Archomentals are powerful exemplary beings of the Elemental Planes and rulers over the elementals. Although they are not truly rulers of their planes, archomentals like to consider themselves as much and often grant themselves regal titles like Prince or Princess. They are compared in the source material to the archfiends or celestial paragons, and are considered to be the elemental equivalent of such beings.

Evil Archomentals

Greater powers lurk on the elemental planes. While some are benign. others are a malignancy, plotting schemes of domination that encompass entire planes of existence. The Elemental Princes of Evil harbor such hopes, and they possess the power and will to bring them to life.

Along with their good counterparts. these beings are collectively known as archomentals. powerful exemplary beings of the Elemental Planes. Less powerful than true deities. they are similar in status to the archfiends and celestial paragons. Archomentals fancy themselves rulers of their planes’ natives, claiming regal titles such as prince and lord.

Each archomental considers itself unique. balking at the idea that it could be in the same class as any other being. These princes are oten at odds with one another and sometimes openly at war. All elemental creatures know the power ofthe evil archomentals and fear them but their counterparts, the Elemental Princes of Good oppose them directly. The greater elemental gods (Kos-suth, lstishia. Grumbar, and Akadi} keep careful watch on both the good and evil archomentals and only involve themselves when one side threatens to gain too much influence over its respective plane.

The archomentals are among the oldest living beings in the multiverse. Several of them fought in the ancient wars between Law and Chaos that spanned several Material Plane worlds in the Age Before Ages. The good archomentals sided with the vaati, the legendary, Wind Dukes of Aqua, while the evil princes. for the most part. aided the Queen of chaos and her minions. Remnants of their forces are still found lurking across the scattered sites of importance to the war. Although not actively involved in the Blood War. several powerful fiends have made alliances with the Princes of Elemental Evil and a few archomentals count archdevils and demon princes as enemies

The evil god known as the Elder Elemental Eye claims to have sired most of the Elemental Princes of Evil. making them strange siblings indeed. Scholars of ancient religions speculate that this god is actually the ancient evil, Tharizdun. lending credence to this alleged paternity, small cults off Tharizdun have successfully made pacts with the evil archomentals over the millennial with varying degrees of success. Tharizdun used the demon Zuggtmoy to construct the infamous Temple of Elemental Evil, in which she and the demigod Iuz opened conduits to tour powerful nodes on the Elemental Planes. Tharizdun encouraged Imix, Ogrémoch, Olhydra. and Yan-C-Bin to secretly assist in crafting the nodes. which would allow his followers to summon the princes and thereby weaken the bonds that hold him in his eternal prison.

Like powerful fiends, archomentals can grant spells as proxies for divine powers, and many have large cults on the Material Plane dedicated to them.

Good Archomentals

Good Archomentals are powerful exemplary beings of the Elemental Planes, similar to the celestial paragons and archfiends. While the fury of the elemental Princes of Evil has shaken the multiverse for millennia, the Elemental Princes of Good stand against their evil counterparts to prevent them From dominating the Elemental Planes and, ultimately, all planes of existence.

Although they don’t rule their home planes, archomentals still command considerable power. Each archomental has a vast army of supporters, and it is rarely drawn into battle without adequate support. Every archomental holds sway over a large dominion on its plane and dwells in a well-protected fortress, contributing to its long-lasting survival.

The good archomentals are ancient beings, although the Elemental Princes of Evil clearly predate them. Legends say the Elemental Planes themselves birthed the Elemental Princes of Good in the Age Before Ages, to serve as a balancing force to prevent their evil counterparts from becoming too powerfiil. During their genesis, the moral Wars between Law and Chaos raged on.

The four fledgling archomentals Chan, Ben-hadar, Sunnis, and Bristia Pel became comrades, and after observing the conflict they concluded that the side of Law should also be the side of Good. The good princes eagerly joined the vaati, also known as the Wind Dukes of Aaqa, but were soon dismayed to find evil elementals among the forces of Law. Upon discovering Yan-C-Bin’s alliance with the Wind Dukes, Chan immediately ended her involvement with the conflict. Two lesser evil elemental lords, Chilimba of Magma and Ehkahk of Smoke, also fought alongside the vaati. In one of the war’s major battles, Chilimba and Ehkahk betrayed the good archornentals, ambushing and destroying Bristia Pel. Disillusioned, Ben -hadar abandoned the vaati, eventually joining the side of Chaos for the war’s duration, while Sunnis remained steadfastly with the side of Law.

The Elemental Princes of Good lack the same level of influence and reputation throughout the planes that their evil counterparts enjoy. Whether due to the evil princes’ longer existence or greater power, the good archomentals seek to lessen this foul prestige. Like the celestial paragons, good archomentals can grant spells as proxies for divine powers. They do not, however, encourage cults organized in their names on the Material Plane.

