Session 45 Expanded

Session 45:

4th-7th Day of Readying CY623

Location: Demi-planeWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Blue

The party returns to Courwood and gather supplies and other essentials. When they’re finished shopping for their supplies, they prepare to teleport back to Dyvers.

A blacksmith, Snart, in some smithy is pounding away at some iron. While listening to the rhythmic pounding, he dreams of adventuring as part of a party, following a hound, looking for someone lost in the woods. Our adventurers are following behind a hound wearing purple sunglasses, searching for someone. GorTakka and Dvorkin Darkmetal are absent from the party and a Hill dwarf named Magog Brawnanvil is present, however it doesn’t appear odd to the group.

Several of the more perceptive members, notice a number of figures in the distance. The forest starts to darken and the underbrush starts to trip and snag up on the adventures. The party brightens the area around them and prepare themselves for the things around them. Sir Bayard calls out to those hiding around them in a booming voice, “Show yourselves!” as Kolev disappears next to the trunk of a tree.

Several shambling figures appear from behind several trees, around the party. Those that can see the figures, notice their appearances are similar to zombies with rotting flesh hanging off their bodies, but that are also covered in leaves, trees, and bark. Kolev slinks his way behind forward, hiding behind another tree as Omen drops a lightning ball on several of the zombie like monsters nearest Kolev . The lightning ball illuminates the walking corpses, revealing a tangle of roots and vines that appear to be animating those.

Magog Brawnanvil rushes forward to the nearest zombie, S45.1 bringing his axe down onto its head, landing a mighty blow and loudly cracking vines and branches as the creature continues shambling forward. Xellos creates a wall of fire, cutting off and harming the majority of the monsters. The zombies crackle and pop as the live branches heat, but resist burning. Sir Bayard steps up to the nearest zombie like monster wielding his brightly shining blade, which seems to cause the monsters to shy away from it, slightly.

The rotting corpse like creatures, move forward towards the party, surrounding those closest to them, heedless of the danger and heat of the wall of fire. One such corpse engulfed in fire from passing through the wall, falls to the ground as the corpse cannot continue forward. The roots and vines within the corpse appear to retreat from the corpse into the ground. The corpses raise their heads, opening their mouth or other openings, letting out an ear piercing shriek. The shrieking is so horrible, that Sir Bayard and Ghyffrey Aybara are nauseated.

Omen casts haste on himself and Kolev and then Kolev hits the nearest creature, causing the corpse to fall to the ground as the vines within writhe and return into the ground. Magog Brawnanvil swings at the zombie in front of him, felling it to the same effect as the others, then moves next to Sir Bayard . Xellos dismisses the wall of fire then places balls of lightning under three of the creatures. Two of the zombies confuse and twitch as the water in the vines pops and hisses.

Sir Bayard, though trying to avoid throwing up his previous meal, fails to prevent it from happening as the zombies try to wrap up several members of the party in vines. Omen is penetrated by two vines, which seem to drain the life from him, Ghyffrey Aybara narrowly avoid two vines entangling him, as does Sir Bayard. Kolev swings at the creature holding onto Omen, severing the tentacles from Omen and slaying the creature. Omen, newly freed from the creature’s gasp, drops another lightning ball on the majority of the remaining zombie creatures under Xellos, exploding the creature in front of Magog Brawnanvil, killing another, and leaving another appearing unharmed by the blast.

Magog Brawnanvil switches places with Sir Bayard then swings at the nearest zombie creature, harming the creature greatly. Xellos notices several more of these creatures coming towards the group from his position in the treetops then moves his lightning balls onto several of the remaining creatures. Sir Bayard moves behind one of the creatures, flanking it with Magog Brawnanvil .

Several more creatures arrive from behind the party, then the remaining creatures try to grapple Magog Brawnanvil and Sir Bayard, but are unsuccessful and another tries to shriek at Xellos, but he is out of range. Ghyffrey Aybara continues to puke and moves back, away from the newly arrived creatures.

Omen drops another lightning ball S45.2 on a group of newly arrived zombie creatures, causing the forest to burst into light with a loud crackle, while Kolev moves towards the nearest creature, hitting it with a well placed hit. Magog Brawnanvil calls out to the party, “Get around me! I’m going to silence these bastards!” then casts silence on himself. Xellos continues to control and move his balls of lightning, though some of the plant infested creatures appear to learn to avoid the balls, and then he places another wall of fire to block off the newly arrived creatures.

