Monster Races Templates

Monster Races: Templates

Variety is the Spice of Life

Part of the goal of the Monster Race creation rules is to allow over one thousand new races to be played. Monster Races and Templates imbalance the game when used in conjunction. This is very similar to the house rule of no Gestalt Option and Leadership Option on the same character. When one reviews the Templates, you will note there are under 100 available. Most of the things that templates provide for are mixed into the Monster Races.

Simple-Giant Template = Hill Giant, Fire Giant, Stone Giant, etc
Metal-Clad Template = Brass Golem, Flesh Golem, Stone Golem, Mithril Golem
Vampire Template = Vampire


Templates are only applied at the discretion of the DM/GM. The main purpose of Templates is for NPCs and encounters.

In the end, the Templates will remain as DM/GM discretion to apply in game to PCs and Monsters. The PCs have much more opportunity with the opening of the Monster Races for play.

Monster Races Templates

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