Session 21 Expanded

Session 21:
New Beginnings

3rd – 11th Day of Patchwall CY 621

Location: Rel DevenWorld Map
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The travelers began their new adventure in the City of Rel Deven at the start of a Fall season taking the chill off whilst drinking at the Golden Grain Inn and Tavern. Attracted by the various employment opportunities on the job boards, Dracioletto Machiovella (Draco for short), and Kordane the Burly struck up a conversation and started an impromptu adventuring group. They soon gathered Durass Brawnanvil, a warrior priest of Clangeddin, Drake Steele, a spell slinging warrior, and a self-professed jeweler Kagan the jeweler. Lastly, they drew the attention of a female elven rogue Ellifane Featherfoot to round out their group.

While originally mustered to cleanse a forest town’s Owlbear infestation problem, the party was soon derailed into helping a trio of Hieronian warriors by the names of Allister Tain, Jaffer, and Lucious to deliver a message to a wizard by the name of Master Gilnaeus. Ever mindful of profit opportunities, the group accepted both job offers and started towards Chathold first, planning on light genocide on the return trip. Their goal in Chathold was to find the elderly, elven wizard Master Gilnaeus and determine why he has been out of communication. After several days of uneventful travel, our heroes wandered across a medium sized band of ruffians. Superstitious and fearful of the Eidolon travelling with Kagan, they nearly commited suicide by Drake Steele by being pushy and shooing the party off. Drake Steele, aftering posturing a bit, held his anger in check, encouraged by the soothing words of the party. They continued towards their destination, interrupted only by a brief skirmish with a small band of Ogres and Orcs that attacked in the night.

Ogre skirmish

Orcs 1

After the following morning’s preparations, the party moved on and a short while later arrived at the gates of Chathold. The guards there took every precaution and peace-knotted visitor’s weapons informing them that martial law was in effect. Unfortunately, they did not know Master Gilnaeus, despite his association with the guard, however they did tell the party that an unknown force had attacked the city, slaying many of the town guards, which prompted the imposition of martial law. The party inquired at a local dwarven bar called “The Stout Dwarf” after Master Gilnaeus and the state of the city and were subtly guided towards an audience with the Commander of the Watch, Lord Aurelius. Gold was the password and grease for the machine and soon the party was standing in the audience chamber of the Watch Commander. After a short chat wherein the party gained a lead as to where to start looking for Master Gilnaeus, they were also warned to mind themselves carefully under the martial law. After being escorted out, the party regrouped at the Stout Dwarf to make plans and follow the lead given to them.

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Session 21 Expanded

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