkskin upon the Minotaur then casts airwalk upon him. Ghyffrey Aybara casts blessing of fervor upon the party, while Entil-zha turns invisible, then casts resist energy fire and electricity upon the party. Finally Master Gilnaeus casts enlarge person upon the Minotaur, making it grow to enormous size.
Master Gilnaeus teleports himself and the huge Minotaur forward toward the golems, while Entil-zha takes the remaining party members, except for the druid, forward near Master Gilnaeus. The party prepares their assault on the iron golems and the battle ensues.
Grimmjur starts the surprising assault by plunging his glaive into the golem nearest him for a huge amount of damage. Ufnarh rushes forward toward the golem that Grimmjur hit, hitting as well with a moderate amount of damage, but not nearly as much as the Huge Minotaur. Master Gilnaeus moves his way across the battlefield to where the other golem is. Entil-zha and Ghyffrey Aybara bide their time while Koloth and Winds begin to summon creatures.
Grimmjur resumes his mighty assault on the same golem and causes it to crumble to the ground after his second strike then take a small step towards the next golem. The golem nearest Ufnash attacks him, hitting him with two force arrows, but neither of them seems to harm him. Ufnash is harmed by some force, causing him to appear frightened. Ufnash rushes the golem that attacked him, hitting it with a mighty blow, after avoiding the attack of the opportunity.
The remaining golems let loss a volley of arrows at the invisible Master Gilnaeus, hitting him six times, however he is unaffected by any of the force arrows. Master Gilnaeus moves next to Grimmjur, then casts dimension door taking himself and Grimmjur to the middle of the rest of the golems. Koloth finishes casting his summoning, bringing in a Bralani, which casts a lightning bolt down the line of golems, but it doesn’t seem to affect them.
Entil-zha, remembering his learning on golems, knows that lightning doesn’t seem to affect them, and doesn’t think there’s much he can do to help, moves behind Grimmjur. Ghyffrey Aybara moves over so that he’s in the middle of all of the group as a red dragon appears from one of the towards, flying behind the golems, lets lose a firey breath over the golems and several others, causing some of the golems to be sped up and healing one.
Walks with Winds summons forth a rhinoceros on the wall, which proceeds to charge the nearest golem, but misses the golem with its horn. A wall of fire suddenly springs forth along the middle of the wall, under all of the golems. Grimmjur steps forward and unleashes several blows upon the golem in front of him, dealing huge amounts of damage to it, causing it to break into pieces after his third hit.
One golem reaches back and slams the rhinoceros, only hitting it for a minor amount of damage. A creature casts a greater dispel magic on Ufnash, but is unable to dispel any of the spells on him. Ufnash starts attacking the golem in front of him defensively, hitting twice with moderate blows and two mighty blows causing it to crumble to pieces as well. The final iron golem launches a volley at the rhinoceros, hitting it with three electricity force arrows, killing it.
Master Gilnaeus using dimensional door, bring Grimmjur in front of the final golem and casts mirror image on himself. The Bralani sends forth a lightning bolt at the dragon, but is inable to overcome the creature’s spell resistance. Koloth casts spiritual weapons next to the dragon, but it is unable to hit the creature. Entil-zha calls for an ice strike at the dragon, is able to overcome its spell resistance, hitting it for a massive amount of damage. He then quickly casts a cone of cold at the dragon, hitting it again for a large amount of damage.
Ghyffrey Aybara moves forward and channels positive energy to heal the party, healing Ufnash to full. The dragon flies backward and over a wall, causing the party to lose sight of it. Entil-zha calls out, “I thought Dragons had honor. Give us your treasure and we’ll let you live!” but the dragon doesn’t appear to be enticed by the offer. Walks with Winds moves forward, over the wall of fire, and upon reaching the other side, he sees two figures in two small gaps in the two towers and a door at the far end of the walkway and Walks calls out “Casters in the walls!”
One of the casts within the wall casts a spell on Entil-zha, but Entil-zha is able to resist the effects of going insane. Grimmjur launches another assault on the final golem, causing it to crumble to pieces after his third attack. The other caster tries to dispel the spells on Entil-zha, but is unable to affect any of the spells on him. Ufnash calls out, “What are we going to do? How are we going to handle this?” as Master Gilnaeus moves forward against a wall, causing him to be able to see the dragon once again, preparing himself for his next move.
The Bralani turns into a wind and mist and moves into the arrow slit the caster was in, seeing a robed figure. Koloth bides his time, waiting for the group to figure out what the group is going to do. Entil-zha moves forward next to Master Gilnaeus and then casts another cone of cold, from his staff, at the dragon, causing it to freeze and die. Entil-zha then declares himself, “Lord King, Dragon Slayer!”
Koloth moves forward next to Ufnash, then dimension doors himself and Ufnash behind the enemy caster, where Ufnash step forward and attacks the caster, hitting it with one mighty blow and two lesser blows, with only one of the attacks negated due to the caster’s displacement effect. Walks with Winds summons an Ettin into the other tower with a caster in it, where the Ettin promptly starts attacking the caster, landing amongst his attacks one solid blow.

