Session 17 Expanded

Session 17:
Descending Assault

27th Day of Harvester to 1st day of Brewfest CY 621

Location: CoradunWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Yellow

The party finished exploring the first subterranean level of Caradun after resting. When they rested, a loud noise awoke the party to a the stone door being destroyed as something was trying to get in. Soon enough, a Flesh Golem broke through the door accompanied by a spell caster clothed in a black robe and hurling Fireballs . The party overcame the two and found nothing else of note on the level except a crude map on the spell caster supporting the rumor that Caradun was most likely quite connected to other areas deep underground.

The party then descended to the second subterranean level of Caradun. The opening room of this level had a long ramp which descended into the third subterranean level of Caradun. With a rare bit of subterfuge, Teryn Silverleaf spied a host of enemies gathering in the large cavern below. The party planned out their assault and then waged a massive battle with dozens of Orcs, Orcs 1 and multiple Trolls, Ogres, human warriors, and mages.

The large cavern had an alter in the middle on top of which a Unicorn had been sacrificed. The party left Daceus to loot the fallen foes as the rest pursued a Morgh and enemy spell caster doe the remaining hallway. The party was set upon by three Rust Monsters and then ambushed by the invisible Morgh Undead mohrg and spell caster.

The party defeated the Morgh and the arcane enemy caster named Tormias surrendered. The party found Tormias to be amiable to a Lesser Geas cast by Gilnaeus and then the party collected the loot from the dead onslaught where Daceus had been working and was led to some sleeping quarters by the helpful Tormias, after a brief discussion and an accounting of loot – the party decided to press on after resting.

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Session 17 Expanded

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