Damiano Lamia Arcanius-zha



Elf (P) Vampire, Sorcerer (P) / Wizard (P) 17th
Medium Undead (Elf)
Hit Dice: 1, 17d8 (269 hp)
Initiative: +12
Speed: 30' (6 sq) (light enc.)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.

AC: 25 (+8 Dex, +1 Dodge, +6 Natural Armor), Touch 19, 
Flat-Footed 16

Saves: Fort +21, Ref +20, Will +21

Abilities: Str 12, Dex 26, Con , Int 26, Wis 22, Cha 32

Base Att/CMB/CMD: +8 / +9(+2*) / 28(+2*)

Single Attack:

Slam: +9 melee (1d4+1/20)
Ray: +16 ranged (0/20)

Full Attack:

Slam: +9 melee (1d4+1/20)
Ray: +16/+11 ranged (0/20)

==| FEATS |==
Natural Spell, Spell Penetration, Greater Spell Penetration, Improved Counterspell, 
Parry Spell, Craft Staff, Staff-Like Wand, Craft Wand, Scribe Scroll, Craft Wondrous Item, 
Craft Contingent Spell, Piercing Spell, Eschew Materials, Improved Grapple, Combat Casting, 
Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Toughness, 
Practised Spellcaster, Spontaneous Metafocus (Horrid Wilting), Empower Spell, 
Focused Mind Trait.

==| SKILLS |==
Acrobatics +8, Appraise +13, Bluff +31, Climb +1, Diplomacy +11, Disguise +28, Escape Art +8, 
Fly +25, Heal +6, Intimidate +11, Linguistics +27, Perception +29, Ride +8, Sense Motive +12, 
Spellcraft +28, Stealth +25, Survival +6, Swim +1, Use Magic Dev. +30, Kn:Arcana +28, 
Kn:Dungeon +13, Kn:Eng +13, Kn:Geo +13, Kn:History +13, Kn:Local +13, Kn:Nature +13, 
Kn:Nobility +13, Kn:Planes +28, Kn:Religion +13.

==| Languages (x26) |==
Common, Elven, Protean, Druidic, Drow Sign Language, Abyssal, Aklo, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, 
Draconic, Dwarven, Giant, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin,  Halfling, Ignan, Infernal, Necril, Orc, Sylvan, 
Terran, Undercommon, Suloise

Spells per Day: (4/6+1/6+1/6+1/6+1/5+1/5+1/4+1/3+1/1+1; save DC 18+spell level): 

==| Wizard (P) Level 0 |==Light, Open/Close, Spark, Bleed. 

==| Wizard (P) Level 1 |==Air Bubble, Ant Haul, Feather Fall, Mage Armor, Obscuring Mist, 
Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield. 

==| Wizard (P) Level 2 |==Cushioning Bands, Invisibility, 
Scorching Ray, Shatter, Rope Trick, Mount (Communal). Open Slot

==| Wizard (P) Level 3 |==Ablative Barrier, Blink, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, 
Darkvision (Communal), Fireball, Slow. 

==| Wizard (P) Level 4 |==Dimensional Anchor, 
Enervation, Invisibility (Greater), False Life (Greater), Solid Fog, 
Bestow Curse. Open Slot

==| Wizard (P) Level 5 |==Break Enchantment, Magic Jar, 
Polymorph, Echolocation, Elemental Body II, Telekinesis. 

==| Wizard (P) Level 6 |==Antimagic Field, Beast Shape IV, Cold Ice Strike, True Seeing, 
Unwilling Shield, Chain Lightning. 

==| Wizard (P) Level 7 |==Form of the Dragon II, 
Plane Shift, Prismatic Spray, Mage's Magnificent Mansion, Spell Turning. 

==| Wizard (P) Level 8 |==Polar Ray, Polymorph Any Object, Stormbolts, Dimensional Lock, 
Telekinetic Sphere. 

==| Wizard (P) Level 9 |==Time Stop, Wail of the Banshee.

Spells per Day: (8/9/9/9/8/8/8/8/5; save DC 21+spell level): 

==| Sorcerer (P) Level 0 |==Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Mage Hand, 
Mending, Message, Prestidigitation, Read Magic. 

==| Sorcerer (P) Level 1 |==Corrosive Touch, Enlarge Person, Grease, Liberating Command, 
Magic Missile, Vanish. 

==| Sorcerer (P) Level 2 |==Darkness, Glitterdust, Knock, 
Mirror Image, Protective Penumbra, Fog Cloud. 

==| Sorcerer (P) Level 3 |==
Dispel Magic, Displacement. BlacklightHaste, Vampiric Touch. 

==| Sorcerer (P) Level 4 |==Calcific Touch, Black Tentacles, Dimension Door, Resilient Sphere, 

==| Sorcerer (P) Level 5 |==Cone of Cold, Overland Flight, 
Teleport, Wall of Force, Acidic Spray. 

==| Sorcerer (P) Level 6 |==
Cold Ice Strike, Disintegrate, Dispel Magic (Greater), Veil. 

