Session 16 Expanded

Session 16:
A Brief Respite

23rd Day of Goodmonth through 27th Day of Harvester CY 621

Location: CoradunWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Yellow

The party spent over a month resting, refitting, and selling items to gear up for the next dungeon dive.

Once the party head out after meeting with a wealthy Dwarf about some miniature toys, they found that an owlbear Owlbear was terrorizing the people on the outskirts of Grammand.

They arrived in Grammond after defeating 3 harpies and a hag on the road. The owlbear was dispatched and the town saved, then the party headed through Solce and on to Coradun.

With the new farmboy Lucious in tow, the party fought a Morhg just inside the ruins.

It was obvious that things had taken up residence in the party’s absence. The group descended and fought a large group of orcs and then moved on to dispatch a flesh golem.

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Session 16 Expanded

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