Monster Races Wealth

Monster Races: Wealth

More Money, More Problems

In 3.5 and Pathfinder, wealth and Magic Items are a key part of character power, roleplaying, prestige and reward. In order to be in line with other same ECL characters, consideration has to be made for Monster Races who potentially start with a higher ECL. Many of the Monster Races have powerful weapons, abilities, and defenses. With this in mind, the following provisions are in place to provide wealth, but not allow for rapid degradation of the gameplay. Think of it as maintaining balance to the force.

Where to Start

Follow the process up until now to determine your Monster Race. For example purposes, let’s assume you come to the decision that you are playing a single class character with 1,300,000 experience this gives you an ECL of 17 to work with. You have also decided in this example to play a Harpy. Harpies have CR of 4 and 7 HD. Due to this, their ECL is 7. This leaves you with 7 levels to build on to. For wealth, take the total ECL of your character from the SRD/Core which for this example of ECL 17 is $410,000 Gold. Because your first 7 ECL were eaten up y being a Harpy, you need to acount for this by removing the wealth by level for the Monster Race ECL. Since an ECL 7 character shows $23,500, we will remove that from the $410,000 and have a remaining $386,500 to spend. This difference represents money you spent on items, consumables, and other monstrous deeds during this time.


Starting Wealth for new characters with the Monster Race option is the total of the ECL value less the Monster Race ECL value.

Crafty Crafting

For purposes of crafting percent, you still use your total ECL to determine the percent available at the time of creation. This is only valid for that moment. Once the character is ‘live’, he or she follows the standard crafting rules for tree and primary characters.

Monster Race Items

There are some monsters whose entry in the SRD reflects item or items as part of their entry. If this is the case, then you are assumed to have these items as part of your wealth by level spent as being a monster. In the example of the Harpy, the SRD shows a Morningstar. This would be considered as gear the Monster Race starts with and does not effect the remaining $386,000.


If a Monster Race shows a piece of equipment or Magic Item in the SRD entry, then the character is assumed to possess that equipment or item upon creation.

If the Shoe Fits

When purchasing items for your Monster Race, you need to ensure that you take into consideration the rules for magic items, sizing, and humanoid/non-humanoid listed in the core and SRD. These can impact trying to put full plate on your dragon or a Greataxe for your titan. This paragraph really serves more as a reminder that all Core rules still apply to items for Monster Races.

Monster Races Wealth

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