==| Sorcerer (P) Level 7 |==Forcecage, Project Image, Teleport (Greater). 

==| Sorcerer (P) Level 8 |==Summon Monster VIII, Horrid Wilting, Mind Blank.

==| Racial Traits: Elf (P) Vampire |==
Keen Senses: +2 racial bonus on Perception skill checks
Weapon Familiarity: Proficient with longbows (incl. composite), longswords, rapiers, and 
shortbows (incl. composite). Treat any weapon with the word “elven” in its name as a 
martial weapon

==| Class Features: Sorcerer (P) 17th |==
Weapon & Armor Proficiency: Sorcerers are proficient with all simple weapons. They are not 
proficient with any type of armor or shield. Armor interferes with a sorcerer's gestures, which 
can cause spells with somatic components to fail.
Concentration check: 1d20+30
Cantrips: cast your Cantrips at will
Bonus Feat: Eschew Materials
Sorcerer Bloodline: Aberrant
   • 2x BloodLine Feats
   • Class Skill: Knowledge: Dungeon
   • Bloodline Arcana: +50% duration for spells of the Polymorph school, minimum +1 round. 
Does not stack with the 'Extend Spell' feat
   • Bonus Spells known: enlarge person (3rd), see invisibility (5th), tongues (7th), 
black tentacles (9th), feeblemind (11th), veil (13th), plane shift (15th), mind blank (17th)
   • Acidic Ray (Su): 14/day, as a std action, fire an acidic ray within 30' as a ranged touch attack, 
which deals 1d6+8 acid damage
   • Long Limbs (Ex): Your reach increases by 15' whenever you are making a melee touch attack. 
This does not increase your threatened area
   • Unusual Anatomy (Ex): Your anatomy changes, giving you a 50% chance of ignoring any 
critical hit or sneak attack scored against you
   • Alien Resistance (Su): You gain spell resistance 27

==| Class Features: Wizard (P) 17th |==
Weapon & Armor Proficiency: Wizards are proficient with the club, dagger, heavy crossbow, 
light crossbow, and quarterstaff, but not with any type of armor or shield. Armor interferes with a 
wizard's movements, which can cause his spells with somatic components to fail
Concentration check: 1d20+27
Cantrips: cast your Cantrips at will
Bonus Feat: Scribe Scroll
Bonus Feats: Gain 3 bonus feats, selected from metamagic feats, item creation feats, Arcane Discoveries 
or Spell Mastery. You must still meet all prerequisites for the selected feats
Arcane Bond (Sp): Bonded Object: <name>
   • Free object of Masterwork quality gained at first level
   • Must be worn or wielded to have an effect
   • If you attempt to cast a spell without your bonded object worn or in hand, you must make a 
DC 20 + spell's level concentration check or lose spell
   • 1/day, use bonded object to cast any spell from your spellbook, even if the spell is not prepared. 
This spell cannot be modified by metamagic feats or other abilities, nor be from your opposition 
schools (if any)
Arcane School: Teleportation. Prohibited: Divination, Enchantment
Summoner's Charm (Su): Increase the duration of summonnings by 8 rnds

Shift (Su): 11/day   < OOOOOOOOOOO >
   As a swift action, teleport to a nearby space as if using 'dimension door'. This movement does not 
provoke an AoO. You must be able to see the space that you are moving into. You cannot take other 
creatures with you when you use this ability (except for familiars). You can move up to 40'

Dimensional Steps (Su): You can teleport up to 510' per day as a std action. This teleportation must be 
used in 5' increments and such movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity. You can bring 
other willing creatures with you, but you must expend an equal amount of distance for each 
creature brought with you

==|  Conditional Bonus - Feats  |==
+2 CMB/CMD to grapple checks [Improved Grapple]

Bandolier - pocketed W-Forceful Missiles Wand of Barkskin 
Wand of Faerie Fire Wand of Shield of Faith W-Draining Rod of Metamagic: Reach 
Rod of Metamagic: Extend Blessed Book, Travelling Sanctum, Staff of Zha Diamond 5K gp  
Diamond 5K gp  True Seeing Salve Scroll Time Stop Scroll Dimensional Lock

Headband of Inspired Wisdom +6
Mask of the Faceless
The Dark Heart
Shirt of Dark Allure
Glove of Storing
Boots of Elusion
Ring of Delayed Doom (9 stone)
Ring of Counterspells
Belt of Incredible Dexterity +6
Cloak of Deniability
Bracelet of Second Chances
Circlet of Whispering Thoughts
Vest of Forceful Penetration
Ioun Stone, Diamond Ellipsoid

==| MONEY |==
Platinum:0   Gold:7185   Silver:0   Copper:0.

527,510 gp.

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I have lived for over 4 centuries and in that time I have lived 3 lives, one as an elf, one as a vampire and now I begin my third life as master apprentice of the most talented wizard ever to live on Oerth; Lord Arch-wizard Entil-zha, the dragonslayer. He took it upon himself to pour a measure of his inexhaustible knowledge of the arcane into me and I have been reborn as Damiano Lamia Arcanius-zha, student of Zha, the Vampire-mage.