Session 91 Expanded

Session 91:
The Secret

12th Day of Goodmonth CY 623

Location: The UnderdarkWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Light Green

The nearly dead monster makes the Angel swear not to kill him, then tells Zarkon to retrieve a Black Book from the shelf.

The Book has pages constructed from the flesh of a Balor, and other creatures. The cover has a picture of a Cthulu in front of a background of an Inverted Ziggurat, the symbol of Tharazdun. There is also a symbol of the eye and the triangle on the cover in front of all that. The monster says that it is the Holy Book of Cthulu. Cthulu predates time, luckily Ferreal did his thesis on Cthulu – a fundamental universal force. We find that Cthulu controls thousands of worlds full of worshipers which pray to him and give him immense power.

One thousand years ago, Deific Magic was taken from mortals and Tharazdun was imprisoned. Also at the time, the Gods wiped all knowledge of Cthulu – he was the one who was actually imprisoned. Tharazdun is the Draconic translation of the word Cthulu. If Cthulu’s symbol is restored and his followers are restored then Cthulu would spread to this world. The monster offers Castiel to join Cthulu in taking this world.

However, the creature refuses to give information that would be helpful and Ferreal tells Castiel to kill him. The creature laughs and implodes into a sphere of annihilation, leaving the book behind. Meanwhile, Zarkon and Ferreal find half of the Necronomicon inside the same room. The full Necronomicon would allow one to seal away Cthulu. Ferreal has incidentally created boots of teleportation from the skin of a Marilith, just as he promised he would previous session. He tries to teleport the scroll away to base but fails, as there seems to be interference with teleportation.

Meanwhile, Castiel and Damiano-Zha find a crucified man inside suspended animation. They free him from his bonds. The demons tortured and killed his family and tortured him for eternity inside the statue of a demon.


Castiel feels as if a thousand voiced cried out and were suddenly silenced: a god of the pantheon has perished. The death of a god would disrupt magic, which may explain why teleportation would not be function. Possible gods which may have died includes: Celestian, Farlagan, or Dalt.

The party introduced themselves to Thorgrim Lifequencher . He is wearing a prismatic hide armor, wielding a giant axe made of the spine of a rare creature, and has boots made of vrock hide.

In the next room, Zarkon scouts a large daemon with a cape of skulls named Bellicor. Bellikor skulltaker8.jpg has orders from Mestopheles passed on by Biffrons. However, Mestopheles has not been seen in 100 years. The party tried to convince Bellikor that Biffrons was a traitor and acting not on behalf of Mestopheles. Bellikor wants the head of Ungraxis, in return he promises to skip his meeting with Cthulu’s allies until he has investigated Biffrons further. Bellikor says to say the words “Fizarei” after Ungraxis is slain and he will appear. Bellikor also thinks that there is an area where there may be evidence of Biffrons’ betrayal. Bellikor wants a piece of Ferreal flesh as collateral, and the party has no choice but to agree. Bellikor states that within 30 ft of Ungraxis no Good ‘Tricks’ will work: his sword has some sort of power. With that Bellikor leaves.

Zarkon moves up the stairs and finds some gold and unidentified droppings and hollow quills, definitely hollow for poison. Gortakka volunteered to stay and intercept any poisoners firing from murderholes in next room, which overlooked a lava pit which is exposed and looked to be the party’s next destination.

They continued down the hallway and Zarkon ran into a Sovereign Dreadwraith waiting behind a door and nearly killing Zarkon outright. The Dreadwraith phased through the wall and paralyzed Zarkon and Ferreal, attacking Ferreal forcing the Paladin to use his last Paladin’s sacrifice.

Allister Tain used his phylactery to channel positive energy into the wraith. Thorgrim Lifequencher takes two huge swipes enraged and Damiano-Zha finishes the Wraith with an intensified shocking grasp. Behind the hidden door Zarkon finds a Deck of Many Things.


Castiel announces to draw 3 cards from the Deck. His first card is the Skull: “Defeat a Dread Wraith or forever be destroyed.” A Dreadwraith appears to duel Castiel instantly alone, which he defeats without problem. The next card is Euryiel, granting -1 to all saving throws. His last card was Vizier: “Know the answer to your next dilemma.”

Ferreal drew a card which gained +3 to Intelligence and then drew the card which destroyed all of his earthly possessions! Zarkon now ponders whether to draw from the deck.

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Session 91 Expanded

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