Epic V Feats

Vatic Gaze
(Player’s Handbook II, p. 85)
Your arcane studies have brought forth your nascent talent to sense magical auras and the power that others are capable of wielding.
Prerequisite arcane caster level 9,
Benefit You can use detect magic at will. Also, as a swift action, you can attempt to determine an opponent’s spellcasting ability. You make a Sense Motive check (DC 5 + target’s caster level). If this check succeeds, you learn the highest-level spells the target is capable of casting. This benefit grants you no insight into spell-like or supernatural abilities.

Venom’s Gift
(Complete Champion, p. 63)
You can imbue your natural attacks with a touch of venom.
Prerequisite ability to assume plant form using wild shape, Any two wild feats, wild shape class feature,
Benefit As a standard action, you can expend one daily use of your wild shape ability to envenom your natural attacks for up to 1 round per caster level you possess. An ordinary unarmed strike does not qualify for this benefit; you must have a true natural attack, though it can be the result of a transmutation spell or other shapechange effect. Poison: Injury, Fortitude negates (DC 10 +1/2 your HD + your Con modifier), ld2 Str/ld2 Str.

Versatile Unarmed Strike
(Player’s Handbook II, p. 85)
[Fighter Bonus Feat, General]
You employ a variety of unarmed fighting styles, allowing you to alter the type of damage your attacks deal.
Prerequisite Improved Unarmed Strike (PH) ,
Benefit As a swift action, you can opt for your unarmed strikes to deal your choice of bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage. Once you make this choice, your unarmed strikes continue to deal the chosen damage type until you use another swift action to change it.
Special A fighter can select Versatile Unarmed Strike as one of his fighter bonus feats.

Vexing Flanker
(Player’s Handbook II, p. 85)
[Fighter Bonus Feat, General]
You excel at picking apart an opponent’s defenses when your allies also threaten him.
Prerequisite Combat Reflexes (PH) ,
Required for Adaptable Flanker (PH2) ,
Benefit You gain a +4 bonus on your attack rolls when fl anking.
Special A fighter can select Vexing Flanker as one of his fighter bonus feats.
Normal Flanking grants a +2 bonus on attack rolls.

Victor’s Luck
(Complete Scoundrel, p. 82)
You strike with devastating accuracy more often.
Benefit You can expend one luck reroll as a swift action to reroll a critical threat confirmation roll. You gain one luck reroll per day.

Epic V Feats

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