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Session 64:
Where in the Hell are We

7th – 8th Day of Flocktime CY 623

Location: Alternate Prime Material PlaneWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Orange

The Dretch, Rumple starts running his mouth to Lyzander Blaine, about how delicious Ghyffrey Aybara was and how incompetent the group is. The Dretch, Rumple continues to show the party down the hallway. As the party is walking down the hall, 64 1
the most perceptive of the party member feel a tremor of sorts and all of the party see Mandalorus Brightwing tremor and ripple, after which he glows bright as a daylight spell.

The party discusses what has happened to Mandalorus Brightwing, when the room starts to shake, growing in intensity, however not appearing to affect any of the things in the room, including dirt. The party decides to hurry onward, and as Mandalorus Brightwing takes a step forward he bursts into a wave of healing energy 64 2 over the party, healing any wounds. The burst of light blinds the party, causing them fall to the ground. Upon walking, the party’s eyes are filled with bright light and as the light subsides from their eyes, the party can see sky. Upon looking around the party sees bright wall, possibly made of candy or other crystal, and up on the sky, two suns shine brightly.

64 3

As Klam starts to stand, he’s bumped into by a small figure, knocking them both to the ground. Lyzander Blaine picks up two of them up, setting Klam on the ground and holding the other small, child-like figure. The figure asks to be released, after handing the party a pamphlet, Lyzander Blaine releases the figure and tells them to scram and the figure then starts off toward some alleyway.

The party reads the pamphlet, which tells of a festival of breaching, along with the current time, which is NOT the time that the party had previously left. Entil-zha then starts to discuss the various planes with the party, in order to explain how teleportation and planar travel will not work in order to get back to the party’s home plane.

Elymbar Sylanra asks if the normal rules of nature and magic still apply. Entil-zha tells Lyzander Blaine to “Put an arrow in Grimmjur which he quickly does, to which Entil-zha then casts a curative spell, which works, but slower than it normally does.

The party then starts to walk around and examine the town around them. The cries of Goblins hawking fish heads fill the air, along with the call of sea gulls. Klam stealthily follows behind a group of guards, examining where the guards might be going. While the party is discussing what they should do next, Zehklyn Auvyarth takes the opportunity to duck into a shaded entryway.

Klam follows the guards into a marketplace, which he then breaks off from them and speaks with a hawker, asking if they would accept a gold coin, which they don’t appear to blink an eye at. Klam then looks around the marketplace and spots a group of Half-Orcs which appear to be barbarian. Klam now knows the people that he wishes to steal from and makes his way to the half-orcs and snags a coin purse from them, along with rutting through their packs and getting a few things from it, before moving back to follow the guards.

Zehklyn Auvyarth eyes finally adjust and finds himself in a bar, filled with a variety of people, mostly human, all of which are staring at him. Zehklyn Auvyarth finally makes his way to the bar and orders a drink and speaks with the bar wench. This attractive bar wench offers him a drink on the house and explains about the festival, and offers him a place in one of the rooms upstairs, including hers if he were so inclined He tells her that he does in fact in tend to take her up on the offer and continues to enjoy the fine wine that she got for him.

Entil-zha and the other party members decide to make their way, with the help of an excited citizen, to the academy square. Upon reaching the square, the party hears a roar of noise from it, with people everywhere hawking various wears and just enjoying the various champions coming to the academy. The party then inquires with the citizen on what the various bets would be, which he then explains with in detail. The betting appears to be explained that anything and everything is up for betting.

The party inquires as to what the prior puzzles and such had been, and the citizen explains that they change every year, but very excitedly explains the various ways that people had died in the prior years. Master Gilnaeus decides to examine the various statues in the Hero’s Court, while the rest of the party leaves to gather Zehklyn Auvyarth. After gathering with Zehklyn Auvyarth, then continue back to the Hero’s garden, to join again with Master Gilnaeus. Zehklyn Auvyarth explains to the party things that he learned from Melissa in the Grimy Goblin Guts, to which much of the party takes a great interest in the slavery aspects of the things he learned.

The party decides to get an item to help Zehklyn Auvyarth with the bright light that permeates this area, deciding to send Klam to acquire the item that would assist him with this. Klam sneaks off away from the eye that Entil-zha was going to send with him and makes his way to various districts in search for any sort of smoked glasses. Zehklyn Auvyarth tries to summon his Eidolon and is able to do so, however Thralmortalix appears different than it did on their home plane. Klam returns empty handed and explain that he didn’t find any sort of magical item either.

