Character Advancement through Epic Levels

When Does Epic Level Advancement Begin
Experience Points at Higher Levels
What Changes When You Reach Epic Levels
Base Attack Progression at Epic Levels
Save Progression at Epic Levels
Spell Progression at Epic Levels
Hit Points at Epic Levels
Skill Points at Epic Levels
Class Abilities at Epic Levels
How Do Mythic Powers Integrate with Epic Advancement
What about Prestige Classes
What about Ideas Not Covered Here

When Does Epic Level Advancement Begin?

The main benchmark for epic level advancement happens when a character reaches level 21. However, monstrous characters may not reach 21 HD before they reach 21st level of experience in our system. For such creatures, epic level advancement begins when their experience totals put them into 21st level, not when their hit dice do. For gestalt characters, the timing is a little different because they have their own experience progression, but other than that, a gestalt character will progress to epic level advancement at essentially the equivalent point, where they would become 21st level.

Experience Points at Higher Levels

This chart is based on the information on the srd about leveling up:

To gain a level beyond 20th, a character must double the experience points needed to achieve the previous level. Thus, assuming the medium XP progression, a 20th-level character needs 2,100,000 XP to become 21st level, since he needed 1,050,000 XP to reach 20th level from 19th. He’d then need 4,200,000 XP to reach 22nd level, 8,400,000 XP to reach 23rd, and so on.

Character Advancement and Level Dependent Bonuses
Level Experience Point Total (Single Class) Experience Point Total (Gestalt) Feats Ability Score Epic Attack Bonus Epic Save Bonus
21st 5,700,000 7,410,000 1 - 0 0
22nd 9,900,000 12,870,000 2 - 1 0
23rd 18,300,000 23,790,000 3 - 1 1
24th 35,100,000 45,630,000 4 6th 2 1
25th 68,700,000 89,310,000 5 - 2 1
26th 135,900,000 176,670,000 6 - 3 2
27th 270,300,000 351,390,000 7 - 3 2
28th 539,100,000 700,830,000 8 7th 4 2
29th 1,076,700,000 1,399,710,000 9 - 4 3
30th 2,151,900,000 2,797,470,000 10 - 5 3
31st 4,302,300,000 5,592,990,000 11 - 5 3
32nd 8,603,100,000 11,184,030,000 12 8th 6 4
33rd 17,204,700,000 22,366,110,000 13 - 6 4
34th 34,407,900,000 44,730,270,000 14 - 7 4
35th 68,814,300,000 89,458,590,000 15 - 7 5
36th 137,627,100,000 178,915,230,000 16 9th 8 5
37th 275,252,700,000 357,828,510,000 17 - 8 5
38th 550,503,900,000 715,655,070,000 18 - 9 6
39th 1,101,006,300,000 1,431,308,190,000 19 - 9 6
40th 2,202,011,100,000 2,862,614,430,000 20 10th 10 6

What Changes When You Reach Epic Levels?

When you reach epic levels, you gain base attack progression, base saves, and feats at a different rate. Characters who have completed 20 levels of a spellcasting class will gain new spells differently. Hit points and skill points remain based on the base class as they were.

Base Attack Progression at Epic Levels

The epic attack bonus grants a +1 bonus for every even level after 20. As the attack bonus grows through epic levels, you still acquire a third attack at +11 and a fourth at +16, but beyond that, though your attack bonuses may continue to rise, you do not gain additional attacks. Your epic attack bonus also improves your combat maneuvers and defense.

Save Progression at Epic Levels

Saving throws slow down as well at epic levels. Regardless of class, each character gains a +1 epic bonus on saves for every three levels after 20.

Spell Progress at Epic Levels

For characters who have not already gained 20 levels in a single spellcasting progression, they continue to advance in spells known and spell per day just as they had before, until they reach the 20th level of spell progression. After that point, the rules change. At every odd level, you gain one spell per day at the highest level you can cast. At every even level, you gain new spells per day at any levels such that the sum of the new spells per day slots is equal to the highest level spell you can cast.

Hit Points at Epic Levels

You gain hit points based on your selected class’s hit dice. You also gain bonuses as usual for Constitution, Toughness, and favored class bonuses.

Skill Points at Epic Levels

Skill points are acquired at the normal rate for the selected class.

Class Abilities at Epic Levels

Although there are not published rules for class progression after 20th level, there is a working set of rules for players wanting to take their characters beyond level 20. You will still acquire improvements and gradual increases to your class abilities. On the other hand, if you are playing a multi-class character, such as a fighter 18 / rogue 2, then your class abilities do not advance to epic level abilities until you would pass level 20 in one of those classes. If you were to gain three more levels of fighter, at that point, you would proceed to the epic level ability progression of the fighter class for your new abilities, gaining the level 21 ability, even though your character level was 23.

How Do Mythic Powers Integrate with Epic Advancement?

Mythic powers are a separate phenomenon that will be more suitable for our game in the near future. Mythic characters select from one of six character paths, can choose powers from those groups, and gain feats and ability score bonuses as they progress through up to ten tiers of mythic power. Technically speaking, the mythic powers do not depend upon character level, but for the sake of making mythic rules easier to get through, we will be limiting progress to one mythic tier per odd level after 20. Instead of trying to cover all the mythic rules here, there will be a section dedicated to explaining more about how they fit into our system.

What about Prestige Classes?

Characters can select prestige classes for which they qualify if they consult with the DM first. Generally speaking, most prestige can be worked into play, but it may require some arbitration to determine how certain abilities will carry over into Pathfinder. Just as with base classes, you lose the normal progress of base attack bonus and saves and replace them with epic attack bonus and epic save bonus progressions.

What about Ideas Not Covered Here?

If you have ideas or questions about rules mechanics not covered here, there will be a fair amount of time to discuss how it would work in an epic-level setting. While there’s no guarantee that every idea will work out, there’s no harm in asking about an idea or inclination.

Character Advancement through Epic Levels

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