Epic U Feats

Umbral Shroud
(Complete Champion, p. 63)
You control darkness and shadows.
Prerequisite Ability to cast 3rd-level spells,
Benefit As long as you have a 3rd-level or higher darkness spell available to cast, shadows and darkness appear to obey your will. As a standard action, you can direct these shadows to obscure the vision of one foe within 30 feet. If your target fails a Will save, its attacks have a miss chance equal to 5% per level of the highest-level darkness spell you have available to cast. This effect lasts until the beginning of your next action. Creatures that do not rely on sight are unaffected by this effect, and those with Blind-Fight or similar abilities can fight as they normally would. As a secondary benefit, you gain darkvision out to 10 feet. If you already have darkvision, its range increases by 10 feet.

Unbelievable Luck
(Complete Scoundrel, p. 81)
The powers of fortune truly smile on you more than most mortals.
Prerequisite Any Luck feat,
Benefit As long as you have at least one luck reroll remaining for the day, you gain a +2 luck bonus on whichever of your saves has the lowest base bonus. If two or more of your saves tie for the lowest base bonus, choose when you select this feat which save it applies to. If your base save bonuses later change so that the chosen save no longer has the lowest base bonus, the luck bonus from this feat immediately applies to the save that now has the lowest base bonus. You gain two luck rerolls per day.

Undead Mastery
(Complete Divine, p. 90)
You can command a greater number of undead than normal.
Prerequisite CHA 21, ability to rebuke or command undead,
Required for Zone of Animation (CD) , Zone of Animation (EL) ,
Benefit You may command up to ten times your level in HD of undead.

Unholy Strike
(Complete Divine, p. 90)
Your attacks deal great damage to good creatures.
Prerequisite any evil alignment, Smite good class feature,
Benefit Any weapon you wield is treated as an unholy weapon (it deals +2d6 points of damage against creatures of good alignment). This ability doesn’t stack with similar abilities (for instance, if the weapon is already an unholy weapon).

Unsettling Enchantment
(Complete Mage, p. 48)
Your enchantment spells cloud the minds of even those who would otherwise resist their effects.
Prerequisite Spell Focus (enchantment) or enchanter level 1st,
Benefit Any foe required to save against an enchantment spell you cast takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls and to AC for 1 round, regardless of the result of the save. This is a mindaffecting effect.
Special An enchanter can select this feat as a wizard bonus feat.

Up the Hill
(Complete Scoundrel, p. 90)
[Movement, Skill Trick]
You can move quickly up a slope.
Prerequisite Acrobatics 5 ranks,
Benefit You can move up a steep slope or stairs at your normal speed instead of at half speed. This effect lasts for 1 round.

Epic U Feats

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