Session 46 Expanded

Session 46:
WTF? – Part 2

8th – 11th Day of Readying CY 623

Location: Demi-planeWorld Map
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As Tass, the butler of a Lord and Lady, is dusting just below the picture of the Lord and Lady’s missing daughter. As he looks up at the picture, he has vision or flashback of the party. Magog stands before a black armored evil figure that he was tasked to destroy by his order. He realizes that he has been led into a trap as skeletons and other beastly things emerge around him.

Argonauts skeletons

The cowled figure’s eyes crackle with a purple fire as he casts eyebite at Magog, while the creatures start to swarm Magog, slashing at him with skeletal fingers and old weapons. Magog, angered by the evil surrounding him, declares the cloaked figure as a heretic and attacks the shambling creatures in front of him, smashing the bones and leather of it.

Meanwhile, the party is preparing to teleport to Dyvers from Corwood. As Xellos and Dvorkin Darkmetal teleport themselves and the party, they feel a gut-wrenching force pull them from their intended target, knocking the party to the ground on either sides of a pitched battle.

The shambling skeletons continue to swarm Magog, poking with spears, swords, and boney fingers as they attack Magog, leaving him cut, bruised, and battered. The cloaked figure continues to glare at Magog, making him momentarily fevered and sickened, but he quickly recovers. A large black and yellow fog pours out of the cowled figure, billowing towards Magog, and a dark, knight-like figure in front of Magog begins to cackle with insidiously.

Magog attempts to shift away from the shambling corpses but is unable to exit so easily, so he starts attacking one in front of him. GorTakka grabs his weapon and stands, blaming the shambling figures for his current predicament. Kolev stands and disappears while Omen casts an electricity ball on the shambling corpses surrounding Magog, causing bits of bone to fly from the fog.

A commanding bark is heard from within the dense cloud and the shambling skeletons Argonauts skeletons emerge from the fog, approaching Omen and Gortakka. Kolev and GorTakka swing at the skeletons as they pass by them. Kolev causes minor damage to the skeleton, but GorTakka smashes the creature into a nearby boulder smashing it in a rain of bones. The party avoids several attacks from the monsters, but the monsters continue and manage to wound Omen.

Other skeletons continue to move up to Magog, while the fog rolls from the mysterious figure. A figure emerges high above the rolling fog, while the knight-like person shows a skeletal head with glowing red eyes to Magog, then proceeds to swing a great black blade, hitting Magog with three mighty blows that causes an evil bite of acid to wash over him. The figure above the fog, seeing two paladins still on the ground, starts a chant that causes black tentacles to erupt around them, which immediately wrap Sir Bayard , Xellos, and Ghyffrey Aybara up.

Ghyffrey Aybara brings his shield down upon the tentacle holding him, but is unable to damage them for some reason. Sir Bayard casts a spell upon himself, causing the tentacle release him, then channels positive energy to attempt to harm the skeletal figures. As Sir Bayard channels his positive energy, his energy is dampened from an unhallowed effect, but is able to crumble two, and many others flee.

A surge of good energy rushes over Magog, causing many of the skeletal figures to collapse around him or flee in terror. He swings and smashes into the dark knight Morgoth 2 and knocks him to the ground. Then he smashes again, breaking off bits of the evil black armor. Xellos manages to wriggle out of the tentacles grasp, and then dispels the tentacles. GorTakka swings at the skeleton in front of him, causing it to burst into a spray of bones. Omen steps back from the skeletons in front of him, casting vampiric touch on the skeleton in front of him (but it appears to have no effect on the unliving creature). Kolev steps behind the two skeletal figures in front of Omen, swinging on them from the shadows, smashing into one skeleton breaking into its hip and knocking it to the ground and cuts through the second one knocking it to the ground.

Dvorkin Darkmetal stands and asks, GorTakka if he is hurt, then lays a hand on Omen, curing his wounds. The dark knight steps back away from Magog, calling out, “Help me my merlin”, then causes a destructive blast of acid to wash over Magog. Sir Bayard and Magog hear someone cast Meld with Stone, then Magog sees the dark knight merge into a boulder next to him, while the fog continues forward. Shambling skeletons move up around Magog, Ghyffrey Aybara, and Xellos, hitting the three with mighty blows. Ghyffrey Aybara calls upon Nola to harm the undead figures around him, causing all of them to flee from around him and Xellos, then calls upon her again to heal himself and Xellos.

Sir Bayard calls upon Heironeous to channel positive energy around him, causing the skeletons around Magog to crumble to the ground. The positive energy washes over the cloaked figure, leaving him unharmed. Magog steps to the boulder where the dark knight went, and he swings at it, causing chips and chunks to fly from the stone as he hacks at the stone, knocking the dark figure to be knocked from the stone. Then Magog swings perpetuates his attack on the figure knocked from the stone, planting the edge of his axe on the figure’s armor, splitting it in half.

Xellos rushes up to Sir Bayard and casts fly upon the paladin. GorTakka charges towards the cloaked figure, jumping up toward the figure, but with his best efforts, he only manages to get 6 feet or so from grabbing it. Omen walks forward and unleashes a volley of scorching rays at the cloaked figure, but misses widely. Dvorkin Darkmetal moves forward to Magog and the rest of the party under the cloaked figure, healing those around him.