Reading the Entries

Title or Position – self-explanatory, however important to note if interacting with a Archomentals addressing them by his or her proper title is important.

Alignments – Alignments have been abbreviated due to space considerations. (you all should know these).

Concerns – This is similar to but should not be confused with a Deities Portfolio. A Concern is the subject that a Archomental is most likely to become actively invloved in.

Domains – are listed in alphabetical order, Sub-Domains are listed in domain order. You will notice that some Domains listed in the Domain column are not currently in the Pathfinder game; these are hold over Domains from D&D 3.5. I included these because I believe that eventually these Domains will be up-graded to Pathfinder. If for some reason a 3.5 D&D Domain listed in the Domain column is now actually a Pathfinder Sub-Domain but is not in the Sub-Domain column, it may be added the Sub-Domain list.

To view more information on the Domains please go to: Pathfinder Domains

Weapon – Only the most Powerful of Archomental have a Favored Wepon.

Unholy Symbol – Only the most Powerful of Archomental have their own Holy Symbol.

Plane – This is the Plane(s) that this being has dominion over or resides on.

Evil Archomentals

Evil Archomentals
Name Title or Position Align Concerns Domains Sub-domain Weapon Unholy Symbol Plane
Alyolvoy Princess of Evil Water Creatures NE - Evil, Water Daemon, Oceans - - -
Cryonax Prince of Evil Cold Creatures, Bringer of Endless Winter, the Bleak Monarch NE Ice, cold creatures Cold, Evil Ice, Daemon - His symbol is either a blue-white circle within a square or a silver snowflake. Paraelemental Plane of Ice
Imix Prince of Evil Fire Creatures NE - Evil, Fire Daemon, Ash - His symbol is a red diamond Elemental Plane of Fire
Ogrémoch Prince of Evil Earth Creatures NE - Earth, Evil Caves, Daemon - His symbol is an equilateral triangle with short hash marks through each side. Elemental Plane of Earth
Olhydra Princess of Evil Water Creatures NE - Evil, Water Daemon, Oceans - Her symbol is a blue-green square. Elemental Plane of Water
Uzrith Prince of Evil Earth Creatures NE - Earth, Evil Caves, Daemon - - -
Yan-C-Bin Prince of Evil Air Creatures NE - Air, Evil Cloud, Daemon Short Sword His symbol is a silver-white circle Elemental Plane of Air

Good Archomentals

Good Archomentals
Name Title or Position Align Concerns Domains Sub-domain Weapon Unholy Symbol Plane
Ben-hadar Prince of Good Water Creatures, Squallbringer, The Valorous Tempest NG Good-Aligned Water Elementals and Water Creatures Good, Purification, Water Agathion, Oceans - - Elemental Plane of Water
Chan Princess of Good Aerial Creatures, The Silent One, Glorious Zephyr NG Good-Aligned Air Elementals and Air Creatures Air, Good, Meditation Wind, Agathion - - Elemental Plane of Air
Entemoch Prince of Good Earth Creatures NG - Earth, Good Caves, Agathion - - Elemental Plane of Earth
Sunnis Princess of Good Earth Creatures, The True Stone, Lode Mother NG Good-Aligned Earth Elementals and Earth Creatures Earth, Good Caves, Agathion - - Elemental Plane of Earth
Zaaman Rul Prince of Good Fire Creatures, The Flame of Purity, Resilient Ember NG Good-Aligned Fire Elementals and Fire Creatures Courage, Fire, Good Smoke, Agathion - - Elemental Plane of Fire


Name Title or Position Align Concerns Domains Sub-domain Weapon Unholy Symbol Plane
Bwimb (d) Prince of Ooze Creatures NE - Evil, Plant Daemon, Decay - His symbol was a black sphere. Paraelemental Plane of Ooze
Bwimb II Princess of Ooze Creatures NE - Evil, Plant Daemon, Decay - - Paraelemental Plane of Ooze
Chlimbia Prince of Magma Creatures NE - Evil, Fire Daemon, Ash - - Paraelemental Plane of Fire
Ehkahk Prince of Smoke Creatures NE - Evil, Fire Daemon, Smoke - - Paraelemental Plane of Smoke


Name Title or Position Align Concerns Domains Sub-domain Weapon Unholy Symbol Plane
Gazra The Shifting Emperor of Ash - - Evil, Fire Daemon, Ash - - Paraelemental Plane of Ash
Crystalle Lord of Minerals - - Earth, Evil Metal, Daemon - - -
Alu Kahn Sang This High General or the Wind of Destruction - - Air, Evil Cloud, Daemon - - -
Ty-h’kadi Prince of Thunder and Lightning, Lord of Storm Elementals - - Evil, Wheather Daemon, Storms - - -
Sun Sing Viceroy of the Vacuum - - Evil, Void Daemon, Dark Tapestry - - -


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