Session 18 Expanded

Session 18:
Delving Deeper

Brewfest – CY 621

Location: CoradunWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Yellow

The party found out about the ooze on the level they were on and quickly put an end to it. Additionally, the party found out that the black orb opens a doorway somewhere in the dungeon. The party then found a kitchen and an attached room with a well.

The party moved on to defeat some ice golems

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and frost mephitis in a deep freezer full of meat. Moving on the party found a room with a large sand table of Irongate and another room next to it which appeared to be a broken teleport chamber.

Moving down the hallway, the party came across a large double room full of piles of coal and various earth elementals. After defeating the Earth elementals, the party thought it wise to rest before heading further into the depths of Coradum.

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Session 18 Expanded

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