Session 51 Expanded

Session 51:
All In

11th Day of Planting CY 623

Location: DemiplaneWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Brown

After raising the dead party members and restoring the negative levels that they can, the party seeks out a place in order to rest. Kolev examines the rest of the room for traps, finding around one corner a place that appears to be such an area. The party discusses their next move and decides upon walling off the area with a wall of stone and resting the whole night there. Kolev moves on to continue searching the room, finding no traps or secret doorways in the room, but several chests, one of which seems to be trapped with a projectile that possible could dispense gas.
After some time and fiddling, Kolev is able to open two of the chests and within finds a ring and a wand. Kolev finally looks at the final trapped chest, places his lock picks inside and after fiddling around in it, he’s able to hear a click and opens it up to see a pair of gauntlets. After examining the gauntlets, the party distributes the items they find, while the clerics and oracles examine the corpses in the other room. Entil-zha examines the evil beast then spits on it, which sizzles upon contact. He then proceeds to stab the creature in the eye, causing the arms to twitch and puss and blood to spray all over him. After examining the other celestial beings, the clerics and oracle disagree as to how long the creatures had been dead, but do agree that one of them has been dead for some time.
Afterwards the party makes their way into the living area to rest, while Entil-zha walls off the doorway with a wall of stone. During the first shift, Dvorkin Darkmetal and Ghyffrey Aybara smell a gas coming from the sleeping characters and after some inspection, Dvorkin Darkmetal is able to find that the source of the gas is the tubes from the trapped chest. Ghyffrey Aybara and Dvorkin Darkmetal wakes the party to inform them of this, while more gas pours out of the tube. Kolev wakes and moves to the tube to examine it and after some time, he notices that the gas is pouring out more slowly.
Kolev decides to try and move the chest, but is unable to do so without assistance. Dvorkin Darkmetal moves to the other side of the chest and helps Kolev pick up the chest and as the chest finally moves up, there’s a cracking sound and the chest gives. As the chest gives the gas starts to rush out at an increasing rate from the hole where the chest used to be. The party scrambles what they’re to do about the rushing gas.
Entil-zha examines the room for poison, but finds nothing and does not believe this to be poisonous. Dvorkin Darkmetal and Kolev drop the chest back onto the gas fountain, causing the chest to rattle and the sound of the rushing wind to be muted. Ghyffrey Aybara moves towards the walled in area to the majority of the group. Kolev moves the chest away and looks into the hole, finding a turning and clicking mechanism.
Entil-zha calls for the party to come to as close to them as they can get, then prepares to cast a spell on himself. Kolev reaches into the hole and fumbles with the trap, trying to disarm it, but only manages to set it off causing fire to emerge from the hole and filling the room harming everyone, but miraculously Kolev who is unharmed.
Ghyffrey Aybara crawls over next to Omen II then channels positive energy to heal those that he could. Entil-zha triggers his spell and casts resilient sphere upon most of the party. Kolev examines the trap and figures out how to disarm the trap causing the mechanism to be unable to cause the fire.
The party praises Kolev for his disarming the trap and then heals their wounds and start over their first watch which continues on without other events. The next watch starts and Kolev hears some noises, those of something pounding on the wall outside of their room. Finally, the third watch passes without any events and the party prepares for the day in their usual ways.
Caldin starts to work on the wall, taking his time to hack at the wall, causing echoing booms and cracks to be heard around the halls. In the room beyond, Caldin sees the dead celestial creature upside-down and on a crucifix in front of the hole in the wall. The Lillends that were outside appear to have been brought back to life as undead and then crucified upside down. The party decides to attempt to take the bodies down then burn the corpse; however they decide that it might be too risky to bring them down because they might be trapped.

As the bodies burn, a thick black smoke comes from the bodies, then wafts its way outside the room. As the second Lillend burns, a voice speaks out in infernal from the wall behind the corpse, which basically says turn back. Ghyffrey Aybara, after the corpses are done burning, pours out some holy water on each of the corpses and speaks the last rites, however the holy water evaporates before actually contacting with the corpses.
Kolev moves to the door the party hasn’t been through and upon opening it reveals a room full of what appears to be statues, with a pentagram in the middle and a Halfling sized gem on one side, with a light rolling mist a 1 foot to 1.5 feet off the ground. As the mists move and give, the party can see bumps and holes in the floor.

