Death, Dying, and Character Transition

Dying – (AKA -Death’s Door) – A character reduced below 0 hit points is not dead but dying. A character dies when he reaches a negative hit point total equal to his constitution score. When a character is reduced to negative hit points he receives an immediate stabilization roll. This roll is percentage based; a result of 10% or less means the character auto stabilizes and holds steady at his current total and stays so for up to an hour or until some type of intervening action happens. If the Auto-stabilization check is not made; then the character must make a stabilization check each round to determine whether there are changes in his condition.

This check will be made on the d20 with the results being as follows:

Die Roll Result
Natural 1 Character looses 1d4 hit points
2 Character looses 1d2 hit points
3 – 10 Character looses 1 hit point
11 – 18 Character does not lose any hit points (no change)
19 – 20 Character Stabilizes (see above)

Death – If your guy dies and cannot be or is not raised; the character you bring in to replace the lost character will come in at an xp total equal to what you last character had at the beginning of the session that he was killed in.

It sucks when a character dies, but it happens. I would perfer if players do not try to bring in a character clone of the character that died. (e.g. A character of the same class or race of the character that was killed).

Divine Intervention – At the moment of death; the character receives a 3% chance of having a deity, higher power or fate stepping in and sparing the character from demise. The DM ultimately decides the type of divine aid rendered. The recipients of divine aid rarely remain unchanged by the experience.

Switching a Character Out – I would prefer if people would not, but I do understand that sometimes a character just gets old or it did not work out like you thought it would, so I will allow switch outs. That being said switch outs are one of those things that can really kill a campaign, so here is how it is going to go:

  • A. Switch outs will be allowed but the new character comes in one level lower than the PC he is replacing at the at minimum xp to achieve that level. An exception to this rule is made if the player has played the character that he wants to abandon for 10 sessions or more, if this is the case A player may switch out and write the new character in at the same level of the character that is being replaced at the at minimum xp to achieve that level. Switch out characters are subject to all of the wealth option provisions outlined in Character Generation.

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Death, Dying, and Character Transition

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