Session 19 Expanded

Session 19:
Into the Belly of the Jelly

Brewfest CY 621

Location: CoradunWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Yellow

The party encountered some Ochre Jellies, Orche jelly which they easily dispatched. They then proceeded into a large room with deep water; as they journeyed across the room they were set upon by 5 extremely large and vicious Chuuls. Chuul

These creatures seemed imbued with the powerful blessings of a dark and sinister being, terrible blessings that the creatures were far too willing to share on our intrepid band of heroes. During the struggle Lucious was killed and the party botched an escape attempt.

The cruel and baleful creatures not satiated by the group’s ineffective attempt to battle them sought instead to rob the survivors of their pride and worldly goods. In their greed they failed to notice the group member’s cleaver poly to retrieve their fallen comrades and their most valuable items. The party made good their escape, fled the ruins and swore they would be back to administer vengeance.

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Session 19 Expanded

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