The cloaked figure lands upon the bolder, calling upon those around them “Come get me.” Magog swings upon the figure, causing the figure to break apart into thousands worms that flood into the ground.

As the party gathers around Magog and speak about the worm figure, a woman’s scream is heard, and a woman rushes up to Sir Bayard. She pleads with the party to help her find her daughter, who has been capture by some cultists. GorTakka and Dvorkin Darkmetal offer to escort the woman back to her village, in order to keep her safe.

Tass shakes free from his day dream, and a door closes behind the party, casting them in pitch darkness. The party stands in a rough-hewn passageway, which leads downward. They trail behind a cloaked figure with a small hand lantern. The creature deftly moves through a secret door. Kolev leads the party down the passageway, behind the figure, where he notices an etched figure engraved on the wall at shoulder height of a circle overlapping a triangle. The symbol does not appear to have any traps, but the dust on the floor near the wall appears to be recently displaced.

Kolev moves forward, carefully examining the passage for traps, but steps upon an invisible spike, causing him to stumble down the stairs. Sir Bayard and Magog move after Kolev, both stepping upon the spike. Sir Bayard’s uses his armor to crush the spike, but Magog falls down the stairs behind Kolev. Sir Bayard, upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, moves back up the stairs to check on the remaining party members. Xellos casts detect magic, seeing magic upon the stairs and the symbol. The symbol is a test in which to try and trace the symbol in one unbroken line without doubling back. At the bottom of the stairs, Kolev and Magog notice that the passage ahead is through with moisture and covered in green glowing moss.

Xellos attempts to trace the symbol, which glows as he traces it and a loud noise is heard down the stairs and the party reunites at the bottom of the stairs. As Kolev moves forward, slipping slightly upon the moss, but able to keep his footing, he notices another symbol on the wall at shoulder height. Xellos steps forward to examine the symbol, which appears to be two triangles with points touching inside a circle. He successfully traces out the diagram, as evidenced by the sound of moving doors from farther down the hallway. As the party moves down the hall, they notice large holes in the moss that appear to be closed off, with a buzzing sound behind them.

Reaching the end of the hall, the party turns as the passage way proceeds down a steep set of stairs. Magog does not believe it has any traps on it. Magog and Kolev make their way down the stairs, which abruptly ends in a brick wall. Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, the stairs behind the party retract making a 50 foot wall, while gates open releasing cold water.

Kolev and Omen are the first to notice the ankle deep water, where Kolev disappears and Omen casts see invisibility. Xellos flys up to the top of the stairs in order to try and see what’s at the top of the stairs, while Magog attempts to smash the nearest sluice gate, but only manages to allow more water to come in, instead of blocking it off. Ghyffrey Aybara moves to the end of the hallway and examines the plaque on the wall. The water continues to rush in to and is now at a depth of about four feet.

Omen, Kolev, and Sir Bayard examine the puzzle for a momment then place the pieces into the plaque and a secret door at the end of the wall turns and opens as the water continues to flood in. In the room beyond two channels of inky water line a narrow walkway, with statues of grotesque creatures lining the far wall. At the far end of the hall, it would appear there is an ornamented archway with a blank wall below it.

Session 46   r 1

Within the room room, the party finds another of the symbols etched into the floor of a complicated symbol of squares and triangles. Magog and Kolev alert to the party of the symbol and Xellos moves forward to look at it, as the rest of the party watch the room. As Ghyffrey Aybara scans the room for evil or magic, he notices nothing evil, not even Kolev, but he cannot place anything specific that might have caused it other than Ghyffrey Aybara goodness rubbing off on him. Omen wracks his brain over things that might cause this and can think of many spells that might block one’s alignment. The rest of the party either examines the symbol or keeps watch over the room.

After some discussion on what to do, Magog wants to destroy the statue. He steps to the nearest statue ready to destroy it, while Xellos quickly tries to trace out the symbol before Magog can do it, but is unable to do so successfully. Xellos watches as the walls open up to reveal a sky full of stars and a large eye looking down at him and he is driven insane by the vision as the statues around the room come to life and the secret door at the end of the hall closes, locking Omen outside

The statue in front of Magog strikes at him, but misses. Kolev moves forward, preparing for the oncoming statue. Xellos looks around at the party members, seeing the look a look in their eyes that they are out to get him, so he steps back and casts cone of cold on the party. Sir Bayard, having been hit by Xellos cone of cold, moves forward and grabs the Halfling.

The statues at the end of the hall spit blobs of green goo at Ghyffrey Aybara, hitting him once as the green slime starts to eat at his armor. The statue in front of Magog swing, bites, and gores at him hitting him several times and splashing the green slime on him. Two more statues spit the green goo at Omen, but miss him, while two more spit at Sir Bayard, but missing them. Two more spit at Xellos with one missing and the other smacking into his leg.

