Inori Uxta Kayali

seems to be a grey elven love story


The book acts as a Tome of Leadership and Influence +6, except that it loses its magic only for ten years and then can be used again. Nobody can understand its meaning properly (and hence accrue the benefits) without spending at least a month in careful study, and subsequently making a DC 50 Linguistics check. Grey elves get a +10 on such a check, while other elves and half-elves gain a +2. Upon a casual, non-detailed reading of the poetic structure and accounts of book, one can learn the basic contents (see below) in a few hours by making a DC 20 Linguistics check or by studying it while having the spell comprehend languages active.


The poet who compiled this story in ancient grey elven times doubtlessly wrote down or was musing upon an extent oral tradition. The book discusses Inori, which is one of the Grey Elf names for the deity known by humans as Rao. The love-story speaks of Inori’s longing for a Kayali, which seems to be a feminine being representing chance, fate, fortune, or destiny, depending on how one reads the text.

Inori Uxta Kayali

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