Campaign of the Month: September 2012

A Manifestation of Chaos

Holding the Line

Session 34:
Holding the Line

16th – 20th day of Flocktime CY 622

Summary: The party is teleported to the outpost of Desolace as the begin their quest to retreive the
sword from the dragon Moltantaticious, but what greets them when the land is anything but hospitable.
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nice pics!

Holding the Line


Holding the Line

That DM is nuts running a combat like that!

Holding the Line

That be a whole lot of minis! Wow, how many pages did that battle take?

Holding the Line

My Co-DM ran that battle – it took the better part of 2 8 hour sessions.

the body count ended up as:

36 Goblins
18 Kobolds
27 Hobgoblins
27 Bugbears
5 Magma Dragons
8 Fire Giants
9 Duergar
13 Elite Kobolds
1 Elite Fire Giant
5 Fire Mephits

I remember him being worried about not having enough of a particular mini – but I have 1000’s of the DDM mini’s so I was not worried about it

Great battle, Gilnaeus

Holding the Line

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