Sir Bayard continues to throw up, though he does start to feel better afterwards. The creatures mindlessly move through the fire and end up killing themselves, the rest continue to toward the nearest group member. Kolev notices an unnatural silence from further in the forest. Magog Brawnanvil is attacked by three creatures, two of which try and grapple him, but are unable to grapple him, while the remaining one slams him, leaving a gunky residue on him. Ghyffrey Aybara is attacked by two of the creatures and both are able to attach to him, sucking some of his life from him. Two creatures are able to notice Kolev and attack him trying to wrap their tentacles around him with two of them penetrating him.

Ghyffrey Aybara continues to be wracked with nausea, though after puking onto the creatures grappling him he appears to look better. Omen drops another lightning ball on the creatures grappling Kolev, though trying his best not to harm him, killing one and only slightly harming the other. Kolev tried to break free from the monster, but is unable to get free. Magog Brawnanvil draws upon his inner strength and anger at these monsters, calling judgment upon them, and starts his torrent of attacks, slicing two in half and moves towards the monster next to Sir Bayard. Xellos dismisses the wall of fire, moves the lightning ball under three of the monsters harming two of them, then casts scorching ray on the creature grappling with Kolev. Xellos hits Kolev with one ray harming him slightly, hits the creature with the other for moderate damage, and misses with the other.

Sir Bayard steps towards Ghyffrey Aybara and channels positive energy in an attempt to harm the creatures, but it does no damage to him. The creatures step towards the nearest party member, while the ones that are grappling Kolev and Ghyffrey Aybara continue to draw the life from them. Ghyffrey Aybara, no longer feeling nauseated, draws upon all of his strength and is able to break the two creature’s grapple.

Kolev disappears then draws upon his strength and agility to manage to break free from the creature’s grapple. Omen casts an extended vampiric touch on the living creature that was grappling Kolev. Magog Brawnanvil steps up behind the creature across from Ghyffrey Aybara and attacks the creatures next to him, slicing two in half. Xellos hears moaning that appears to be getting louder from the south. He moves the lightning balls under the remaining zombies next to the bulk of the party damaging two of them, while the third avoids the damage. Xellos calls another wall of fire on those approaching from the south damaging and killing several in the path. Sir Bayard approaches the zombie that’s engulfed in the wall of fire.

The creature in the wall of fire shrieks at Sir Bayard, but Sir Bayard is unaffected by it this time. Another creature moves towards Omen, attempting to move through the square of Kolev, whom he stabs. It then shrieks at both Omen and Kolev, which Omen is not able to withstand, however Ghyffrey Aybara sacrifices his health taking on the nausea. Two creatures approaches Ghyffrey Aybara and grapple him, piercing him with several tentacles and sucking the life from him.

Ghyffrey Aybara is wracked with nausea again, puking on the creatures grappling him. Omen casts yet another lightning ball on several of the monsters that approach from the east, harming several of them greater as the rest of manage to avoid some of the damage, while Kolev kills the creature in front of him, then moves towards the next creature near him. Magog Brawnanvil steps up and fells one of the creatures grappling Ghyffrey Aybara. Xellos hears even more moaning and almost a cackle, from what seems to be the woods itself. Xellos causes black tentacles to grow up from the ground on several of the zombies that were approaching from the east, grappling everything in the area.

The creatures continue their approach from the south, many of them falling to the wall of fire. Another creature joins the creature grappling Ghyffrey Aybara, both sucking the life from him, while the other creatures move towards the rest of the group. Three surround Sir Bayard and attack him, but none of them are able to grapple him. Two creatures approach Omen, both latches on to him sucking the life from him.

Ghyffrey Aybara continues his throwing up as Kolev tries to hack Omen free from the creatures, killing one. Omen is unable to break free from the creature grappling him. Magog Brawnanvil steps up to the creatures on Ghyffrey Aybara , critically cutting one off creature’s arm and hacking the other one off of Ghyffrey Aybara as well. The wall of fire continues to harm the creatures, but Xellos then dismisses the wall of fire while his lightning balls continue to harm the monsters. Xellos calls forth a wall of cold, just in front of Omen, harming the creatures within the wall, killing two. Sir Bayard attacks the creatures around him, killing two of them, which wither to ash after killing them.

