Gilnaeus' History

Gilnaeus was born in the reclusive and secretive Grey Elf Kingdom of Celeste on the very night that the eye and hand of Vecna were brought together (455 CY). The stars aligned that night in an ominous array and scholars advised Prince Archosian Brightflame (then leader of Celeste) that all children born under these pretenses needed to be isolated and watched.

Gilnaeus was raised under the watchful eyes of the Magus Imperious affording him every opportunity for schooling in their strict, yet enlightening fashion. In these formative years, Gilnaeus was a virtual prisoner in the stidu of the arcane. His studies included lore, history, magical creation, and manipulation of the arcane forces. Possessing an acute desire for arcane mastery, Gilnaeus spent every waking moment working on his spellcraft and thus positioned himself as a social leper.

When he came of age, he was summoned he began his trials. Overcoming them with relative ease, he was summoned to the Kingdom of Sunndi to complete his final trial before being allowed into the Magus Imperious. While traveling, his Elven band was ambushed by a horde of Orcs led by Grissle Backbiter II. Entirely outnumbered, Gilnaeus was rendered unconscious and later sold into slavery to a group of Goblins.

In the bonds of Goblins, Gilnaeus was tortured repeatedly and often left for dead. Only his burning hatred against his captors and an equally burning desire for magical acuity did he hang on to life. The years continued to pass and with it, his resolve built. He would have his vengeance.

Shortly after being rescued from his captors by a pillaging adventuring band was Gilnaeus able to pick up his arcane journey and turn his attention to Chathold and begin anew. It is here that his story truly begins.

Gilnaeus' History

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