Session 51   1.1
Kolev sees the Halfling sized gem and tries to decide how to get it, as he notices the floor is weirdly fluid, and then looks examines the pilar for traps. The rest of the party, except for Onama, Ghyffrey Aybara, and Dvorkin Darkmetal, step into the room with the odd undulating mist and move halfway to the gem pilar. Dvorkin Darkmetal and Ghyffrey Aybara casts detect undead and look at opposite corners of the room, but don’t detect any undead in their viewing area. Dvorkin Darkmetal moves to the closest statue and notices that the statues appear to be bones with stone holding it together.
Entil-zha and Omen II casts detect magic and look around the room and find that only divination and enchantment are missing from the types of auras in the room. Kolev moves towards the symbol in the middle of the room, examining for traps, but trips and nearly falls, as the party moves forward toward the gem. Entil-zha moves towards the symbol and examines it, finding much the same as the room before. The party continues forward.
The party discusses their next move and decides that someone should try to interact with a statue, which Gorruk was more than happy to touch the statue’s bone. When Gorruk touches the statue, it animates. The doorway behind the party, along with the one opposite the room, turn to a shimmering light, from possibly a wall of force and some sort of force washes over Entil-zha then it washes over Dvorkin Darkmetal as well.
Gorruk seeing this thing animate attacks the statue, hitting it with a mighty blow, causing it to crumble to the ground. Ghyffrey Aybara continues to concentrate on the statues, including the one Gorruk destroyed, but detects no undead, then moves over to behind Gorruk. The skeletal statues opposite corners of the room spring to life and shoot a volley of arrows at Entil-zha, causing one of his contingencies to trigger as he’s pelted with arrows, and Gorruk hitting him all the arrows.
Caldin walks toward the nearest statue and swings a mighty swing at the statue, causing it to crumble to the ground. Kolev disappears then moves towards the other statue next to Caldin and attacks, causing several chips in the statue. Dvorkin Darkmetal attempts to cast heal upon himself, but is unable to successfully cast the spell. Omen II steps up, then casts Haste upon the party while Entil-zha quickly casts greater invisibility and then launches a fireball into the corner with the skeletal archers that shot at him, but none of the skeletons appear to be affected, as though they are immune to it.

Session 51   2
The rest of the skeletons along the wall animate and move toward the party, surrounding many of the party members. The creatures swing at the party members they can get to, harming many of them and killing Onoma, which causes the gem in the middle to glow. A knight-like skeletal statue points its sword at Dvorkin Darkmetal and declares a smite on him then moves forward. Gorruk attacks the statue nearest Ghyffrey Aybara, hitting several times, causing it to crumble to the ground before turning his attention to the next statues, causing them to crumble as well.
Ghyffrey Aybara channels positive energy twice to harm the seemingly undead creatures, harming one greatly, but the others seem to take barely any damage. The archers take aim at Kolev and Gorruk with their volley of arrows, missing Gorruk with all but one that he deflects away, and the others hit Kolev with their volley. Caldin starts to hack at the statues around him, causing three of the statues to crumble to the ground.
Kolev takes a step backwards then causes two images of himself to appear around him. Dvorkin Darkmetal exclaims that he does not want to be smoted and dimensionally shifts to behind Caldin, then attempts to cast heal upon himself, but is unable to cast the spell due to the evil aura in the room. Entil-zha calls forth a wall of Force, blocking half the room with the archers, from attempting the other sided of room.