In the distance a wolf or other similar beast howls, after which all of the creatures back away quickly, except the one on Omen, which stays to suck more of the life from him. Ghyffrey Aybara continues to feel nauseous while Kolev attacks and kills the creature on Omen .

On the far side of the woods, a large mastiff dog emerges from the woods with purple eyes.

When Snart finally comes back to himself, he looks down at his white knuckled hands, and realizes that the metal he was initially working to be a carriage spoke was being worked instead into a sword. Snart sets aside the unfinished sword and starts another carriage spoke.

Medil is a tinkerer in a small village and currently he’s working on a cameo that appears to be broken, as if someone tried to break into it. He starts working on the cameo, taking bits and pieces from it, from rocks and other things. When he finally gets it open, it plays a melody that Medil has heard before, which causes a flashback.

The party is standing before the lord of a town, S45.3 having recently returned to town after some combat. While introducing themselves to the Lord, the party has a memory of trying to find someone in the woods. The party realizes that they are looking for the person in the image in the cameo of the locket. The Lord asks the party if they know anything about the war, which the party appears to know nothing about, he then offers them a place to stay in the rooms of the manor. The Lord of Chudwin offers to bring the local doctor to help assist the party. The Lord speaks of spies from the Baklunish and goes on to explain that everyone is in the Suloisian Empire, which the party finds odd and mildly disturbing. The party, except for Xellos, is only able to understand every other word from the Lord, while Xellos is able to understand and communicate with them and acts as the party’s interpreter.

Sir Bayard and Ghyffrey Aybara immediately try to detect evil, but do not detect anything. Magog Brawnanvil feels that this Lord is interested in learning more about these individuals. The party decides to request to be shown to their rooms, so that they might be able to heal and restore themselves. The party is shown to the guest bath and upon exiting the hall they find that they are on the third story of a large mansion. The servant explains the baths and other amenities then shows them to their rooms. Sir Bayard and Ghyffrey Aybara give their tabards to the servant and ask for them to be mended. The servant looks at the symbol of Heironeous with contempt, but Magog Brawnanvil explains that it was a thing taken from an enemy.

Sir Bayard and Ghyffrey Aybara discover that the drains that the creatures placed upon them were some sort of disease that was initially resisting the efforts to restore the wounds. Sir Bayard and Ghyffrey Aybara, through working together are able to heal the party of their wounds. After finishing healing, the remains of the party seek out Magog Brawnanvil, who had gone to the bathes while the party was healing, in order to speak about what is going on.

The party returns to their room to speak, as 6 bells toll. After closing and locking the door, Xellos tells the group that the Suloisian Empire has not been around for a thousand years. He then goes on to further explain the war and the twin devastation. The party discusses what they last remember, but then decide to be on their guard. The party decides to head to dinner unarmed and unarmored, in order to not cause offense to their host.

The man servant, come to bring the party to dinner, however the servant takes a look at the party, and exclaims that the party is not ready for dinner, after taking a look at what the party is wearing. The servant shows the party the guest attire that is provided, assisting the members that required help getting properly dressed.

The party is escorted to the dining hall and as they pass the great windows, they see a heavily overcast sky, thick with clouds. As they continue on, the party sees that the manor is on a bluff which has a vast expanse of water beyond it. The Lord and Lady of the house greet the party in a lavish hall, with a few servants and a lady in waiting greeting them as well. The food that is served is fair and not lavish as that of a king, but of a common village, in time of war. The Lord inquires as to what the party is doing and why only Xellos is the only one speaking. Xellos, under Magog Brawnanvil ’s guide, tells the Lord that the party is mercenaries hired by the Suloisians.

Xellos explains that the party is searching for someone and shows the Lord the cameo of the person they are looking for. The Lord opens the locket and his face is drops slightly, explaining that she is long gone from this place. He goes on to explain that the girl is his daughter and that she ran away at the age of 14, five years from the present time. When Xellos inquires about the tune that the locket plays, as well as the song that played as Magog Brawnanvil bathed, the Lord explains that the locket does not play any music. When the Xellos inquires as to why their daughter might have run away, the Lady of the house’s face goes expressionless, and the Lord explains that his wife feels that she ran away due to their being overly harsh and strict on her.