Ghyffrey Aybara casts forbid action on Xellos, but it does not affect the target. He is able, however, to remove the slime from himself with the mere touch of his hands, then he channels positive energy to heal the party members. Magog steps back and casts protection from fire on the party, then calls for the other members to use fireball to kill the slime. Omen casts invisibility on himself while Kolev steps back away from the statue. Xellos continues to see those around you as foes attempting to kill him, so he casts greater invisibility upon himself.

Sir Bayard, still holding onto the invisible Xellos, uses lay on hands to make the slime fall away from Xellos. Two statues spit green slime upon Ghyffrey Aybara causing more of the slime to eat through his armor and burn his skin. Two more of the statues spit on Magog covering him in slime from one of the statues. Four statues spit at Sir Bayard, but only one of them manages to hit him. Ghyffrey Aybara lays hands upon himself and Sir Bayard, speaks healing words of Nola’s faith causing the slime on both of them to drop away, then channels positive energy on the party to heal them.

Magog casts invisibility upon Ghyffrey Aybara, causing him to immediately disappear. Omen steps next to Magog casting greater invisibility on him, while Kolev throws two throwing start at one of the statue nearest him. Xellos has a moment of lucidity and stops resisting. Sir Bayard lets go of Xellos, who drops to hover just above the ground. Afterwards Xellos casts rope trip, causing a rope to drop from the ceiling.

Session 46   r 2

Globs of slime come from all directions covering Sir Bayard, burning through his armor and skin. Ghyffrey Aybara speaks healing words, causing the slime to crumble into dark dust. Magog casts invisibility on Sir Bayard, causing him to disappear, then contemplates the statues. Whenever an invisible party member speaks, the statues appear to whip their heads around to look towards the person speaking.

Omen casts a fireball on the wall, hitting much of the party as well as 4 of the statues, causing much of the green slime to burn down the throats of those statues and the statue on the end collapses as bits of stone fall from it and turns molten. Kolev steps up to the nearest creature, which attacks it as he steps into the water and misses badly, and skewers it badly with his sword. Sir Bayard stands and moves over to a statue on the other side of the room. It flails blindly at him upon his crossing the water.

One of the creatures next to Sir Bayard manages to notice him, but is unable to hit him. Magog moves towards the next statue down the line, which flails at him and misses, and swings at the statue, crushing it against the back wall, knocking its arms and head off. Omen casts another fireball on the other wall, burning away the slime and harming the statues. Kolev moves to the other side of the room between two statues. The two statues swing at him but miss him, but he is able to break down both of them.

The party is able to destroy the remaining statues, except the larger ones, with no troubles. The two remaining statues appear to be unmoving and covered in a liquid. Magog steps up to one of the statues and notices another dinner-plate-sized symbol between its feet. The symbol shows a diamond with a line through it in a symbol without touching it. After Sir Bayard complete the symbol, the chains of the statues pull back and walls come up in front of the statues, and the doorway at the far end opens.

Sir Bayard remembers that the last time a member was wracked with this type of insanity, that you could talk the member down with time. After several hours he is able to talk Xellos back to reality but he appears to have developed a fear of being alone, while Ghyffrey Aybara is afraid of sleep.

In the next room, just in front of Magog, there appears to be another plate with a large symbol of a six sided star missing one leg inside a circle. The party decides to ignore the first plate and search the room for another plate. Magog, with the help of Kolev, searches the room for other plates, as Xellos steps forward and completes the symbol. Upon completing the symbol, a gust of wind blows the fog from the room as several large stones emerge from the ground in the middle of the room, as if tempting those to cross them. On the left hand side of the wall, a small sliding panel with yet another symbol of a square with a line in the middle of it within a circle. Upon completing the symbol, the bubbles from the dark substance appear to hit a force as they pop.

The party makes their way across the pit, with Magog attempting to jump onto the stone pillar, but slips and falls, but is caught by a wall of force and is able to make it across the room.

The passageway continues down a short way leading to a small wooden office, lined with small bookshelves. Against the far wall, is an eerie light that ooze a malign intent that does not appear to be wholly evil. On the simple door within the light appears to be another symbol burned into the door of an incredible complexity.

Xellos walks into the room and speaks to it in every language he knows, with no response except for the feeling of the light looking at him. Sir Bayard moves into the room and bows respectively to the light, then moves and looks at the items on the desk, seeing a list in a language he cannot read and a ledger with numbers on it. The light brightens in intensity as Sir Bayard walks towards it; it also flashes and brightens as if inviting everyone to come forward.

Kolev and Omen walks to either side of the door and Kolev uses a mirror to look into the room. Ghyffrey Aybara walks to the doorway, looking into the room behind Magog. A listlessness and weariness flows from the room, causing Omen to feel tired and listless, but in the presence of both paladins, he retains his focus and energy.

Magog moves a little closer to the light and examines the lights, but only sees the light of a rainbow in waves. Sir Bayard pulls out a silver piece and throws it into the light, which falls to the ground appearing unaffected. Xellos wracks his brain for ideas on what this might be, which he thinks would be the color out of space, which can cause much destruction and devastation, which is very rare when recorded. As Xellos shares this information, the first rays of light reaches out towards him.

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Session 46 Expanded

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