Monster Races Attributes

Monster Races: Attributes


When selecting the Monster Race option, the manners in which attributes are generated are entirely different than the normal player character creation process detailed in the core rules. After selecting you valid Monster Race based on ECL and selecting a valid alignment, the next step is to record the attributes.

Welcome to the Tribe

Attributes of Monster Races reflect the exact Pathfinder SRD layout both in number and in stat. These attributes do not change. Follow each of the six stats and copy the exact number as reflected in the SRD. Rules are under consideration for earning the ability to modify attributes through the use of Player Reward Points (PRPs). Check the forums early and often to look for the Alpha testing on these rules.


For a Centaur, your stat line would appear as: Strength: 15, Dexterity: 14, Constitution: 15, Intelligence: 11, Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 12


When selecting a Monster Race, you do not roll for any attributes except comeliness. Your character’s attributes will exactly match the SRD monster’s stats. These stats cannot be moved.

Ability Increases

Ability increases in Pathfinder happen every four levels. When selecting a Monster Race, it is assumed that this is accounted for in the base stats of the ECL.

Example: A Centaur is a CR of 3 and has 4 HD. The ECL of the Centaur is 4. Due to this, the only ability increases would begin when the character’s ECL is 8 or higher. The level 4 ability increase is assumed to be in the base stats.

Monster Races Attributes

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