The party decides to find a place to stay and get something to eat and enquire on a place to stay. Lyzander Blaine asks a passing person on a place to stay, that has some entertainment as well, with the passer-by explaining the various places that were available. The party starts to makes their way to the plaza again and discuss where they will stay. The party makes their way to the Hot Springs Inn,

64 4

which is supposed to be a very nice place. Upon entering the Inn a goblin greets the party and leads them to the bar area, with what appears to be a gorgon figure, wearing smoked glasses and head scarf. The party makes arrangements to have a room for all of the party members, along with food and a private meeting place for an hour each day. The gorgon graciously agrees, as Entil-zha places several gems into their hands then prepares to have a courier get a pair of smoked goggles for them.

The party makes their way to the private room and discusses things that might cause the party problems in the near future. The party asks the gorgon if she could arrange a meeting with one of the wizards, which she explains should could not, due to the look of impropriety. Master Gilnaeus asks the party if there were any retired wizards that the party could speak with, she explains several of them, with the first being a wizard that was kicked out for not having control over certain spells and possibly chasing young male apprentices. The next wizard is one that has retired and makes libations close by and the party makes arrangements for him to meet with them on the next morning.

The party then starts to make the arrangements and plans required for the party in the near future. Klam and Master Gilnaeus discuss the intricacies of the betting system and what they might be putting their money on. After much discussion, Master Gilnaeus explains the betting system that he has figured out. The party finally decides how they’re going to bet with an almost prescient moment of clarity when preparing their bets.

The finals bets end up being, Entil-zha for 10,000 (4,900 from Master Gilnaeus), Master Gilnaeus for 10,000, Grimmjur for 4,000 from Master Gilnaeus, Elymbar Sylanra for 5,000, Lyzander Blaine for 10,000, Klam for 1,000, and Zehklyn Auvyarth for 10,000 (3,000 from Master Gilnaeus).

After an hour of using the private room, the gorgon enters the room and informs the party that their hour is over and the room is needed elsewhere. Master Gilnaeus inquires with the gorgon on how long typically, the actual contest takes to complete. She explains that the contest is one of both the adventurers and the trap makers making the traps for the contest. The party retires for the night, after discussing things that will need to be bought on the marrow.

The next morning, each member of the party is awoken by a knocking on the door, with Klam ignoring the knocking and snuggling in more. Grimmjur opens the door and informs the servant to not knock on his door for breakfast for the rest of his stay. Lyzander Blaine and Master Gilnaeus agree to have breakfast brought up to them, while Elymbar Sylanra and Entil-zha taking their breakfast in the private room, and Zehklyn Auvyarth taking his breakfast in the common room.

As Renfry enters, two of his large breasted servants blow horns to announce his entrance. Just after the horns stop blowing, Grimmjur stomps down the stairs, yelling about people blowing horns and directs his ire at Renfry as he enters the private room. Just after he enters the room and confronts Renfry, Lyzander Blaine enters the room and announces, “Ah, the horns announce my arrival.” Master Gilnaeus enters the room next and take a seat at the table. Entil-zha makes the introductions of the party and apologizing to Renfry for Grimmjur tactlessness.

Entil-zha inquires about the festival of breeching, which Renfry takes the opportunity to speak of the history of the festival and the academy. He then goes on to tell some of the rules and other things that are generally considered rude to perform. He then explains about those the history of the festival about surrendering or submitting, also about the badges that the contestants will be given, how they work and what they do.

Master Gilnaeus inquires with Renfry about the items that he had requested, which Renfry has acquired and gives to him after Master Gilnaeus hands over a sizable amount of gold. Grimmjur, finding out that Renfry was a merchant, inquires with him about an item that would make him bigger for longer than most potions would be able to do, which he agrees to look with people he knows for. Entil-zha and Renfry agree to swap spells for scrolls, before Entil-zha orders a servant to bring forth food for Renfry in a rude manner, to which Grimmjur follows the servant out and asks them to not do anything to anyone’s food, except for Ental-Zha’s food.

Renfry begins shoveling food into his mouth for the remainder of his time there, then bids the party ado and states that he will be at his shop in the arena district, Renfry’s Enchanting Libations. The party decides to finally sign up for the festival and makes their way to the plaza, hearing a large fanfare upon reaching the festival, announcing the latest contestants to join. Upon a large screen a female gnome is shown in all black, with a black veil carrying a black parasol, with a set of large black legs of a construct behind her.