As the dessert is served, the Lady of the house excuses herself and bids the group and her husband to continue speaking. After the Lady leaves, the Lord offers the party a mug of brandy by the fire, to which Magog Brawnanvil takes to the offer whole heartedly. After Magog Brawnanvil ’s fourth glass, the major domo informs the group that it is late and it is time for him to retire. The Lord offers his manor to the party as guests, bidding them to not stay up too late.

The Major Domo shows the party back to their rooms and the party prepares for the night. Omen and Kolev inquire about taking a walk outside of the manor, which the Domo explains that it would be alright, however it would appear to rain soon. Kolev and Omen are escorted to the back entrance in order to take in more of the area, staying out until the Domo motions them in or until the rain starts to pour. The two are left alone there, with the Domo checking on them every fifteen minutes and after an hour and a half, the Domo appears to be getting more agitated and pointing up at the sky. Kolev appears to be more interested in his pipe and the Domo goes back inside.

Inside, Sir Bayard is waking from his two hours asleep, Xellos has his owl familiar scout around outside the manor, Magog Brawnanvil is just getting ready to bed for the night, and Ghyffrey Aybara is bedding down for his sleep as is Xellos . As Sir Bayard is pacing around the room, he notices a large flash of lightning inside, back dropping a large lighthouse, but no rain is falling.

Another hour passes and the bells ring eleven, Omen and Kolev are still outside, and they notice a figure in the window above them, during a flicker of lightning. Sir Bayard wakes Ghyffrey Aybara and both notice that Omen and Kolev are not back. Ghyffrey Aybara through the status spell is able to tell the general position of Omen and Kolev and that they are about 2 miles away to the southwest, the opposite direction of the lighthouse. Sir Bayard pulls the rope to summon the servant and does his best to explain the situation. The servant takes Sir Bayard to where the two once were, but they are still missing and not where Ghyffrey Aybara told him he would be. Sir Bayard wakes the remaining party members and explains the situation. He leads the party to where the servant led him, through halls that are eerily quiet.

Magog Brawnanvil finds some tracks and Kolev ’s pipe and starts to follow them down some steps. Following the tracks to a dirt road, Magog Brawnanvil finds many different tracks joining those of Kolev ’s and Omen ’s and upon closer inspection, the tracks appear to be shambling. The party hastens their speed as they follow the path and tracks. Xellos ’ knowledge of Suloisian history makes him think that this area is not correct in either the time or geography.

Follow the path the group finds a large monastery with a large iron gate in front of it. Where the gates join, a sun like pattern of tentacles with eyes on the end and what appears to be an eye in the middle, which Xellos recalls might be the symbol of a Suloisian cult that attempted to combine all the gods into one. Sir Bayard and Magog Brawnanvil cut off the hinges of the gates, knocking it down and the party continues on. Ghyffrey Aybara senses that Kolev and Omen are within and Magog Brawnanvil chops at the door, opening it with a mighty kick. Inside, on rows and rows of pews, are villagers facing a large altar, not appearing to notice the party, and within their numbers are Kolev and Omen .

Magog Brawnanvil makes his way to the marble altar at the end, smashing into it with his axe. Sir Bayard makes his way to Kolev and Omen, who turn, as Sir Bayard reaches them, with pupil less purple eyes, attempting to lay on hands on Kolev to no effect. Ghyffrey Aybara tries to detect evil in the room, but finds nothing then makes his way to the side chapel. Xellos tries to detect magic, finding that everyone in the room has some and spots the Lord and Lady within the crowd.

Sir Bayard attempts to take Kolev and Omen away, but they resist. Ghyffrey casts true seeing on himself, and upon doing so the rooms do not appear as they should be, with the walls at angles that do not appear possible as well as various symbols of squid like symbols and things. These things are so far beyond Ghyffrey Aybara ’s comprehension that he begins babbling and unable to make any rational thoughts.