Session 51   2.5

Omen II casts an empowered magic missile, but the missiles end up striking Gorruk, to which he exclaims, “What happened?” One statue jumps onto the corpse of Onoma and starts gouging his eyes out. The others statues move forward if they’re not next to someone, and attack while the others attack those they surround, hitting most everyone.
Two statues cast disintegration upon the wall, one misses but the other one hits causing the wall to disappear. The archers take aim at Caldin, missing him with all but two with one being avoided through displacement, and Gorruk would be struck by two, but deflects one and is hit with the other. Gorruk steps forward and tries to trip Savage Lord Kygoth, but his blow is deflected away. Gorruk turns his attention to the other statues, knocking two down, hitting them as they fall down, and causing one of them to crumble as it falls down. He follows this by punching and crumbling the statues he knocked down.
Ghyffrey Aybara lets loose a torrent of healing with two channels and one cure light wounds mass, healing the party nearly back to full. Caldin starts swinging at the statues in front of him, turning several of them to dust. Kolev moves forward and takes on a defensive position. Dvorkin Darkmetal tries to make the skeletons go away by turning undead, however he’s unable to make it work correctly.
Entil-zha quickly casts blink upon himself, in order to avoid some of the arrows, then moves next to Dvorkin Darkmetal and casts Undead to death upon the archers and the statue that cast disintegration upon the wall of force, but is unable to affect any of the statues. Omen II once again casts empowered magic missile on Gorruk once again. The Savage Lord Kygoth calls forth, “Give yourselves to me!” and one of the statues next to Caldin explodes in negative energy, harming those around it. Another of the statues explodes in negative energy, affecting them again. This continues two more times, but this time next to Gorruk and Ghyffrey Aybara. This knocks Omen II out, then two statues jump on Omen II gouging his eyes out and tearing his flesh.
The statues start to attack the party, hitting Kolev and Gorruk, knocking Kolev unconscious, then a statue jumps on Kolev gouging his eyes out. Onama rises, but not as he is before, and moves towards the remaining party. Savage Lord Kygoth walks forward to Ghyffrey Aybara with a wicked great sword, swinging at him and hitting him for with the wicked sword for a large amount of damage.
Magic missiles shoot out of the hands of one of the statues hitting Gorruk. Several of the remaining party members are affected by a spell, with only Entil-zha being affected. Gorruk attacks the statues attacking Omen II, sending two tumbling to the ground. He turns his attention to the statue around him, sending two to shards, turning his final attack against the Savage Lord Kygoth but easily misses.
Ghyffrey Aybara channels positive energy to heal everyone twice, then lays hands on himself, but this healing is almost made obsolete by the hail of arrows targeted at him. Caldin manages to overcome the effects of terrible remorse, but is unable to do anything else. Entil-zha casts slow on the skeletal archers in the far corner, but is only able to affect one. The statues cast spells on Kolev and Omen II while the others move and attack Entil-zha and Dvorkin Darkmetal.
The Savage Lord Kygoth says to Ghyffrey Aybara, “Your life is forfeit!” to which Ghyffrey Aybara replies, “My life is Nola’s!” The Savage Lord smiles and waits with a grin, before he proceeds to attack Ghyffrey Aybara, striking a mighty blow that knocks Ghyffrey Aybara to the ground, while his life blood drains from him. Gorruk is struck down and killed by a hail of magic missiles from the statue creatures.
Entil-zha fires magic missiles at himself, but as they strike him, a contingency is triggered, protecting him from the damage. Entil-zha has several of the statues attempt to anchor him down, however they are unable to affect him with it due to his blink effect.
The skeletal archers unleash a hail of arrows at Entil-zha, several of the arrows hit Entil-zha with a few of them being missed due to his blink effect. The ones that do hit eventually trigger another of his contingencies healing him with a breath of life spell. Caldin unleashes his attacks on the Savage Lord Kygoth, dealing several mighty blows on him, knocking the Savage Lord Kygoth to the ground, possibly defeated, and then he moves forward to attack Onoma, but misses him.

Session 51   3
Dvorkin Darkmetal having been dominated by one off the creatures and ordered to attack his teammates decides to call down a flame strike on Entil-zha, harming him slightly due to his resist energy and killing the two remaining statues. The remaining casting statue attempts to dimensionally anchor Entil-zha down again, but is unable to affect him due to his blink effect.
Entil-zha over towards Caldin, provoking several attacks of opportunity, then uses dimension door back to the room that the party teleported into, then uses the scroll of greater teleport to return to Greyhawk. Dvorkin Darkmetal tries to follow Entil-zha and Caldin, but he doesn’t know where they went, so he goes to the other side of the force wall. Dvorkin Darkmetal doesn’t see the two, so he continues onto the room he entered, but is too late to catch them.
After a days rest and being away from the area, Dvorkin Darkmetal is able to recover himself of his affections and planeshift back to his native place, then teleports himself back to his hometown. Entil-zha and Caldin return to Greyhawk in order to get their supplies back and figure out what their next move will be.

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Session 51 Expanded

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