Monster Races Intro

Monster Races: Introduction

What is the Point of Monster Races?

The goal is to create a gameplay neutral, easily executable system of integrating in the vast monster cadre from the Pathfinder SRD into our game world. This opens up over 2,000 player races and creates great character backstories, engagement, and interaction. Be prepared for Gestalt Silver Dragon Sorcerer/Paladins, Froghemoth Monks, Treant Barbarians, and Iron Golem Inquisitors – this system supports them all…

Starting Experience

Like all character creation methods, you must first start with an amount of experience. This works exactly like our present character creation core rules. Let’s assume for the sake of this that you have 1,300,000 experience points. In our campaign you have the option to play a straight class character or to spend 60 Player Reward Points and become a Gestalt option. If you chose the straight class, you have an effective character level (ECL) of 17. If you chose Gestalt, you have an ECL of 16. This must be determined before you can know what level of monster you can chose.
For this example, we will choose to be straight class since we don’t have the PRPs to spend.

Selecting a Freak

The next step is to determine what monster we would like to play. To look at your option, open the SRD website and navigate to the Bestiary section. You will need to select a monster whose Challenge Rating (CR) and its Hit Dice (HD) are separately lower or equal to your available ECL.


The ECL of the Monstrous Race is always the higher of the CR and the HD. Neither of these can exceed your total starting ECL.

For example, I am trying to decide between Planetar and a Kolyarut. The Planetar has a CR of 16 and 17 HD. For our purposes the ECL of the Planetar is 17 as it is the higher of the two. The Kolyarut is a CR of 12 and has 12 HD. Its ECL is 12.
Because I would like to add class levels, I am going to decide to play the Kolyarut. Since he has an ECL of 12, this leaves me with 5 ECLs to spare. I will make take 5 levels of Fighter with him. This will make him a Kolyarut Fighter 5 – a total ECL of 17!

Here are some other ideas which add up to an ECL of 17…

Blood Golem Ranger 10
Mature Black Dragon Cleric 1
Treant Barbarian 5
Glabrezeu Fighter 2 Rogue 2

Monster Races Intro

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