One of the twin rapiers of Elindom discovered by Galimdor

weapon (melee)

By itself: Fasric is +5 flaming, defending, agile rapier

As a free action, the wielder can activate or deactivate Fasric’s flaming, although the weapon does not like the flames to be muted continually.

Fasric in the hands of an elf: +1 damage

Twin Rapiers Benefits when wielded together: When wielded together, they grant

1. a +1 shield bonus (or increase the shield bonus conferred by feats and abilities like Two-Weapon Defense)
2. as well as improving any feint checks made by +1.
3. In addition, the two weapons’ energy damage increases from 1d6 to 1d10 when wielded together.
4. They also allow the wielder of both to stack their defender bonuses (even though it is not clear from the rules that this should normally be allowed).

When Twin Rapiers are wielded together AND by an elf:

1. Allow one additional attack with off-hand weapon (provided you have more attacks with your main hand).
2. The weapons allow the wielder to expend a swift action to convert one weapon’s energy type to the other, e.g. Fasric will deal cold, or Kalimpir will deal fire.


Fasric is a powerful rapier that gains additional benefits when wielded by an elf or when wielded by a character also wielding Kalimpir (its twin). Forged by the weapon master Sarinor in Elindom, who, it is said, opened two gates simultaneously to complete the forging, one to the elemental plane of fire and the other to the plane of water, in order to assure that the normally contrary elements would complement one another in just the right way. The weapons belonged to Sarinor’s nephew Carendolan, whose descendants held the weapons until they were seized by the scro general Korginox during the march of Glikta Deathbringer. Afterwards, the warriors of the elf band, the Timeless Watch, proved victorious in a skirmish against Korginox’s band, they raided his headquarters, and Galimdor himself defeated Korginox at the throne, for which he was awarded custody of the rapiers on behalf of the elf band.


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