Magog Brawnanvil continues smashing windows, then goes to the side chapel to smash that altar. Sir Bayard goes to the left door, breaking it open, and continues inside. Xellos casts dispel magic on Kolev, managing to bring him back from where he was. Kolev was once in a happy place, but was brought back upon Xellos ’ dispel and still yearns to go back.

Upon waking, Kolev is surrounded by pupilless purple eyes, including Omen, which he tries to shake awake to no avail. Xellos casts dispel magic on Omen, managing to break the enchantment as Kolev continues to shake him. Sir Sir Bayard turns back from going into the hallway, returning to the large chapel. Magog Brawnanvil continues to break windows and break things.

Kolev walks into the small chapel to find Ghyffrey Aybara babbling to himself and starts to pull him away. Sir Bayard breaks down the last door to find a little waiting room as Magog Brawnanvil continues his destruction. Xellos follows behind Sir Bayard into the small waiting room.

Kolev and Omen manage to subdue Ghyffrey Aybara under the arms and legs. Ghyffrey Aybara in a moment of clarity, uses lay on hands on himself in an attempt to restore some sort of sanity to himself to no avail. The villagers in unison begin a chant as Sir Bayard comes next to Ghyffrey Aybara, Kolev and Omen. Ghyffrey Aybara explains to Sir Bayard what he saw, with the walls in all unnatural shapes with symbols on the walls and the spiders that were attacking him.

Magog Brawnanvil moves into the side chapel and begins smashing anything and everything. Sir Bayard moves back into the main chapel upon seeing Magog Brawnanvil smashing everything. Kolev and Omen continues to escort Ghyffrey Aybara towards the chapel doors. Ghyffrey Aybara feels Kolev and Omen ’s hands turn into suction cups that burn and tear into him and are dragging him off to kill him. Magog Brawnanvil moves into the room with the font and smashing it after finishing smashing everything in the small chapel. Kolev releases Ghyffrey Aybara and prepares to try and knock him out as Omen tries to position him to best get the hit on him. Xellos runs in to assist Omen with the grapple. The tentacles grabbing Ghyffrey Aybara turn into thorned arms with feathers still trying to drag him out. Magog Brawnanvil moves to where Sir Bayard is as Sir Bayard continues down the passage. As Sir Bayard turns down a passage, he and Magog Brawnanvil hear the chanting from down the hall and through their force of will, the two are able to block out the chanting from penetrating their mind.

Sir Bayard turns around a corner to find a dark robed figure with arms outstretched and chanting and the two prepare to attack the figure. Xellos releases Ghyffrey Aybara and casts haste on himself, Kolev and Omen then starts making his way towards Sir Bayard and Magog Brawnanvil. Kolev tells Omen to deal with Ghyffrey Aybara, then makes his way toward Sir Bayard and Magog Brawnanvil.

Magog Brawnanvil turns the corner and declares the robed figure S45.4 as a heretic. Ghyffrey Aybara feels worms crawling up his arm and trying to burrow into his flesh and tries to smash them away, managing to break away from Omen ’s grasp. Sir Bayard makes his way towards the robed figure as it speaks a word of tremendous evil, in dark speech, that causes Sir Bayard ’s muscles to tense up.

Xellos continues around the corner to hear evil chanting coming from around another corner. Omen steps back, away from Ghyffrey Aybara to wait for him to regain his sanity. Kolev rushes into the room and right next to the robed figure. Magog Brawnanvil rushes up next to the creature, seeing the robed figure with arms outstretched and continues chanting. Ghyffrey Aybara hurls a spear of purity from his holy symbol, killing a villager.

Sir Bayard rushes up to the robed figure and pulls him down to the ground, as the figure says a word that fills those around it with an urge to kill it. Xellos turns the corner to find two of his companions in front of the figure, while he’s still spouting vile things and decides to turn back to leave them since they have it in hand. Omen tries to cast oppressive boredom on Ghyffrey Aybara; however Ghyffrey Aybara is able to resist the effect.

Kolev, seeing the opportunity to attempt to end the chanting and such, plunges his blades into the helpless figure. Upon the blades leaving the body, the cameo stops’ playing its song and Medil is brought back from his daydream, slightly unsettled and a little disturbed. He places the locket on the table and walks away.

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Session 45 Expanded

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