As the party makes their way forward, with the crowd eagerly parting for the party as they make their way forward, speaking about, “Oh look, new champions.” Upon reaching the front of the arena, an old wizard asks, “Are you wishing to be champions?” then asks for the party’s names. The party asks the wizard the rules of the festival, which he is emphatically speaks them. The party then speaks their intentions to compete, showing their names and likenesses on the large screen, along with various betting scores and other things.

The party sticks around the area and watches the various other groups that have signed up to compete. After several hours of watching, the party makes their way back to their inn and start having their dinner. While dining, the gorgon announces that the party has a visitor, announcing himself by a name that none of the party knows and the party asks him to enter. Entering the room is a small half-elf wizard, who speaks that his master, the last one to win the festival, and tells of his master’s paranoia from other members of the academy. He inquires if the party was for hire and tells that his master informed him that should a champion emerge, he should travel as far away as possible.

He explains that his master had taken several of his apprentices to a secret lab within the city, in the weeks prior, which was highly unusual. To help sway the party’s opinion to help, he gives the party what appears to be a simple pocket watch. Upon closer inspection, Master Gilnaeus finds that it is a watch that keeps perfect time and would possibly indicate if the party were hasted or slowed. The party asks the apprentice to step out of the room for a moment to discuss, then discusses if they were going to help him or not. Zehklyn Auvyarth points out that, “The path of good intentions first leads us to hell, then here.”

After much discussion and debate, the party puts the decision to a vote, with the majority agreeing to investigate things for a bit and inform the apprentice of this. He informs them that the secret laboratory is in the theater district. The party decides to hide the apprentice with an invisibility spell, then flys to the location, with Grimmjur following close behind. The apprentice leads them to an inn, with fire weaver out front putting on a display. Upon landing, the apprentice leads the party to a ten inch alleyway then instructs the party to hold hands to pass through the alleyway.

On the other side, the alleyway appears to be 10 feet wide with a small unassuming door. Entil-zha informs the party that the door is probably is trapped, which Klam conforms upon examining the door. Upon using the device that the apprentice was given by his master, the trap is disabled and door is able to open without problem. Inside the room is a large warehouse with two paths made with boxes and the party follows the apprentice through the path, passing through a crate at the end of a walkway, revealing a stairway, a sliding door, and various beds and other crates.

Past the sliding door is the master’s work room and beyond that is another secret room, which the apprentice says that he was instructed not to enter. He admits that he entered the room once with a sunrod and upon entering the sunrod exploded nearly blinding him and making his cloak that protects him from such things was not working anymore. The party discusses various ways to enter the secret room, deciding to leave some of their stuff outside before entering, with Master Gilnaeus staying behind to watch the things left behind.

Entil-zha casts magic jar and possess Thralmortalix and the party makes their way into the inner room. Within the room, in several languages, is a parchment that says, “No magic beyond this point.” The party examines the room for a moment, before the party, except for Zehklyn Auvyarth who agreed to stay behind while the rest enter the room beyond. The inner inner room is much like the room inner room, however it is much bigger than the initial one. Within the room is a cube that is lead lined with numerological symbols within it

64 6

and several books on the desk in the corner. Several of the books within the inner room have blue prints for the new academy layout.

The party examines the various things in the room and discusses things that they have found out so far. Within the room the party finds a letter addressed to the apprentice, which states that his master is probably in the hands of the cabal and that should a champion emerge, he should use the emergency cube to get as far away. Within one of the books, a recently added page is found with the help of Klam and Elymbar Sylanra, which Entil-zha states is about the possibility of a large portable hole were to be placed in an equally large bag of holding, resulting in a very large explosion. This prompts a prolonged discussion among the party and the apprentice about what the master wanted and what would be required for them to do to prevent some travesty to occur, with the bulk of the conversation surrounding the Temporal Turbine, which is the thing that keeps the magic that expands the grounds of the academy. The party finally decides to take the books that haven’t been examined out with them and to open the box that was within the room. Klam starts to open the box, which starts to emanate a light blue beam of light, which starts to weaken as the box opens more, which affects the spells that Klam has in place. Within the box is an orb shape cavity, with what appears to be nothing inside of it and no hidden compartments within it. The party presumes that within the box was an orb of some sort that possibly dispels magic around it.

After much discussion, the party members in the inner inner room finally leave into the inner room with Zehklyn Auvyarth, where Entil-zha asks the apprentice if he could a couple copies of the spell he used to get in there, “In case you get croaked.” Borchi agrees to teach them to Entil-zha then Entil-zha explains his previous statement. Finally the party leaves the inner room and rejoins with Master Gilnaeus and Entil-zha ’s body.

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