52 3
The caster next to Ufnash takes a step back then casts a spell and disappears, with Koloth knowing that the caster teleported out. Grimmjur walks forward, on a stairway of air, so he can see above the wall and wall of fire, yelling out “Where do you want me?” while Ghyffrey Aybara moves up and over the wall and wall of fire, calling out “Which group?”
The caster in front of the Ettin casts a spell, causing the Ettin take an attack of opportunity, but is able to cast a spell, causing him to disappear.
With all the attackers dead or gone, the party regroups and examines the piles that were the iron golems and dragon. Inside the Master Gilnaeus finds a book within a shield of force and a keyhole on one side of it, however there is no key anywhere around it. Master Gilnaeus examines the area around the manual and finally disintegrates the force shield, then examines the book. After a cursory reading, he is able to figure out that the book is a Manual of Iron Golem creation.
The party finds two doorways, one secret and one normal, with cobwebs and broken furniture down the normal way, the party decides to head upward through the secret doorway. The party makes their way upward through the 40 foot high shaft, with what appears to be a claw at the top. Upon reaching the top, Ufnash places the severed claw of the dragon into the one at the top of the shaft and turns, causing a ton of bricks to come crashing down onto the party. The bricks rain down, hitting everyone but Ufnash is able to avoid getting hit from them and Koloth who was not able to make it into the shaft.
Just beyond that door, the party finds the dragon’s horde, with tons of platinum, gold, silver, and copper. Also within is a cap, which turns out to be a cap of the free thinker, a crown, which turns out to be a crown of blasting major, a masterwork cold iron glaive, gloves that turn out to be, gloves of ghost vision, and a tunic, which turns out to be a tunic of safe casting.
The party takes their time to gather the things in the dragon’s horde; they decide how to make best use of the items they got. The party then makes their way back down the tunnel and return to the door leading to the first floor and follow a hallway down to an opening that appears to be an old library. Within the library, they find several scrolls within, which they collect and move onward to another room, which has an open book on top of a pedestal. 52 4
Entil-zha examines the book and pedestal, which appears to be written in Draconic and appears that it might just be an anti-aberration spell. Entil-zha attempts to decipher the book, but is not exactly sure the exact context, but believes that it might be the spell the party is seeking. Master Gilnaeus walks up to the pedestal as well, taking his time to inspect the pedestal and book, finally deciding that should the book be taken, some sort of door would open or something would bring forth.
Winds casts speak with stone and talks with the walls, which tell him that those casters, which had robes with eyes on them, had recently pass through here and that should the book be moved, the far wall would disappear, but it doesn’t know anything beyond there.
The party, taking this information into account prepares to take the book from the pedestal, with Master Gilnaeus places a wall of force all over the wall that is supposed to be disappearing. Winds turn himself into a elder earth elemental and the party casts every resist energy on the party, along the haste and blessing of fervor before they take the book off the pedestal. Master Gilnaeus and Entil-zha cast mirror image upon themselves and Grimmjur is enlarged. When the party if finally fully buffed and ready for what is beyond, Entil-zha takes the book from the pedestal.
Once the book leaves the pedestal, the far wall folds down and the back wall closes behind the party. As the walls folds down, the two casters from before along with a gigantic worm of some sort and a large dragon, possibly a twin of the one before, are revealed. As the party gazes upon the worm, that doesn’t look quite like a purple worm, the more scholarly of the party members know this to be a Neothelid and their many powers and abilities.
Ufnash moves forward to in front of the wall of force and waits for what the other party members will happen. 52 5.5 One of the casters casts dimension door on himself, and the worm to the other side of the wall. Grimmjur launches an attack on the worm and his attack appears that his first attack may have hit, but it appears the creature has some sort of magical defense. Grimmjur continues his attack, confident that a better hit would actually hit it and connects with his next dealing a large amount of damage. His next attack however misses the creature, so he turns his final attack on the caster next to the worm, which would have hit, but ended up missing due to his displacement.
The other caster turns invisible and those that can see him would see that he walks to the other side of the room, next to the dragon. Master Gilnaeus defensively casts greater dispel magic on the worm, causing it to lose several of its affects, then casts displacement on himself. Ghyffrey Aybara takes a small step backward as the worm lets loss a breath of acid upon much of the party, except for Koloth. This causes one of Entil-zha contingencies to trigger, causing an orb of force to appear around him, preventing this damage.

52 5.8
Winds takes a step backward, attempting to flank the worm with Grimmjur, then defensively casts baleful polymorph on the caster next to the worm, turning it into a bunny. Entil-zha places the book into his handy haversack then attempts to use his spectral hand to casts a spell on Grimmjur, but is unable to make it move through his sphere.
Koloth, seeing everyone hurt, channels positive energy to heal and excludes the worm. Ufnash moves forward, provoking an attack from the worm which spits out a tentacle tongue out but misses then Ufnash attacks the worm hitting it for a good blow. Grimmjur takes small step forward and while shorting his grip on his glaive, unleashes his attacks on the worm. He swings with a flurry of blows and only lands one.
The non-bunny caster uses a dimensional door to bring the dragon to the other side of the wall while Master Gilnaeus casts finger of death on the caster who brought the dragon over, causing him to crumple to the ground dead. Master Gilnaeus casts a quickened ray of enfeeblement on the worm, causing the worm to be slightly less strong than it was before.

Ghyffrey Aybara channels positive energy to heal the party, but takes a bite, a claw, and a wing attack from the dragon. The worm targets Grimmjur with a spell, causing a normal person to be knocked unconscious, but due to his beefiness is able to remain conscious. Winds drops into the ground, causing the worm and the dragon to attack him, with the worm nearly scoring a critical hit on him, but is displaced while the dragon scores a hit on him. After reaching the other side of the force wall, Winds starts to summon a creature.
52 5.1

Entil-zha uses vanish on himself then quickly casts blink on himself while Koloth steps backwards and casts heal upon Grimmjur. Ufnash unleashes his attacks on the worm, landing two mighty blows on it, one major blow, and a miss getting covered in some sort of slime all the while. Grimmjur unleashes his attacks on the worm, killing it with his first attack then turns his attention to the red dragon, hitting it with two more attacks.
Master Gilnaeus casts a piercing disintegration through his staff upon the dragon and is able to overcome its spell resistance and is able to touch it, killing the dragon, but not causing it to disintegrate.

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Session 52 Expanded

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